Impeachment will 'hurt the president, but it won't beat the president': Rahm Emanuel

The Powerhouse Roundtable discusses the latest developments in the impeachment inquiry and in the 2020 race.
15:12 | 11/03/19

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Transcript for Impeachment will 'hurt the president, but it won't beat the president': Rahm Emanuel
Well a large number of Baghdad these fighters. And companions. Were killed whip them. He died after running into a dead end tunnel and whimpering and crying and screaming all the way. And he was very well protected he didn't expect this to happen but it's tremendous protection. And GTE guide to whimpering and crying. He spent his last miserable moment so there is showering him trembling and crying and fear of the American warrior that was right there gone right up. President trump about the taken add up Baghdad last week those details are we're praying and crying apparently. Only the president knows the reason it has been disputed by the military saying they have no evidence of that. At all the way to get into all the possibly of the week now with our round table Chris Christie or ABC contributor former governor Jersey. Rahm Emanuel for mayor Chicago cheapest after Barack Obama Julie pace the question beer cheaper than a washing attorney AP. An election we can't in the political reporter from auctioneers let's begin. Wit with the impeachment Chris let me begin. With you we just saw chairman angle and Steve's Gleason we're seeing. Definitely party line vote on the next steps in this impeachment it does appear that. Though the Republicans at least a house or settling on the strategy. You can't believe which sell your own eyes. This is it again I think for the American people you see this in the polling. It is political. The whole thing is politically driven. The Republicans responses are politically driven. And you see your congressman Engel who didn't answer the question either when you sure exactly what he sits one years ago the good of going for the good going for regular record removal were in this accident situation now and he knew he wouldn't answer that either. What that shows people real people who are watching as. The health all of us. They they don't there aren't telling George I absolutely believe department army at the end this people are good okay the Democrats they trumpet or get him out. Republicans are supporting no matter what happened and so let's get to election and decide ourselves even after public hearings I think so. I think both personal I think it's very clear that nobody's above the law and here is really what you have basically when you step back and clear out all the dust had not thought. Give a president who said that this was a perfect phone cop if every career foreign policy official that's ever served on both presidents. Make it be lying to their lawyers the lawyers making be lying to the most secure computer and national security. And Republican congress basically are what sergeant Schultz in Hogan's Terrell I know nothing I see nothing I hear nothing and I actually think when he does get to the senate. If the inquiry and then remember it is not impeachment. It's impeachment investigation. Whether it's warranted that it does get to the senate tonight Nolan Scot free they're gonna censure him. For what he's done because that what he's done is clearly against an anything goes to the fundamental is the president above the law and the rules of the United States is nobody to what. Hey Jude patient deaths are reported in this it doesn't that is some senate Republicans seem to be in a somewhat different place from house Republicans. On this not denying that it would be a serious matter the president or soliciting if there any kind of quid pro quo but maybe into the political point of saying yes but it's not impeachable offense. You do you do get a different sense from talking to senate Republicans vs house Republicans there's. There is more of a concern about the underline that behavior of the president from senate Republicans of course their politics is different senators are elected statewide verses. What is that these house Republicans who come from districts where the president is at. 90% popularity at an above with air with their boaters. I do think ballot that unless Democrats can find a way to make this whole process look less partisan in last week's vote me that hard for them. I do think that the number of senate Republicans at this point it would be willing to go forward with. With convicted the president is extremely low at one to two at. It's an election did our poll bush and that's a vulnerability for Democrats right now I think one of things they may be banking on is that these public hearings will make a difference. And we've seen the ways in which Democrats have hopes that people like Bob Mueller would be star witness says in past investigations that they've conducted I don't think they can necessarily bank on the public hearings to be the blockbuster movie that they think we'll change public opinion public opinion is shifting in polls but you're right your poll shows is a people that shows over 50% of Americans think. That Democrats are acting on politically motivated. Ideals when they're moving for an something like impeachment when I was in Youngstown Ohio Adam last month voters were reflecting this message and sir that was at the beginning of all this impeachment situation that voters there who voted for Obama and then voted for term folks who voted for Ronnie NN Bedford Clinton. We're saying that they felt like this was a distraction for Democrats that they would be solely focus an impeachment rather than focusing on things that affect them their personal financial situation their health care and I think it really is a messaging opportunity to tell them what they are doing in addition