Damaged sensor led to Ethiopia plane crash: Officials

The pilots on board followed Boeing's emergency procedures, officials said in a briefing.
3:23 | 04/04/19

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Transcript for Damaged sensor led to Ethiopia plane crash: Officials
I regularly begin with Boeing and the ongoing investigation into those 737 Max debts. And it's looking like those software updates will take a little bit longer than what we expected. So wanna go to David Curley who then radian international airport for up for the latest data. Davis is a really surprising development coming in it's raising some more questions as we await the Ethiopians to answer a lot of these questions with their report. So those of us who cover this have been somewhat scratching our head in this second crash of an Ethiopian 737 Max. Could you have the first one back in late October in Indonesia. And we knew at that time that the pilots. Had fought an anti stall system which misfired and engaged and sent the plane nose down in the pilots were fighting it. Been down after that crash Boeing sent out a bulletin and the FAA mated and air worthiness directive basically telling airlines. Make sure your pilots know that if this system miss fires. That they are to follow emergency procedure so we've been wondering. Why didn't the Ethiopian shut off the system well according to the Wall Street Journal people familiar with the investigative report which we still haven't seen. It's based on the black box data. They say that initially the Ethiopian pilots did. Shot off the system but then reversed themselves and turned it back on. Now we get a simulators see how this works so the problem is that this system engages and the pilots not happy with it. That it shouldn't be engaged there are too little switches that shut off the electricity. To the horizontal stabilizer that's the tail but the sides with a nose. Goes up or down and then there's a wheel right next to the pilots by that they actually cranked mentally by hand to move that stabilizer. And level out the plane. So the report from the journal is at the Ethiopian pilots. When this. Anti stall system engaged they did flip those to switches down. But then for some reason. Put them back on and tried to go back to the auto pilot to control the system. And according to the journal the anti stall system once again engaged nosing down the aircraft. The pilots were unable to control the aircraft to crash killing everyone on board. As I mentioned we are still awaiting the Ethiopians. And their report which this should have some of the answers to these questions. We're getting just little bits of this over the past couple of weeks meanwhile Boeing. Continues to develop the software fix for the 737 max's they had planned to submit the final documentation. Last Friday. But we have now learned that Boeing is delaying that by several weeks. Could be up to a month before they actually send that software and either they want to add something or they found something of a software that they wanted. To adjust it will then be submitted to the FAA for certification. Once that certification happens the airlines have to teach their pilots. What how this new system is working this new software and what it's going to mean for them flying in the max's for pilots who are to fly the Max that's a half hour going through some. Computer basically a manual that's on a computer or an iPad. So we are awaiting that to this looks like it could be mid may optimistically. Before this flee to 737 max's can get back in the air every day. Southwest and America and are canceling. More than 200 flights today as these planes sit on the ground. Kimberly. All right dean at thank you for those update.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"The pilots on board followed Boeing's emergency procedures, officials said in a briefing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"62169284","title":"Damaged sensor led to Ethiopia plane crash: Officials ","url":"/Travel/video/damaged-sensor-led-ethiopia-plane-crash-officials-62169284"}