'This Week' Roundtable on Sheryl Sandberg

"This Week" discusses Sandberg's book "Lean In" and women at work.
4:33 | 03/10/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Roundtable on Sheryl Sandberg
Big debate being sparked already has been sparked by Sheryl Sandberg -- CEO -- face but she's got a new book called lean and women work and the will to lead. But -- I guess it's out tomorrow but it's already made the cover of time magazine this week and it captures some of the debate the flavor the debates so far. Don't hate her because she's successful show summer's going to be on GMA tomorrow on sixty minutes tonight. Talking about her ideas. They start leaning back they say along busy I want a child and it could possibly. You know take on anymore or I'm still learning on my current China plenty of women are as -- has -- -- But I am saying and I want to say it unequivocally. On apologetic -- that the data is clear that when it comes to in addition to movie eat. To be -- -- leader of whatever you're doing. Men boys outnumber girls and women. And that is what this -- people -- sending people off already look at some of this reaction to see some of the headlines on -- congresswoman. Shows you see Maureen -- pom pom girl for feminism. -- Washington Post -- -- in campaign holds little for most. Women Forbes leaning in doesn't -- was actually broken for working women she -- yes -- give you or your lean in story. And I and and I proudly did so and -- just look at the reaction. But what what the reaction to Sheryl -- is -- has done. It's it's evidence of how it is so hard for women to Wear our ambition on this on our sleeve to pursue our dreams to believe that. We can reach the top of any profession and that we should always shoot for the stars that's -- how my parents raised me cents a believe that I could. Grow up and be anything I wanted to be and what Sheryl Sandberg has done for little girls my two daughters and diet and tell them across -- the little girls across America. Is written about come manifesto that says. It is okay. To be ambitious it's okay to want to have it all that balances importance but that there is nothing wrong with trying to have a full professional life. And be a leader. And succeed as a woman. And also having a -- family life you don't have to choose it can be both. Aaron that's however critics Julianna Goldman said that it's in that -- slaughter in today's New York Times book -- -- Suggested she seems to be under. Emphasizing the kind of. Real constraints women feel inside the workplace institutional constraints. So in 2011 when shall Sandberg gave the commencement address at Bernard college -- -- minor. A bunch of night girlfriends and I we had for days and running email chain about how empowering. This message -- and for someone like myself I don't have I don't have children I'm not married. But I think about my career and I think about how someday I do you -- -- strike that balance and so it's so important right now to be able to have. Role models women having this discussion like Sheryl Sandberg like Anne Marie slaughter so that we can think about how we're going to be making choice. There's been a lot of residents about this phrase she has don't leave before. You leave which is sort of take yourself preemptively out of the work to do that stricken -- you. I think about it. -- last may getting a call from the White House saying -- in 24 hours you're going to be going on a secret trip to Afghanistan. If I had a family how how would I be dealing with how my going to be able to have this career pursue this path. And and once that -- in and it doesn't mean that I I can't be doing that now. -- deal about everyday I have three kids when thirteen year old and a nine year old I have -- husband's. Who is an amazing -- who understands that people parenting is important he has an employer -- That understands that making -- that he is able to have a balanced family life and be there as a professional is important and those are all but it is a team effort through employers. Through parenting through making -- that our educational process encourages girls as equally as boys. And -- girls having role models like Sheryl Sandberg who tell them it is okay to be ambitious and you should go for when we -- Things to make -- well it Sheryl Sandberg says there's an ambition gap and she sounds a little bit like professor Henry Higgins saying why can't a woman -- more -- a man. Maybe men should be more like women in the sense that they should be launched your husband -- never mind four biggest achievements and -- are named John. Jeffrey David and Victoria. The children and I think we all feel the same way and when Anne Marie slaughter causes a huge national opera with them. Article and -- its Atlantic -- women can't have a ball after all I have news for no one can have this fall.

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{"id":18696847,"title":"'This Week' Roundtable on Sheryl Sandberg","duration":"4:33","description":"\"This Week\" discusses Sandberg's book \"Lean In\" and women at work.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-roundtable-sheryl-sandberg-18696847","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}