to an equal. It's so I think when the curtain gets raised publicly. We're not going to be where work. Like four weeks ago we were our work is actually moving in the trajectory. I do think he soft underbelly of the Democrats is if this blocks out any discussion of issues all the fact though. If they can look at that basic round timeline. This'll actually hurt the president but it won't be the president. Is not a good thing can go and be a president that if it concludes and again I want it. This is it. Think impeachment inquiry is not an impeachment and that is that a fact that gets lost that is really funny that now is it is very funny that's where you go each victim impeach him. I mean this is this is that's why that's not quite as a matter because now for the Democrats got be clear that they're looking for the answer I do think a public hearing. When you get everybody out there that's a foreign policy official. Right that is they gonna set a precedent it's and to keep the numbers moving the way they're moving. Romulus and Adam Schiff who's the guy who's running this and he's already determined the presence to be impeached the guy who's supposed to be presiding over hearings are going to be. You know both sides get to bring in their witnesses that's supposed to be fair you have a chairman who has you know. Absolutely. Determined that the president to be peace he said of Hubbell then number thought so let's stop the charade of what's gonna happen he's gonna each. And then look I can't be removed fellow that are Democrats and order second to the actual hearings he if you have a kernel then he happened bastard Taylor getting up. And an intent telling their stories in publicly question I have is is is about the way to strategy we've seen. Past President Bill Clinton apologized that helped get his supporters something to hold onto. Ronald Reagan during Iran Contra apologize keep his supporters some in the whole time to it doesn't appear. The president trump is going to do anything but stand by the idea that this phone call is perfect is that enough. Well first off remember when those apologies Kurt. The Clinton apology and the regular policy happened after everything was over after everything was done. And so we're with the presence gonna do based on his past actions do we think it's likely that Donald Trump we'll pots resident of free open here. So I think or yeah. I think don't like to benefit rich and apologized don't think so right now but also on the tonight. The S we've seen now that he pursues the strategy that Clinton pursued successfully Maggie which was. Compartmentalize this right to trump is fighting this every day with every screen even this morning continues to post. That's his style that's who he is and anybody who thinks they're gonna go with the White House and convince Donald Trump the sake let's talk about something else is gonna lose. The problem for senate Republicans who according to our work our reporting shows that they're frustrated by the fact that the White House is not giving them any messaging guidance. On impeachment or even when may have series there's like six. It'll exactly but how one can sustain a message that's just I'm fighting against the Democrats in the same way that Democrats just Kenton refining and president trump though that is the reelection strategy in if you look at the polio right out this is an extremely polarized country where you have Democrats were virtually unanimously opposes president and Republicans work. Almost unanimously support it. The keynote that she is it is best chance of getting reelected is to hold those Republicans not to grow the base not to try to convince independents are moderate Republicans but he did. I had nothing wrong here or two maybe perhaps apologize and try to pick forgiveness it is to hold that Republican base and fighting as a way he's gonna try to do the biggest. Poll number this week was not Iowa was not national Democrat Paul. Was at 74% of the Republican support he set a seventh. And that has every senate Republican in a marginal districts in a competitive senate race looking at that number going Pete. Send your food and I believe when the curtain its rates and hearings happen. It's not going from Sunday for back up to 87. It's dropping. Let's talk about the democratic race now as what we saw the field start to come down. This week Tim Ryan dropped out and also better or. Means. This campaign. Successful in. And in my students will not be. As nominees this portal. I'll despite. Lowe sheets does seem that did then mayor Pete has taken that space at that are thought he was gonna have and at the beginning of the campaign and we are getting some clarity at the top of the field. Well that's right but I think the interesting thing about these polls especially from the new ABC Washington Post poll is that it's not necessarily about pizza Fries it's the fact that he is alone in the middle tier of this field he's the only person who's in the middle of the pack so it's really if it's a two way race as he likes the sort of characterize it. Between himself and Warren I think if anything it's a chilly race between the three front runners Rory and Bernie by then and near peak is in the middle Ater announces in single digit heat and it's been amazing that that our work says you know we don't have the means to move forward that's saying I've been pulling between 90% this entire race. Yeah and then in thirty years younger than that top tier net well look I think. When you look at the poll that came out basically voters are still. Unsure they're not anchored and you can't make. This is an incredibly fluid race and I will say this morning that it would predict that 1 in this morning the cancer coming out of what will be called the second tier hello I don't think that's a good term. Are gonna come out and emergence price