Kellyanne Conway: 'Never heard' Trump say Whitaker and Mueller in 'same sentence'

On "This Week," White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway discusses Attorney General Jeff Sessions' firing and his acting replacement, and the mandated recount of votes in Florida races.
9:39 | 11/11/18

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Transcript for Kellyanne Conway: 'Never heard' Trump say Whitaker and Mueller in 'same sentence'
We're joined now by the president's counselor kellyanne Conway. Welcome back. Thank you, George. We saw what the president said on Friday because what the president said earlier this month -- I can tell you Matt Whitaker is a great guy. I know Matt Whitaker. Why did the president change his story? He's saying he didn't know him -- He said I don't know twice. He called me from Paris saying he's got 100% confidence in Matt Whitaker. Mr. Rosenstein has been overseeing the Mueller investigation. He's in place at the number two in justice. What the president means is he's not slotting in somebody who's an old friend or somebody he discussed the Mueller investigation with. There's no evidence to me that Mr. Whitaker knows anything about the ongoing investigation. He's been the chief of staff to the recused attorney general for 13 months. The president wanted to have a continuum and elevate someone who was already there. In this case it was the chief of staff who has been there for 13 months. But, you know, there have been reports pre-dating the choice of Matt Whitaker that he met with the president several times in the oval office. Maybe a dozen times. "The New York Times" said they had great chemistry. That's one of the things the president liked about him. He clearly knew Matt Whitaker. He was familiar with his reputation and familiar with his work. We don't understand why he would say I don't know the man. When she's say -- he's saying I don't know, he means I don't know him well or I didn't know him before. He said I didn't meet him before except that he was the chief of staff. I think it's important to show the president is trying to have a continuum. We have been compliant with the Mueller investigation. 33 and counting individuals who have been interviewed or asked to produce information. Everybody has been compliant. I would point out, according to your own ABC poll released this week, you had two data points in there, one, 42% agree with the way Mr. Mueller is handling the investigation. 46% disapprove. 41% believe it's justified. 54% call it politically motivated. We've been compliant. It's going to go on. Nobody is interfering. Has the president asked Matt Whitaker not to interfere with the Mueller investigation? I'm not aware of that. I doubt he would do that. I don't think a democratic congress or Republican congress would allow it. We've been nothing but compliant. In that press conference Wednesday, the president answered 46 questions from 45 reports in that press conference. He said there's no collusion with Russia. If this has gone down other areas, this is away from what we were promised in the beginning which is the fact that a successful campaign colluded with Russia and it did not. One of the thing is everyone is waiting for is will the president answer written questions from Mr. Mueller. Will he do that? You have to ask outside counsel about that. I can't blame the president if he doesn't. Just because of everything that's happened with this investigation. At the same time he said he would be willing to answer questions. I read a report this week. I'm careful not to ask verification of the report one way or the other. I work in the white house. I'm not the president's outside counsel. That the president may be submitting to questions. I have to repeat it, 1.4 pieces of paper and 33 people have met with Mr. Mueller in some type of capacity. We've been nothing but helpful. Comments that Matt Whitaker made as a private citizen doesn't disqualify him from being fair and impartial in overseeing this investigation. The president doesn't want him to recuse? The president didn't discuss that with me. The president called me from Paris and he never said that. I've never heard the president mention Matt Whitaker and the special counsel in my presence. The justice department does an awful lot more for this country beyond the Mueller investigation. There's the question of whether or not the appointment of Mr. Whitaker was legal. You heard Jerrold Nadler say he doesn't think it is. Your husband raised this question. He said that Mr. Trump's installation of Matthew Whitaker after forcing the resignation of Jeff sessions is unconstitutional and it's illegal and it means that anything Mr. Whitaker does or tries to do is invalid. At that same press conference on Friday the president was asked about it. Kellyanne Conway's husband -- You mean Mr. Kellyanne Conway? He wrote that you were unconstitutionally appointing people. He's trying to get publicity for himself. Why don't you do this, ask kellyanne Conway that question. Here we are. Here we are. A few things. Spouses disagree every day. I'm sure you can appreciate that. You don't agree with your husband's argument? No. It's not relevant. People disagree on the constitution. We have a U.S. Circuit court system there to interpret the law and they disagree about the constitution regularly. I think there's something else instructive here. The president's lawyers told him it's constitutional. There's a statute from 1998, the vacancies statute, there's the D.O.J. Opinion from 2003 and there's also, as they said, supreme court precedent. More to this point, the journalist asking the president of the United States referred to him as kellyanne's husband. He's referred to as kellyanne Conway's husband far more than he is his first name. He's referred to that -- The president made that comment -- I'm sure the feminists are proud of me. I offer my advice and opinion to the president in private. I don't need to put it on the op-ed -- by the way none of that will be litigated in the paper. Isn't that hard for you? Spouses disagree all the time. That's right. My wife is a comedian. We basically stay in our own lanes. I stay out of comedy. She stays out of politics. Isn't that hard for you having your husband write an op-ed like that? When the president said Mr. Kellyanne Conway and ask kellyanne Conway, the president is never worried about how it affects him. He worries about how it affects me. I appreciate that from my boss. He's great to the women who work for them. He also is pointing out that -- again, my husband's name is me. I'll keep the rest of the conversation private. I don't think it's nice and I think people questioning publicly aspects of our marriage is very inappropriate. I stay out of other people's lives. On this one I think what people write, rational people disagree about the constitution every single day. I choose because I'm in a position to do so to give my advice and opinion to the president privately. We have recounts in Florida. Governor and senate races, agriculture as well. The president put out a tweet on that yesterday trying to steal two big elections in Florida. We're watching closely. Does the president have any evidence the Democrats are trying to steal the election? The secretary of state says there is none. The evidence is that Rick Scott and Ron Desantis won. In fact Andrew Gillum conceded on the night of the election. They're under the threshold for an automatic recount. Maybe now they are. There's been no recount that has ever turned around a total as large as we have now in either of those races. The agriculture race is encloser. Even mark Elias has said that margins like this can't be overcome. He also made a very peculiar comment saying we're going to win this. That's not what people should be worried about here. People should be worried about a fair process. Any evidence this is being stolen? One piece of evidence? We have boxes of votes appearing out of nowhere. We have Brenda snipes who has been sued successfully by a primary opponent for shenanigans that happened there years ago. She probably shouldn't be in that position. She was appointed by a Republican governor. New Republican governor Ron Desantis will do something about that. She's somebody who had past practices that have come under criticism by Democrats and Republicans. I think that Rick Scott and Ron Desantis will prevail here. We're looking at that. Look at the rules. Marco Rubio has been clear about this, George. He has said if you look at the rules, we're not still counting votes like they are in Arizona. The vote count is over. Those provisional ballots had to be in by a certain -- also can I say something about senator bill Nelson? The last time he ran, he won by 1.1 million votes. Clearly the people of Florida don't want him as their senator. He should go out a little more gracefully. Thank you kellyanne Conway. Powerhouse roundtable is up next. We'll be right back. 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{"duration":"9:39","description":"On \"This Week,\" White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway discusses Attorney General Jeff Sessions' firing and his acting replacement, and the mandated recount of votes in Florida races.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"59119013","title":"Kellyanne Conway: 'Never heard' Trump say Whitaker and Mueller in 'same sentence'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/kellyanne-conway-59119013"}