'This Week' Web Extra: Peggy Noonan

The Wall Street Journal columnist answers your questions.
6:07 | 06/30/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Web Extra: Peggy Noonan
Hi I'm Benjamin bell of this week when George Stephanopoulos I'm joined today by Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan welcome thank you for joining us thank you -- delighted to be here. And because we believe all politics -- social this week we're gonna put some -- questions that you -- on FaceBook. -- -- The first question comes from Angela fallen and she says do you feel the Reagan administration. Is that a fair representation historically responses to that -- seem to. Either be very pro. The very pro we're very content. Ronald Reagan came in as an unusual politician with unusual scams they were vivid they were conservatively was the most conservative presidents since Calvin Coolidge. And so you know there would be controversy surrounding that if perhaps I I can't tell -- embedded -- this question is the question. Did Reagan faced a media generally sympathetic to -- his. -- political desires are unsympathetic. Think generally unsympathetic. And yet. I think it's always important to note this. If you. Reagan had a way of of being a wave who broke over so much of that criticism -- his who swept up past so much of the criticism of his ideological foes. The next question comes from pat Gabriel and he asks. Would Ronald Reagan be a rhino today in conservative Tea Party error a Republican -- in name. Only know I think Ronald Reagan now would be a popular figure and I think he would have sympathy. Four. And many of the Tea Party impulses. Economically with regard to. Please make the government less a -- -- less powerful less pushing down the American people make our government less expensive. Would try to keep taxes low -- -- at -- it's -- you know. The whole thing Reagan would be. Very sympathetic. To that -- -- -- Reagan had been born. In 1940. And 1911 they would be talking about him now as a possible. Presidential nominee so I think that's where he'd be. Rick Gibbs says President Reagan was called the great communicate -- And you would know how -- did he do that. Well you know great -- -- I always recommend people if you wanna know some. Something extra that -- can take a look at his farewell address. -- given and December of 1988. He noted not address that he knew he was called the great communicators. But he never saw himself as that. He saw himself. As a man who was communicating great things. Very essential American small. The next -- have been critical it comes from Louise it -- and and she says Peggy has two sets of standards. One for GOP presidents like Reagan and a second higher standard for Democrats like Obama. On our FaceBook page he said as a link to -- segment that Jon Stewart. Did to sort of from. Criticizing you for criticizing Obama in light of -- -- contract and it so what is your response -- -- how do you. How do you compare the scandals. Oh well. I'll tell you when it comes to Iran Contra I've been meaning to write this for three or four weeks in a wound up -- -- focusing on other things. But it seems to me the Iran Contra scandal of the Reagan era is something we should as -- -- should. Pay more attention to it was a a real scandal beat it what is he admitted to immediately it was not covered up. The administration reported what was going on they got in. Special prosecutor they change the head of the White House staff -- goodness that's the way to deal with the scandal. Not these furtive. Cover -- double talk. Misleading. Statements or wrapping everything in bureaucrat -- So I will wind up -- reading that piece but it it it seems to me. Iran Contra has a lot to teach us. About how to handle doing something wrong. You know how I feel them on the IRS case which I call a scandal on not a bundle. Not a bungle. The the IRS itself. Has done. Essentially stonewalled when everybody. Trying to get to the bottom of what happened that's not the way to do it. I do try however to -- failed. I was I -- good Republican White House's we'll tell you I've been very critical I mean I'm just a column -- doesn't matter who I criticize. But I've been very critical of past Republican White House -- -- -- been critical of Bill Clinton's and critical of this Washington. So now -- to our lightning round one and keep the one key element to a great speech. I think that all riders. In whatever sphere their operating. Should be attempting. First. Simple. Clarity. Finally you're guilty pleasure. Well last night I had a plane did -- bella -- ice cream if effect. May be it is how much TV I watch and how much I enjoy it. Okay we'll TV and I scream two things everything got a lot. Thank you -- for taking time to answer your questions. I think you -- ever submitted their questions for Peggy could polish on FaceBook. At FaceBook dot com slash to -- this week ABC and on Twitter. At this week -- six.

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