Ukraine call 'wasn't about the 2020 election': Rep. Steve Scalise

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise discusses the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump on "This Week."
8:01 | 11/03/19

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Transcript for Ukraine call 'wasn't about the 2020 election': Rep. Steve Scalise
Going out of the number two Republican in the house Steve's police at Carson thank you for joining us this morning just heard. Chairman angle right they're saying you Lawler moving the goalposts that president turned his gun at the same rights the President Clinton and President Nixon had once he gets the Judiciary Committee. Well good morning George and there were a lot of things there. A that need to be unraveled first while this is nothing like of the Clinton and the Nixon impeachment. Both sides got to call witnesses. Under Clinton and under Nixon of the president's legal counsel was in the room. Able to ask questions to the witness we'll the president could have their right initiative -- who you know is there the president is going to have that right and once he gets to the Judiciary Committee. Well there's no guarantee of that in fact the resolution they just passed in a very partisan way gives the chairman V full discretion. A to kick the president's legal counsel out of the room and to veto any witnesses that we would call that was in the resolution we have an amendment by the way George to change that. They didn't accept any Republican amendments they didn't negotiate with the white house on that resolution. Under Clinton and Nixon there was a bipartisan negotiation to at least have fair rules they don't want fair rules they just want to hurt. But president Trump's chances to win re election it's all about reversing. The results of the 2016 election there are no high crimes or misdemeanors you do you just heard parent Sharon angle say it's all about the president's conduct and of course it issues. President track the president trumps a chance to get Ukraine to investigate. He's domestic political opponents his own nominee for ambassador Russia deputy secretary Saint John Sullivan was asked about that on Capitol Hill this week let's watch. Do you think it's ever appropriate for the president. To use his office socialist and investigations. And to a domestic political opponent. Soliciting investigations into domestic political opponent. I don't think that would be in accord with our our values. Very clear statement right there from the deputy secretary of state that it's wrong for the president. To solicit investigations to domestic political opponents do you agree. Well first of all that's not what was happening on the phone call even when the president said will you do me a favor. He then went on ask about crouch strike that wasn't about Joseph Biden. And so taken that out of contact about the domestic out of it embarrassed domestic political opponents and sit it in the president the transcript clearly shows the president was asking. Ukrainian president. To investigate his political opponents but the Democrats in 2016. Joseph Biden going forward do you think that was appropriate. That was in first of all about political opponents the law George requires president trump or any president. When they're sending foreign aid taxpayer money to another country to first ensure that that country's rooting out corruption. He adds a Lansky we're talking about that on the phone call. The only little glimpses Democrat only too isn't he raised were crowd striking 2016 involving the Democrats. The reason in 2017. And eighteen involving Joseph Biden again is it's just a very simple question do you think it's appropriate. For the president to ask the ukrainians or the Chinese which he's also done in public to investigate his domestic political opponents. Well first along the call he was not talking about the 20/20 election or political opponents. He was talking about corruption relating to the 2060 Alessio what the child away show with Russia tried to interfere George when Russia tried to interfere with our election. It was Barack Obama who was president not Donald Trump president trump has he legal requirement. To ensure that the country giving given for an aid in this case Ukraine is taking steps to root out corruption. And he and president saloons he talked about that celebs in fact was asked did he think he was inappropriate was their pressure put on a in presidential Lansky said he was not cry I didn't. He has got no money ultimately I'd I didn't ask about pressure and I asked about that this the phone call and actually all the other testimony this comment that's come out this week. And the last couple weeks from ambassador Taylor from colonel them in from V on a hill they all show. A process where White House visit. Military aid was conditioned on the the the Ukraine is pursuing an investigation but I guess the question even step removed from that. Is it okay for the president that happened that's not a security of the George is it okay for the president asked ukrainians to investigate his political ponds. It wasn't about a political opponent it was about corruption that it happened prior first all pro Joseph Biden when he was vice president of the United States. That's we're talking about when he was vice president bragged that he went Ukraine. And withheld the money he said I'm not leave it. In six hours or leave it with the billion dollars that was our taxpayer money and less you fire the prosecutor that happen to be looking into his son Joseph Biden bragged about that that's about it. A question of fact it did happen. And so Ukraine had a lot of concerns about corruption so Lipsky got elected on a platform root our corruption. And he was focused on that they talked. About that on the call in the meantime president trump and already authorized the sale of javelin missiles so that Ukraine could stand up to Russia. President Biden is president. By Obama. And Joseph Biden would not send those javelin missiles citrus rain I don't know why they withheld them but president trump sold them the help Ukraine stand up to Russia. See your position is not that it's okay for the president's list of the little investigations into his opponents as you're saying. According you that you believe it just didn't happen. It wasn't about. The 20/20 election it was about what had happened prior in 2016. Corruption in Ukraine and again the law requires the president to certify. That a country before they get foreign aid is actually taking steps to root out corruption. Pelosi voted for that shift voted for that. I would imagine Elliot Ingle voted for that did a bit at the end of the day the president was talking to is a once give our rooting out corruption. Insulates himself said there was nothing wrong with the call he wasn't pressured Andy got the money. He the only kind of taxpayer money mention crust rewarding alliance bits of there was also very clear example the president. In public asking the Chinese to investigate Joseph Biden is that okay. That was a rhetorical thing that he throughout there I think more to get the press hall riled up which clearly he did. A but in the end George. What you're seeing Democrats talk about is using impeachment to try to hurt Trump's chances in 22 money in fact the lead author of the articles of impeachment said. If they don't impeach president trump he will get reelected that's not why you have impeachment. It's for high crimes and mr. meters and Alexander Hamilton. Warned about days like this where impeachment would be used for political reasons not because there was a crime committed there's not laid out a prime. But in fact president trump gave the money to Ukraine's a Lansky acknowledged that he wasn't even where was withheld. But law current law the Democrats voted for requires the president before he since taxpayer money to Ukraine to ensure their rooting out corruption that's what they were. I don't think any Defense Department has certify that they were working to that final question you will have a chance to propose witnesses who do you wanna call. Well there are a lot of people I mean the whistle blower themselves this is a person who claims to be a whistle blower but even the IG reported. That this person has a political a biased. There are many reports out there that the whistle blower actually worked for Joseph Biden. That concerns a lot of people there are also lot of reports that Adam Schiff. In his staff coached the whistle blower. Prior to the whistle blower report being released those are all serious questions when somebody behind closed doors in secret is trying to take out a sitting president. There are a lot of questions that haven't been answered we can't see the transcript still. I wish those were held in public like the Nixon in the Clinton trials this is nothing like Nixon and Clinton they're literally go on behind closed doors. But to deny rights to not only the Republicans. And present a trumpet to the American people. The vast majority the American people have no idea except leaked reports that in many cases turned out to be invalid or false when you talk to people who were actually in the room. But we can't see that because it's close to the public conscience -- thanks for time this morning. Trade to be with you George.

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"House Republican Whip Steve Scalise discusses the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"66721696","title":"Ukraine call 'wasn't about the 2020 election': Rep. Steve Scalise","url":"/ThisWeek/video/ukraine-call-wasnt-2020-election-rep-steve-scalise-66721696"}