Croatia welcomes Americans

This is the only country in the European Union allowing U.S. citizens.
2:42 | 07/30/20

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Transcript for Croatia welcomes Americans
They and that he really we have a rare inside look into with and in usually quiet old city of Dubrovnik this place is normally. Packed with tourists Charissa has just exploded in popularity over recent years. In part because a lot of game of drones was filmed. Right here and now it's also really special about this moment is that. Where we're standing in Croatia is the only country in the European Union it's welcoming American tourists right now with how the quarantine. We met up with a lot of these Americans who say. They made this trip in part because of this special moment here they are able to see old city. And a time where they were told it it's really a once and only time opportunity normally this place of compared to Times Square every you're standing shoulder and shoulder with other people but. You can see how we had a mostly to ourselves and locals. Now while this is is great for a lot of people visiting gore tourists here it's not so great for the local economy we met with the mayor and he was saying that. This city. Relies on to August and Dubrovnik is run by two hours and 80% of its earnings. Come from the industry even said that. About at least one member of every single family works in the tourism industries he says Croatia is preparing you know first of all. While Americans are welcoming Croatia it's not easy to get here there are some restrictions they have to provide proof. Of a negative test for cove in nineteen. No more than 48 hours before the rifle and they just have that proof of where their stay give over their hotel information in case anything happened. So there aren't those restrictions in place in the beg the question in the negative coping task then it becomes for the new passport for traveling in the cove an Arab. The mayor also says the second thing they're doing is you know making sure that when people visit there's also proper hygiene hygiene. It becoming a new standard for travel we spoke with that at the head of a hotel firm here who said you know homicide and five star luxury includes. Five star hygiene. So they're doing things like buying a special machine to sanitize the rooms sanitizing luggage before it's even brought into a hotel. And they're also doing their thing blocking off the hotel rooms once there clean so people can feel confident can feel secure in their trip is well and lastly here there are also looking at things like. Adapting with the situation. The mayor has acknowledged that things are going to change right now Croatia is open for tourists from America. But at the situation ask let's medical professionals say they can no longer visit. He says instead of sitting down completely let's just adapt to these challenges and it's going to be an evolution laws are going to change what the regulations are going to change that doesn't mean. You have to shut down now obviously this is what's in place right now but. Croatia is breaking rakes of either going on their own so Chris has become a test case for this new type of travel this new normal and right now we have to. Wait and see how it's gonna turn out.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"This is the only country in the European Union allowing U.S. citizens. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"72080648","title":"Croatia welcomes Americans ","url":"/Travel/video/croatia-welcomes-americans-72080648"}