Chris Christie and Rahm Emanuel discuss the election homestretch

Powerhouse Players Gov. Chris Christie and Mayor Rahm Emanuel discuss the final weeks of the 2020 election on "This Week."
9:21 | 10/25/20

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Transcript for Chris Christie and Rahm Emanuel discuss the election homestretch
So much at stake so much to dig into this morning in this critical battleground state so let's bring in our power house players. ABC news contributors Chris Christie and Rama Manuel good morning gentlemen and Chris I have to. Just start. With few in the news about vice president pence as chief of staff contracting. Covered possibly others on the staff as well. I think what's extraordinary about this is the vice president's office says he will maintain his schedule in accordance. With essential personnel were talking about campaigning here he's going campaigning tonight not his duties as vice president. The Joint Chiefs of Staff quarantined when they were exposed to corona virus does the White House still just not get it. Well I think they'll use the hold getting up there of Covert. To begin with and the not wearing of masks has been a problem I've talked about that over the last couple weeks and so I think everybody's got to put that health. Of the people they're gonna be in talks with. First what I found out that I got Kobe that Friday morning immediately quarantine myself. Belts we went up in the hospital but you gotta keep yourself away from everybody and I and I bubble little bit surprised. It I do want to move to to the election we got nine days until the election the president does seem energized he talks about not being worried about. Being reelected B he's trailing in national polls most. He states including Pennsylvania where he was down about. Six points you heard those former trump voters. Saying they're turning to Biden should the president be worried. Walsh of course he should have been any hits. I mean what he says he's not that's what you do when you're running for office don't say you're worried. But there's no question we hear him talk had some of these rallies god. What if I were to lose Iowa what are part would it was North Carolina what I have to move out of the country you have that's him using a back out. On the possibility of him losing but I also think that we are seeing some tightening in some of the state by state polls. I think you will continue to see that over the next nine days at a real questions going to be. But Joseph Biden made the comment about the oil and gas industry as we sit in Pennsylvania about that debate. Is that going to be a difference maker Pennsylvania. He's now said the challenge the president the put video up saying he wanted to get rid of fracking the president put software for clips up thereabouts so. You know we're gonna have a and each thing last nine days but certainly the presence the underdogs we secure this morning and if you weren't worried about that that he wouldn't be he would be thank. It and rom I know that. Vice President Biden says those clips were taken out of context that he says he will not bound freight tracking. A pretty fired up this week to Biden but but president trump is doing those huge rally that helps with momentum. So what is Biden have to watch out for in these next thing personal I mean anything this election is set up and it in. My view perfectly for Joseph Biden in this sense in 2016. The selection. We've seen as one about anger and rage the emotion or the zeitgeist of this election is about empathy and compassion. And that's Joseph Biden's strength and if you see in the video where the woman is talking about bringing people together everybody sees Donald Trump as the source of the problem. They do not a tribute to him or see him in any way as. Source of the solution. To the challenges of America and she talked about bringing people together so to me that's the ultimate thing in this actually. Another piece of this not only is a compassion. Now lives and empathy. It's authentic about Joseph Biden's decency and so why would you at this point you stay on message. Just like he did in close that they right now wanna say one thing about what Chris just brought up but as it relates and they oil and attract a lot of great depth look first of all. Everything about this is Texas it's. Corporal welfare. He's talked about after all the time it would eliminate corporate welfare over thirty years. And make sure we invested for this thing I've billion dollars that ExxonMobil Chevron and always below companies get. Five million kids can go to community college for free. Finally it. Now you tell me over thirty years your grandchildren to be driving around electric car might as well. It actually is talking about the future he said it all the time he is pro backing. But he's not gonna subsidized Exxon and Chevron anymore anything to do it over a period of time phase it out. Donald Trump said I'm relieved cringe a little bit when he said that the debater I think he's actually been authentic to his view which is which is true we cannot continue to subsidize Exxon. Chevron big oil when you can send five million kids for the same amount of money you give them every year. Three to community college those kids are worth investing. Another example of why and that robs not the candidate and Joseph Biden is that Joseph