Biden is 'part of the old political establishment,': Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is interviewed on "This Week."
10:28 | 03/01/20

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Transcript for Biden is 'part of the old political establishment,': Sanders
It ordered that the trial. We are gonna need the largest voter turnout in the history of this country. And in my dual old fashioned. Politics the same old same old type of politics. That doesn't excite anybody that doesn't end until I think anybody that is not going to be the campaign to be strong. Senator Bernie Sanders yesterday coming off South Carolina senator Sanders thanks for joining us. This morning old fashioned politics you talking about Joseph Biden. Ari could video saw him. And it debate but let's talk about South Carolina right now because you know we spoke the morning after South Carolina four years ago and he conceded. You have to do far better with African American voters who of course one of the core constituencies. The Democratic Party did improve much. By yesterday why are you having so much trouble with a African American bottlers. Not the global global global global. Want what's look at George we did we won the young African American vote. And we all winning in terms of polling some national bowling were actually ahead of Biden. In terms of the African American I would like 60% we all Americans tonight. Last night L Barton did very well less like what we did win among younger African Americans. I don't think if you look at the national bowling in some cases we are beating them nationally and certainly among younger people. We off putting together what George a coalition a multi racial. Malta are generational coalition. Of African Americans Latinos whites native Americans Asian Americans we up the strongest grass roots movement. We are raising more money from the grassroots that any candidate in the history of this country. To order to beat -- we all gonna need the largest voter turnout in the history of this country. And I don't think you can do that unless you have a message that appeals to the working class in the middle class in this country who have been ignored too long. By the political establishment which Joseph Barden. Is auto you did raise a ton of money in in February no question about that 46 and a half million dollars but across the four primaries and caucuses so far. And the Democrats have not seen that kind of increase in turn -- calling for the kind of turn increase intern at the U say. Is necessary or they haven't reached the numbers we saw in 2008. But 2008 was an exceptional. It did exceptional campaign that was Barack Obama is extraordinary campaign. But new Hampshire at a record American turnout less light was a large. Turn out in higher walk aware we won the popular vote we saw a significant increase in young peoples of participation. And I think you know we'll see what happens on Tuesday but my guess is that we have an excellent chance to win. Some of the largest states in this country and states all across this country because of the coalition that would putting together because of the issues that we are talking about. You know in America people understand there is something fundamentally wrong. What we are the only major country on earth not to guarantee health get all and where we pay in some cases ten times more. But the same exact prescription drugs as is paid encountered or not the country's so I think the ideas that we don't have. Feel like focus on climate change the existential threat to this planet is what the people of this country want to get the Scott. You've also call yourself an existential threat to the democratic establishment I guess that includes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Democrats in the house and the senate. It don't you need their support to win in November 1 of the big pitches that Vice President Biden which is making his that he can help. Make sure the Democrats hold onto the house take back the senate and that you're gonna be a burden. Nor house Democrats and to got a democratic senate candidates come November. I was absolutely untrue you know the corporate wing of the Democratic Party a group called third way. I packed me and they said we are now exists then Jordan an existential threat. For the Democratic Party. And what I said his yacht my existential threat to the corporate wing of the Democratic Party. For too long the democratic Claudia leaders. I'm going to rich people's homes raising money and they've ignored the working class and the middle class a low income people in this country that has got to change. We'll open the doors of the democratic plodding. To millions of millions of people who are trying to get by on 1213 bucks an owl who can afford health care can't afford childcare. Who can't afford to send their kids to college both of the people we have to stop paying attention to. Arden though Nancy Pelosi for a very long time applauded the democratic leadership of the United States senate with child trauma. It is my view. That every democratic candidate for president in a lot of wins. This nominating process clearly I hope it's me we're gonna come together. Because we were all on the slip. That Donald Trump is the greatest threat. To this country in the modern history in this country that he's a fraud but he's a law evidence on the mining. American democracy we're gonna have Democrats coming to get up but the trick is. Which candidate can reach out and bring new people. Into the political process cooking grate the excitement of the energy. For young