Epstein 'should have had eyes on him' at all times: Pierre Thomas

ABC News' Pierre Thomas, Tom Llamas and Dan Abrams, and Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco, an expert witness on human trafficking, analyze the latest developments regarding Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide.
8:23 | 08/11/19

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Transcript for Epstein 'should have had eyes on him' at all times: Pierre Thomas
It has been a week packed with news punctuated by the shocking revelation that Jeffrey Epstein facing the prospect of life in prison on sex trafficking charges was found dead in his jail cell from an apparent suicide on Saturday. The death has sparked outrage from his accusers, and raised questions. It has also spawn a series of conspiracy theories online. Some now circulating if not surprisingly by the president himself. Our chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas tracking all the latest developments. Pierre, this is a federal prison. The A.G. Responsible in the end. He's ordered an inquiry. George, this is one of the most high-profile prisoners in the system. This cannot happen. This should not happen. The attorney general said he was appalled that it happened. He says it raises serious questions. The FBI immediately launched an investigation, also, the justice department inspector general launched an investigation. The big question, why wasn't he on suicide watch given what happened two weeks ago? George, the man was sent to the hospital with abrasions or something on his neck under suspicious circumstances. He was placed on suicide watch. Then six days later, he wasn't on suicide watch. The question is why? How did that happen as well? We also know that the guards didn't complete all of their rounds on Friday night into Saturday morning. Supposedly security cameras in the prison we should know what happened, right? By now they should know what happened. We don't know yet what the footage shows. Do they suspect foul play? George, right now, based on my conversations it could be anything. And until we know more about the specifics, until they have transparency, and I think they need to come out quickly and say, there's surveillance footage to show he took his own life. The attorney general is demanding answers. Let's broaden out our conversation. Tom llamas, our chief national correspondent. And our chief legal analyst, Dan Abrams. Tom, this comes on the heels of Friday, massive cache of documents implementing many people in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. The timing is so suspicious, this comes one day after those documents were unsealed. 2,000 pages of court documents that were previously sealed in a defamation case against one of Epstein's accuser and one of Epstein's former associate, Ghislaine Maxwell. Now what we know in these documents some major boldfaced names came out. Now, we know all of this, these men have denied this. Saying this is not true. These names came out. She also said, we heard so much about the massages with Epstein, she said that was code for sex. But the pressure was clearly on. The pressure was on. We're also hearing from the victims. Michelle Licata. Let's take a listen. I really wanted justice. I really wanted him to be put in jail, or in prison, to think about what he exactly did to so many people. Kimberly, this is one of many victims, accusers, I should say, who are outraged. Absolutely. They wanted to see him go through that court process. They wanted to see that conviction. They wanted to see him taken to task for everything he had done to them. Now they're not going to see that. That's one of the things that victims that do come forward, they want to see it carried out to the end. And they feel like it was cut short. As you point out, including in this case many years ago, sometimes these cases are hampered because of reluctant witness. It can be reluctant witnesses and a victim credibility gap. Jurors sometimes don't understand, because these victims can go back to their families. They can go to school. They can act in ways that make them seem consenting so, they sometimes behave like consenting participants in whereas they're true victims. The criminal case against Jeffrey Epstein is over. But the U.S. Attorney, the same office that filed the charges against Epstein is making it clear that they're continuing to investigating the conspiracy. Meaning, if you read the indictment of Epstein, even there it mentions three other employees who were assisting in some way, shape and form. It's clear they'll continue to investigate the conspiracy aspect, who else might have been helping Epstein all this time? And there still could be additional charges and the facts that will be never heard come out in public. Also see civil cases against the estate? That's right. People are asking, what happens to all his money? Et cetera. Just because he dies doesn't mean that various people can't sue his estate. Remember, any new cases still face statute of limitation questions, particularly in the state of Florida. Where some of this allegely happened. You got a real issue there like in 2004, 2005, 2002, you can have problems in filing new lawsuits in that state of Florida, but civil lawsuits will definitely continue on the whole against the Epstein estate. You mentioned the conspiracy, lot of conspiracy theories on line. One propagated by president himself. Retweeting one suggesting that Bill Clinton was somehow complicit in the death of Jeffrey Epstein. It shouldn't go without remarking kind of stunning that the president of the united States is accusing one of his predecessors in complicity of murder. Tom, Epstein had relationships with both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. These conspiracy theories have no proof. The logic of that tweet was, Bill Clinton had a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein so he may be behind this. President trump also had a relationship with him, going back 15 years. They were friends, they socialized. They did have a falling-out. Bill Clinton traveled many times with Jeffrey Epstein, took long trips to Asia, Europe, Africa, while working with the Clinton foundation. Bill Clinton said he had no idea about these terrible crimes. I do want to make another point, George. We have been investigating this case for years now, Jeffrey Epstein -- the suicide may shock us but people who know Jeffrey Epstein said he lived like a prince. Right? He traveled in private jets, he had his private island. Wear shirts once and discard them. They said he was going crazy likely in that concrete cell and probably wanted to take his life. He talks about his wealth. Conspiracy theories whether someone tried to do this to him or engineered this himself using his money. Right. What's going to be clear, I think, is that there is going to be some kind of assistance that he got, does it mean someone turned away? Does it mean someone turned off a camera? Does it mean? We don't know. He could have simply, I don't think, killed himself without any kind of assistance in some way, shape or form from someone at the jail. That doesn't mean however that there was a murder. That someone ordered an assassination on him. Two very different things. One is the possibility of just negligence at the jail. Which I know people are going to find this hard to believe. There are problems in jails, even in James like this. There are issues that arise, et cetera. But I think the notion to take that and say, this must have been a hit? That's a totally different level. All the more reason for the justice department to get to the truth here. George, at this point no one is ruling anything out. When I talked to sources yesterday, normally people are telling me, Pierre, be conservative in this area, don't jump to any conclusions. They said this could be anything. Precisely this is the exact kind of man who should have had eyes on him all the time. Period. End of story. The question is, why weren't eyes on him? We have this remarkable situation where the president is basically at odds with his own justice department. How does the justice department respond to the president of the United States? They'll ignore it and move forward. But I can tell you precisely because of the conspiracy theories already out there, there was an interest in the justice department of this man to be safe and go through the process of justice. When we come back -- the

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{"duration":"8:23","description":"ABC News' Pierre Thomas, Tom Llamas and Dan Abrams, and Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco, an expert witness on human trafficking, analyze the latest developments regarding Jeffrey Epstein's apparent suicide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"64911537","title":"Epstein 'should have had eyes on him' at all times: Pierre Thomas","url":"/ThisWeek/video/epstein-eyes-times-pierre-thomas-64911537"}