'This is a pretty dangerous time to be unvaccinated': Dr. Ashish Jha

Martha Raddatz interviews Dr. Ashish Jha on "This Week."
5:11 | 05/02/21

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Transcript for 'This is a pretty dangerous time to be unvaccinated': Dr. Ashish Jha
We have longstanding decades old relationship. Quit India with the Indian people. In particular brown public health issues. But tonight in fact we're going to be sending planes. But 10 cent. He evidently loved ones. I am not questioning our right. Vice president Connell a Harris discussing assistance for India. Which on Friday reported over 400000. New cases of global record. For more let's bring in our friend doctor she's John Dean of the brown university school of public health good morning doctor jog you heard. That's very frightening report from the New York Times reporter in India. Beyond the Greek personal tragedy how does this affect the efforts worldwide ticket to fight the pain. There good morning I'm Martha thanks for having me on its huge challenge. India obviously one point three billion people. They're having just a horrible outbreak right now. We've got a helping you get this under control for a variety of reasons humanitarian ones certainly there virtue political issues but from a pure public pulse when a view. That large of an outbreak also is fertile ground for more experience. Other just many many reasons why we've got to be very deeply negation helping him get prepared at this outbreak under control. Also the by the administration is putting travel restrictions in place between the US and India starting Tuesday. But it sounds like they're really should be concerned about the spread of this strain possibly here. And whether it can evade existing vaccines. Yes isn't that the main variant that we're seeing spreading in India 617 B wants excellence and I think will not be evading are vaccines yet they don't they are accidents yet. Most of the data suggest that our actions holed up but of course when you have major outbreaks like this are the options for more variance. And ultimately. What we need to do is need to get this under control as a said purely for humanitarian reasons we just don't want tens of thousands of people dying every day. But second that there variants will spread to other parts of world including the United States will leave. Unvaccinated people in America vulnerable so there's a lot of good reasons for us to be getting this under. At an on vaccines here how things are clearly improving with a number of vaccines now administered but. But the pace of vaccinations is sliding we've seen Michigan's governor announce a plan to. Ty re openings to vaccination rates west Virginia's governors are offering a hundred dollar savings bonds to young people who. Get vaccinated. What more needs to be done to encourage everyone to get tax. Yeah now it's the ground him all the people who really really wanted to vaccine have gotten angry about 55% of all adults. We need to get into the seventies and eighties in terms proportion of adults and obviously its or not be vaccinated for awhile. And therefore I think it's about making it extremely easy walking clinics getting into doctors' offices. And and also working with trusted voices religious leaders civil society leaders to advocate for getting people vaccinated it's gonna make an enormous difference we can. Get some more chunk of that unvaccinated population. Which shots into their arms. And the CDC issued new guidance this week on wearing masks outdoors critics say some of the guidelines are clear don't really offered detailed explanations. And there's still no system to distinguish between who was vaccinated who isn't. Our aren't there any concerns with you about these guidelines being confuse. I thought this I think the guidelines were good next step and that big picture economy and looks of The Beatles and be confusing but the big. Pick your take home was if you're fully vaccinated outdoors is more or less it mustered some very very crowded states. The key issue now is what about in orders. And my senses while infection numbers are still about 50000 a day almost half of adults are not yet vaccinated. CDC is going to be hesitant about pulling back on indoor mass mandates and I think that's right but as more people get vaccinated we're gonna see that pullback as well. This is a pretty dangerous time to be unvaccinated but what CDC is signaling. Is if you're fully vaccinated. The freedoms are just becoming C difference for people. At and you have said earlier this week that you believe the worst is behind gas so do you think as the CDC director said that July it could. Be a target date for reopening cities. Like New York City. Yeah absolutely I thought what July 1 minute of Bosnia said I think his dairy achievable it's all dependent on vaccinations that if we keep going even at the slower pace. If we keep facts needing Americans. I think by July 1 you're gonna see much of America feel close to normal. But it won't be a 100% is can be pretty close to what life was like before the pandemic. And you know and it's gonna as is that it's gonna depend on vaccinations. But I'm very optimistic about its. While that's good news for all of us thanks so much for joining us doctor shop.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Martha Raddatz interviews Dr. Ashish Jha on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"77449695","title":"'This is a pretty dangerous time to be unvaccinated': Dr. Ashish Jha","url":"/ThisWeek/video/pretty-dangerous-time-unvaccinated-dr-ashish-jha-77449695"}