people to comment I think that's how kept the New York Times reported this week the President Obama has told associates that he could be difficult to unify the party if you're the nominee. I really don't think so look. Trump is. Such a threat. To I want constitution. To while way of life that while Democrats may have differences of opinion. Yeah I have differences with Joseph Bard no great secret Joseph voted for the war in Iraq Joseph voted for a bad bankruptcy bill Joseph voted for bad trade agreements. But at the end of they are I have no Joseph Biden for a very long Pug is a decent caught. I have no doubt that of art wind chill will be there if Joseph ends up winning I will be there. We are gonna come together and present Arnold bomber in my view I you said this will play a leading role in helping go wherever the democratic nominee yet. We are facing in Donald Trump. Somebody who is a pathological why are running a corrupt administration. Every Democrat. And millions of independents. And a number of Republicans on the slam we cannot have somebody like trump win reelection. The president the president seems to be going out of his way to help you he had a tweet last night 1145. Saying Democrats are working hard to destroy the name and reputation of crazy Bernie Sanders. And take a nomination away from and his allies in South Carolina we're encouraging Republicans to go to the polls in South Carolina in vote for you what is that about. And you accept his help. No I don't accept his help I'm gonna do everything I can to defeat Donald Trump. Look trouble it ya gotta tell your story here which blows me away shows you what kind of person we have as president. In the midst of this corona virus a real threat. Fellow country in the world all all the world governments are trying to figure out how they can deal with this crisis you know where Donald Trump was the other day. He was in South Carolina. Trying to undermine the democratic. Primary he has no opposition in South Carolina that's why he was there how pathetic is it. That in the midst of a new international health care crisis you got a president running into South Carolina trying to steal some media attention away from Democrats. But at the end of the day look. I think some of Trump's advice as I've made this clear. They are afraid all they movement. And what our campaign is about is building that multi reichel. Multi generational movement of millions of working class people middle class people lower income people. Who finally won us the how the government the represented all of us not just wealthy campaign. Contributors and George it's not just the we're raising a lot of money we all it's how we are raising that money. It's eighteen dollars and fifty cents as our average contribution. That speaks to the kinda grassroots support that we have in this country almost two million Americans have made our country. Senator you're saporta said the candidate with the most pledged delegates going to the convention should be the nominee that's a pretty clear contrast to the position to four years ago here you are in May 2016. Our hope that we will win the pledged delegates but at the end of the day the responsibility that super delegates out. Is to decide what is best for this country and what is best. For the democratic polity. And if those super delegates include. Other Bernie Sanders is the best candidate the strongest candidate to defeat trump and anybody else yes would very much welcome of their support. If that argument is correct then why is in a cracked now. George that was in May California the last primary was in June. And watchdogs say it is at that point if all I can great create momentum and if we win. The California. Primary. That I think super delegates might want to rethink where were rat that was before the end of the Brussels when you're asking me now. Is that at the end of the imply a democratic process a candidate may be Bernie Sanders and salt with more votes than anybody else. And we go into the convention. And the democratic establishment of the super delegates like hey you know Bernie one more votes than anybody else you've won state after state at the plate but we don't want them. You know what double do. To the democratic base in this country. But business is why the so parents are occasions him on several occasions back in 2016 your for you refused to say. A U refused to say they refused to say that whoever the pledge delegate lead should be the nominee. No drug drug that you missile appointee at what price that was before California after California. After Hillary Clinton won. The pledged delegates. I did not go to any super delegate it was all we conceded the election and that we supported Hillary Clinton. So you don't that is what point are not being inconsistent with what I said in 2006 the but I want you to think about it for a moment. If we go in sumo walking into the Democratic Convention. With elite athlete won many many states having won the people's vote. And that is reversed at the convention how do you think people of this country are gonna feel. Do you think clearly that won't give us the unity you talked about unity we need unity if you're rejected candidate was the most votes from the people. And you win it through super delegates on the democratic establishment. And the corporate wing of the Democratic Party do you think you gotta have the energy in the excitement of the grassroots movement to defeat Donald Trump. Art honestly don't think you well senator senator thanks for time this morning. Thank you.

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