George Papadopoulos: 'I never believed' my wife was Russian agent

Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and his wife, Simona, join "This Week" for his first interview since being sentenced in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.
4:47 | 09/09/18

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Transcript for George Papadopoulos: 'I never believed' my wife was Russian agent
We'll be R back. To think of himei sort irst domino. In the russia-gate. Tomino. I think I Y believe he wind up as you said on the right side of history. Right def history. I ink it will make a big difference. The wife George papoulos, Simona mangiante joins us now along with Georg welcome back. You know, we did thanterview several ierview Y also talked about George a B lik the hnean in thivestigation. Yes. Do you still Yes, in a way. Be rtant in aay that is N defined D we probay have to wait to proper asment of H contribuon. Ell, George Hald us rlier in an interview that he could S on the roadrobert mueerdemonstratllthhe runs.tly the point I wao make. M not surehat is a contribution that would reveal cousion in T sense of interference of Russians in American elections.but, yes,eing approhed by so many shady characters that would lead to probablyferent revelation. I'm not pushing forward the conspicy theories of the deep state, aolutely not. I'm just saying that T manydy character probly be identified in a rent role In fact, th lawyers rejected the idea are was any pross cue tool miscondof any kin do you accept Thaou know, that's of course, in't privy any information that would have led me to believe that there was prosutorial miscon so I accept their opinion. You were questioned as by Robert Mueller's team and rt they suspected re a Russi agent. Yes. How D that manifets Fst of all, I from a tical backound myself. Usrk as a diplomn the europearliament for a fewyears, tsld be a red flag becauseofficials European ion,actually it's a cover-up for spying jobs. I was inph fsud by thhead of th social group inhe roent andrted to work with him in London shortly after I ended my work at eupean parliament. Of course, this connection was highly suspicious. I respect the -- always said I respmuinterest in my profile because clearly it's quite arming, thfact that I married georapadopouloin the middle of this storm. And metoseph Mifsud And moseph Mifsud. I sa I firstnterview W our cup I still S who Jose M is. I know H ankn his backgund. That's why I still think there is a lot to come. Did you ever sut that Simona might be connected to Russia? Your dad did. I they family we little nooughout this past yend, yeah, I think they GHT that S might have been anything like that. She's -- I don'think every betiful blonperson necessy has to be a Russian agent. Well You all metough jose when was the last time you spoke to him? My last twas in novber 2016. And you? . 'Sn -- A No, there was -- obably '16. So not after 2016 -- not after April 2016? I think he was reaching O to Minto 2017. S just basaling him so, yeah. He might beeased. Yything about that? That'teresting estion. I just a a common coact inme and he told mdeed I cod not access to Mifsud mtiple pho numbers but I W deeply sorry if still a possibly. As FAAs you know he missing and it's possible. It's po, yes. Ho idelso. For you you're about to write a book. Ynonk this has been quite an interesting . I certainly think S book would definitely be in my interest. And you're heading for llywood. Yes, and a family first Family first. I WOU love to te opportunity to start a family now. INGs are calmer an cafornia will be a perfect set R us. Goouck tooth of so much, gege. Wee it.

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{"duration":"4:47","description":"Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos and his wife, Simona, join \"This Week\" for his first interview since being sentenced in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"57706738","title":"George Papadopoulos: 'I never believed' my wife was Russian agent","url":"/ThisWeek/video/george-papadopoulos-wife-react-sentencing-57706738"}