Why airlines are retiring the iconic Boeing 747

ABC News' Steve Osunsami visits the cockpit of one of the planes retired by Delta Air Lines.
1:44 | 03/28/17

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Transcript for Why airlines are retiring the iconic Boeing 747
Why are these planes. Being retired what's happening in the industry. Well four hundreds are they're all approaching about thirty point 845 years old they've really pulled their cycles prisoners cycles. The reason why no more 400 or no work were seven to really be mono is they got for instance. And so fuel efficiency since nine. Not as efficient as many. You're jets that are coming out humans since you know in this file papers came out for instance. To lift this kind of way. Really. It was really if he has the wife had as we're able. Engineers were able to engineer applied body which humans just made a lot. Tell me about like this plane and I and I was talking about this before I saw you few seconds ago is iconic. This is to its highlight how to explain to people who are watching and tuning in right now why this is such a big. Will this play came out he was. Almost two and a half times bigger than any other plane. That was and also had me had a very unique silhouette that pump that was easily recognize never you don't know appliance might O'Neill tell the difference. We have 57 resentments in the success that this plane you knew about. There is also the way it was marketed by airlines with a new. He's got a new form of luxury back in the sixties a return to those days the look serious flights in the worries in the DC threes this was kind of seen as a return to. I'm also its iconic because a lot of times when there's a movie about a play. Into the that is warnings mean images of others you know there's 1970s. Airport movies reasons of course whenever Air Force One is in the movie it's 747 as well I think that brings it night comics are.

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{"id":46429763,"title":"Why airlines are retiring the iconic Boeing 747","duration":"1:44","description":"ABC News' Steve Osunsami visits the cockpit of one of the planes retired by Delta Air Lines.","url":"/Travel/video/airlines-retiring-iconic-boeing-747-46429763","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}