Rep. Cole: Sequester 'Inevitable'

The Republican congressman says people 'ought to be worried' about spending cuts.
0:59 | 02/10/13

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Transcript for Rep. Cole: Sequester 'Inevitable'
Person call it's gone from irresponsible to what seems like inevitable I think it is inevitable quite frankly. But for the present this was a presidential suggestion back in 2011 an idea and yet the president himself hasn't put out any alternative. Republicans twice -- -- house to pass legislation deal with the -- as early as last may again after the election in December. -- had never picked up either of those bills never offered their own thing. Now worth three weeks out and folks are worried they ought to be war. On the other hand -- these these cuts from going to occur not a real choice here. This simply do you want cuts to be re distribute and other ways which is essential things to do. But he won't let this happen like their Republican quite they're prepared to negotiate on re distributing news think all cuts know where Republicans are accepting -- -- right now look absolutely not the president accepted no spending cuts went back in the fiscal cliff Steele 45 days ago. So you get all else no spending cuts back then then you're gonna get no revenue now.

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{"id":18457159,"title":"Rep. Cole: Sequester 'Inevitable'","duration":"0:59","description":"The Republican congressman says people 'ought to be worried' about spending cuts.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rep-cole-sequester-inevitable-18457159","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}