Biden it's said that that might have made some sense here's what he said though. He cities can face our oil and gas and he said he's gonna do have zero Corbett but I don't hold our rob BC cavs your apartment by 20/20 five. Five years from now that's serviceable face that it also he didn't say I'm gay and subsidies it's been a community college he's gonna spend it on the green new deal. Which I will tell you the people Pennsylvania don't want. Now here's at that here's the thing that is very clip it's a thirty year phase out and that it is should be phased out in the same way you should be subsidizing. Big oil begat you know welcome to the free market make it on your own and then they might you use those dollars either invested free community college and I'm more wind and solar sector. We he's setting over the OK did you the debate right here. I don't I want a little unlikely that read you don't get the industry capital what all the well yeah. I can't I can't settle that when we so that when Chris I I want in my I have to look exactly right. I want to move on to the ballots RD. It's 57. New union people have already cast their ballot that's a staggering 42%. Of twenty sixteenths total turnout obviously that's because of cope it. For the Democrats hold a strong lead in those ballots returned do you think that somehow gonna be balanced out on Election Day. Well I think I think what you've seen don't places like Pennsylvania and Florida that since the last election. Voter registration by Republicans in those key states is two to three times as great as well as Democrats. And we also know that because some of the things the president has said about mail in voting. That republics have been slower and returning those profits he in my own county New Jersey. Which is a Republican carry the we have Democrats ahead of us right now and that I don't believe that'll last through the election never has. So I think everyone's adjusting to this new wave going a much sure how crazy the turnouts going to be. It's going to be more than 26 team but I don't you be geometrically more that's what he sixteen. It's oh Timmy guessing the C I think that again Republicans and the vote they. They usually vote date when they go to the ballot box their vote after work voters almost the time and it's so off obviously to seek this is the whole new dynamic notice though. You I'm worried are you about the election I'm Julie yeah. Bringing out value generic Allentown I'm an independent I don't scoring for the realize that they want more fifty the at how worried you about. The election results coming in later and later laid out his well here's one what I would say is an election night I bet you what we learned. Is that the pat the path for truck the president. Is heed the door has closed. About a week later will be able to say. Acts I think by president Joseph Biden has been elected president I don't think you'd be able declare that but I do think by the time we get to Election Day. Almost two thirds of the American people are gonna have voted and I think you're who you are gonna get about twenty million more people point one even points sixteen. And I think that what has always been the case is that Donald Trump position typical force. Those who care about cajole those Democrats who've been angry over the last four years they're gonna show up and that the other voters said. Joseph Biden needed to win. Have been exhausted Biden's three and four years they are hired they don't want Donald Trump in their lives everywhere they go that's constant conflict. And what they're looking for is a little calm a little compassion vs the chaos of the conflict. And Chris I want to give you the last word but quickly and I wanted to return to cope it. With the vice president again being exposed to that with Covert surging across America. Damaging is that to Donald Trump's campaign won't have. Of course it is any president who's in the midst of a crisis like this. And the crisis does not seem to be abating. As you're close to Election Day but it factly be increasing. Right now that's a problem it's to say with a sale if I'm mark going to be aggravating a billion think the obvious and then back. Yeah. He always talking about it. Well until we get paid for your goat you never thought I could walk is not gonna talk about a word of god sakes he in the end I think. If you're there with the economy's going up you get the credit if with go down you get the Plame matter what happens. Think being able to brace if it looks like it's going well it's diminishing. You're gonna get the credit and other white gonna get the blamed I think it's been the single toughest issue for the ultra to deal with them for years and maybe conservatively election obviously. In that okay never allow that person to go to wait yes they don't exactly or or not try to get the last. Smart guys at that are relentless. Thanks to both of you for joining us this morning thanks.

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{"duration":"9:21","description":"Powerhouse Players Gov. Chris Christie and Mayor Rahm Emanuel discuss the final weeks of the 2020 election on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"73818145","title":"Chris Christie and Rahm Emanuel discuss the election homestretch","url":"/ThisWeek/video/chris-christie-rahm-emanuel-discuss-election-homestretch-73818145"}