Chris Christie: Hillary Clinton Is 'Mrs. Happy Talk' on ISIS

The Republican candidate for president is interviewed on "This Week."
6:24 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for Chris Christie: Hillary Clinton Is 'Mrs. Happy Talk' on ISIS
And we're back here live in New Hampshire. Joining us now governor Chris Christie, you're moving up in the polls. We got a lot to talk about. I know it's not your favorite subject, but I got to begin with Donald Trump. You heard Bernie sanders call him a pathological liar. Your response to what he said this morning? Listen, there's a lot he said this morning. I will just say this, one, I was in New Jersey on September 11th and thousands of people simply were not celebrating in Jersey City. The former state attorney general closely watching this, a republican, back in 2001, said it's not true. Secondly, on Putin, I'll say the same thing that I said yesterday, I wouldn't want the endorsement. You have also said we're already in world war iii. You said what are the implications of that right now and you have also said that if Donald Trump gets the nomination, your comfortable with him as commander-in-chief, are you really comfortable with him as commander in chief in a world war ii three? More comfortable than secretary Clinton. She said last night, we're finally where we need to be on Isis. We're not? Oh, my gosh. With dead bodies in Paris. With dead bodies in San Bernardino. With no plan by this administration on how to deal with this. We're finally where we need to be? Mrs. Clinton is Mrs. Happy talk. She wants to happy talk her way to the presidency. She's the personification of this administration. Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes? I mean so, the fact is that's not where we need to be. You called for a no-fly zone, big difference, you're willing to put ground troops on the ground in Iraq, in Syria? Well, yeah, that's one of the big differences. Listen, this is the woman who last night refused to answer the question about Libya. Now, this was her strategy and three times, I think, Elizabeth asked her -- Martha rather asked her about the responsibility she bears in Libya, she refused to answer it. She bears a lot. If Libya was a shining success and was a democracy, Mrs. Clinton would be dancing around the stage talking about how it was her idea and she recommended it to the president. Just like the president saying he wants to close guantanamo. When 30% now by his own analysis, 30% of people he released from guantanamo have gone back into the terrorist fight against the United States, how can you possibly think about closing guantanamo? This is this tone-deaf administration. A guy yesterday who said he doesn't understand the anxieties of American. Going forward, are you sure Americans are ready to accept another U.S. Intervention, ground troops in the middle east? No, I'm not sure. And it's the job of the president of the United States to make the case. If you believe that's where the country needs to go, then you have a responsibility -- excuse me, you have a responsibility to make the case to the American people. That's what I'll do when I'm president. Sanders made the argument it has to be the Muslim troops taking a lead on the ground. I don't disagree with that. We need to be a part of it and so the europeans. Because the threat from Isis is not just to us but to the Muslim countries and to the europeans. And as the Jordanian pilot that was burned in the cage, king Abdullah knows that it's to his people as well. You have been moving up in New Hampshire. A super pac aligned with John kasich is running this ad right now. Tonight, our very basic and have been agreed to by all three That's not the John kasich. The point is you're making, your state is in deficit. His state is in surplus. My state is not in deficit. That's wrong. In fact, what our state has done over the course of last six years, created thousands of private sector jobs. And this year, 2015 is the best year of private sector job growth in New Jersey in 15 years. Your credit has also been downgraded several times? Sure has. You know why, I'm cleaning up the mess Indiana hernted and honestly. Listen, they want to have a debate about the New Jersey record, bring it on, I'm ready to have it. Rand Paul is ready to have that debate as well. I think we have the sound bite. We sabotaged all of these video clips, George. Another data breach. Bernie sanders helped me. It was fabulous. In the debate Tuesday night. I think when we think about the judgment about world war iii, someone might shut down a bridge because they don't like their friends. Donald Trump has been talking about this as well. Do you think you'll be able to deal with this issue if you start to do better in new Hampshire? There is no issue. That was commentary from a desperate candidate on the last legs of his campaign. He was flailing away at everyone on that stage. He reminded me of bobby jindal in the undercard debate in the last debate. You're betting it all on new Hampshire right now. But what about after, you know, a lot of your opponents have said you don't have much of an organization in South Carolina? How do you capitalize? Even if you do well here. No one was saying that three months ago. No one was worried about that. Here's what happened, the power of our idea and our campaign and momentum will carry us in the other states as well. You have seen this happen time and time again in presidential politics. What happens in Iowa and new Hampshire helps to reconfigure the race. If the communications director's biggest problem is, how do I hire more people? I think we'll accept that problem. That's all the time we have

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"The Republican candidate for president is interviewed on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"35872935","title":"Chris Christie: Hillary Clinton Is 'Mrs. Happy Talk' on ISIS","url":"/ThisWeek/video/chris-christie-hillary-clinton-mrs-happy-talk-isis-35872935"}