people and had a ticket on the train out of Iowa they didn't believe one's got to tune 1% yes because here's the thing every news. It was neat to this earlier John Kerry was polling at five a 4% I think people are looking not ideologically. Who was the best person to beat Donald Trump that is the ideological or start for Democrats and there's still in the hunt trying to figure out who that is. Well and our poll shows that at bat on that number it's still. Jill by MDC chief falling on all the other qualities while but no we're also strong leader he comes through well ahead. Of any other people aren't strong leader so if you're looking at. Brahms philosophy here who compete Donald Trump and and being strong can stand up to belch up about the big states. I'm still well ahead 21 over an either Warren or Sanders on the immoral for mayor Pete. But the biggest event of the week was Elizabeth Warren because shutting nearly herself less electable. Less electable. By a big margin with what she did this week she now owns this issue shields Medicare for all forget Bernie Sanders in the matter anymore it's all Elizabeth Warren. And a third of her plan a third of her plan is based upon. On explains. Savings seven trillion dollars on a explained savings. And the rest of it up on tax increases including church remember this is a cover our sense that this six point one trillion in added expenses to state governments. You don't that's gonna mean for agree out there higher middle class taxes they're going to be passed not by the federal government. But by state governments consider have to pay this have to the Fed also attacks on every play. Julie pace she is making huge that. This proposal is she actually is and it's one she was trying to avoid and she was she was basically hoping to just side up to bring standards of Medicare for all. Latch on to his planning get through this this primary without having to lay out her own T tells. I'm struck by in this plan is if you accept her top line number and are a lot of economists and health care experts who don't even if you GO. You dig into how she wants to accomplish just. There are some pretty big steps that have to get through congress first before speaking to get your comprehensive immigration form to get that through you probably wouldn't do filibuster reform. Which is deeply controversial so they're too major pieces of legislation. She would have to enact before she even gets medic. Here from I didn't mince any words in the Washington Post this musical little country oh look here's a thing. She was drafting behind Bernie this is burning Cynthia it now she owns this idea and what she did today's figure from a health care idea to attacks like the and that is a place you want to be. And I still believe every argument about that not about 2% people earning but fifty million or some type up the corruption issue. If this issue is not gonna happen and it's not the way you actually argue help there hadn't done the BCA for Obama. Kits health care for President Clinton the reimportation of pharmaceutical products in the house won't be Tom DeLay. The politics of this is she's making this more difficult than needs to be on the very issue of cost control it is a pipe dream you are not that we couldn't get when we hit 58. We're democratic senators we could get a public option what makes you think and I say this in the peace. Give me the nine Republicans that are gonna vote for Medicare for all and I will declare New York -- up better than Chicago. And I happen. At George river some three start to look through specifics or were planned. One of the things she says is one point four trillion and higher taxes. Pay more taxes because people are going to be paid their premiums in werder paid for the government. They asked people out there they really think the government ever were anything more efficiently and effectively than the private sector has. And you start paying that those are middle class people and be paying more money in their pain creams right now here's that. Come from Democrats if you meet we're believed on health care a 20%. If we fail our health care saint. Then there are based gets to depressed they don't turn out in the mid terms they don't turn the next Lexus and you're gonna all the other things we wanted to want climate change education social justice. All why that the waste site. You spent some time in Iowa Elizabeth Warren's argument is didn't need a big bold proposal like this to energize the voters is that we've seen. We certainly see an energy behind Elizabeth Warren but I don't know if it's because of the big bold idea on something like Medicare for all and I think that is also reflected in the specific language in her policy paper which were first Medicare fraud as a long term goal. That's also how she's been talking about it behind the scenes behind closed doors. With Adam labor unions who are otherwise skeptical of a psychiatric Medicare fraud and she's been referring to as a long term goal not on the national debate stage for any smaller groups of more skeptical voters now we see that their policy paper I think it reflects the reality that she knows this is not gonna get past it's knocking it past in her life he happened to. Lieutenant presence there players. Those very people. The operating engineers carpenters the iron workers the steelworkers who have good private health plans through your union. Are good he's gonna go to them and say she is taken away your health care and that's the wearing those folks live. Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin Ohio it's is a huge problem and a great opportunity for a press. I see wrong nodding his head but we're out of time right. Davis is there's a battle now between revolution vs reform OK thank you all very much great discussion.

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