Bill Kristol: 'I'm Finished with Donald Trump'

On the "This Week" roundtable, the Weekly Standard Editor walks back comments supporting the real estate mogul.
8:46 | 07/19/15

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Transcript for Bill Kristol: 'I'm Finished with Donald Trump'
more for veterans than John McCain has done for many, many years with all talk, no action. He's on television all the time, talking, talking, nothing gets done, you look at what's happening to our veterans they're being decimated. Okay, so, I'll do far more for veterans than anybody. John McCain has failed. Let's bring in the roundtable. Bill kristol, ESPN's lz Granderson. Former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm and ABC's chief white house correspondent Jon Karl. A special welcome to lz and governor Granholm. Here for the first time as ABC news contributors. We're happy to have you many times. I want to start with our Jon Karl, however, will this hurt him, is this different, is this a turning point? Well, this is what opened the floodgates for republicans to come out and condemn Donald Trump, but look, he's content to lead in the polls with 15%. There are two candidates that trump unequivocally helps in this race, one now, the other in the future, the first is Jeb bush, because he becomes the vessel for all the anti-bush anger in the party. The second is Hillary Clinton. You heard him again, yesterday, say that he will not rule out running as third-party candidate. If that happens, it guarantees a Hillary Clinton victory. And bill kristol, just yesterday, you did a brief interview with ABC news, calling older, wiser richer Donald Trump would be better than Hillary still think that? I still think he's older and richer. No, I don't think anymore. Actually, he was a controversial character who said some useful things who brought some people in the republican tent. He's dead to me. He's dead to you? He's insulted every veteran who's a P.O.W. With these insane statements. It's your fault that you're captured or shot down. A total lack of respect. For people's military service and sacrifice. I'm finished with Donald Trump and I don't think he'll stay up in the polls. Republican primary voters are pro-respect military. He showed disrespect for the military. Lz, did his explanation do anything, change anything? Explanation? I thought it was more branding, sort of promotion. We know that he's not trying to be president of the united States, he's just right to stir the pot and keep his brand out there. That's what he's been doing. Has he's gone too far? I'm amazed that we think this is the moment that he's gone too far. He went on television and slant a group of people. Why didn't it take the attack of John McCain for people to get so upset? Republicans start tweeting and denouncing. And governor. The democrats sit back and let this play out? Well, I was going to say before yesterday that, you know, put up your feet and break out the popcorn, but I do think that he really went too far and I agree with lz, he had gone too far already and this really I think is a signal of this sort of sinister thread that runs through a lot of the far right and tea party, this feeling like those who are different are not one of us, that it's frightening for many in -- the older white Americans who might be following him and who are angry, who may feel threatened by this immigrants. I worry about that sinister thread. And I'll be interested to see whether in fact there is a deduction in his ranking, if it stays high, a lot more that the republican party has to fear. Let's look at the rankings. Latest ABC news poll/washington post poll, trump's fay voshlt has doubled since may. Favorable is 33%. So, what happens going -- in a week from now, if we took another poll, what do you think that would say? Well, I still think there's a portion of that electorate that's still extremely angry. Looked at what happened in the room when he made the comments. One thing that he was right about in the interview, he did get a standing ovation, he was enthusiastically applauded after what he said about John McCain. He was asked, can you tell us -- do you ever ask god for forgiveness. That was controversial. He couldn't come up -- I don't really know, I kind of leave god out of it. Okay, bill, we also Scott walker, officially jump into the race this week, he's still doing well in the polls, both in Iowa and nationally, what is his vulnerability? Maybe nothing? Yeah, I think he's a strong candidate. He's governed successfully. And I think the trump vote will go away. I don't buy a huge argument of vi shgs iriolic -- Jennifer wants to make this huge chunk of republican party -- I just think it's the number. Governor O'Malley said white lives matter, black lives matter. All lives matter. I want to move on Iran, since I just got back from Iran, it's particularly interesting to me. Lz, you tweeted, questioning senator Tom Cotten criticizing the deal, you said about senator Cotten who has been in office for six months takes on six nations that have been working on this Iran deal since 2006. Is there like a 6-6-6 thing going there? The number six just kept appearing. The way the conversation continues to happen, I spent a couple of weeks in London, I was there covering wimbledon for ESPN, the conversation that's happening abroad in this deal, to here, it's all through the lens of America. All through congress. Abroad, it's about the width of this deal and not just domestically. That's important as we have this conversation here. This is not whether or not Obama negotiated a bad deal, this is about whether the six nations involved in the conversation found this deal to be advantageous versus against the current status quo. Part of the conversation is how congress feels about it. But congress isn't the leader of the UK, China -- I'm sorry. That's right. Congress just gets brushed aside on whether America goes along -- Right, for America. Right we need to have a conversation who else is impacted by this and what are their thoughts on this as well. So, let's quickly move to the hill very quickly, governor, you think what happens on the hill. I think people should take a look at Hillary Clinton's statement on this, because it's not the end of the story. It's the beginning. It's the first step. There are a lot of arrows in the diplomatic quiver to constrain Iran's bad behavior in other areas, this is one thing, and the goal was reduce Iran's ability to get the bomb, and they have done it. Jon, I'm going to give you ten seconds. The white house thinks they can keep this disapproval resolution from passing the congress by getting at least 41 no votes in the senate. They can hold most of the democrats. They're off to a good start. What would this do to president Obama's foreign policy legacy? You've got ten seconds. I think it's a tremendous legacy. Because it shows that America can lead with allies and strategic coalitions, it doesn't have to be America unilateralism. Okay, thanks, all of you, very much. Finally, this morning, the heroes killed in the Tennessee

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{"duration":"8:46","description":"On the \"This Week\" roundtable, the Weekly Standard Editor walks back comments supporting the real estate mogul.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"32552617","title":"Bill Kristol: 'I'm Finished with Donald Trump'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/bill-kristol-im-finished-donald-trump-32552617"}