Inside the old town of Rhodes, Greece

ABC News' Sarah Hucal takes us on a tour inside Rhodes, the longest inhabited medieval walled city in Europe.
22:08 | 06/01/17

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Transcript for Inside the old town of Rhodes, Greece
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And uprooted their few celebrity news it would being thanking them here and yet they were coming beautifully and pages of vitamin taken away. And roads and public affairs banking chicks there but in the end they disrespect to but it without England and okay. Evading fighters. He would CNN news you. Then got me yeah I would be FISA debate it makes sounds. And signatures of people have got and being who it is that's of them I mean you got. They were doing up to the good and must have violence. He was sagging under the heading east I'm sending you they could find a bank it get him donating needed to buy a boots. Because it would give media and photos nicer since onstage yet this century's and he did of those would it be decent to avoid yet Ireland at factories. Demos you see. I. They've led. We've got to look at suggested Ph.D.s sense. In between one would do the that in because in those roads as have other mode. It was only one of the best foot defied CD's of you know because. But if I sort of got past Sony in France. With album. By the gates of them was. There was oh breeds and behind those flowers to seeing the dollars. They hit that presumes what do you. Said increased demand as they were bidding Vienna's and they were forgetting that. This hit game is cryptic these. We'll miss pose for a pretty. It's a world heritage site and a excuse he's. Sink and a lot of bases loaded in it has been nearly so you can see some BC's. New. By TDs. The units in woes. Some of the fifty instances. And obviously cars still use this entrance to it in city. BC being sitting PCBs in Abington thank and if anything yet. He's that base that is a view of the issue and Amy get a death. And tenant to make suit in. I mean they opened it they go outside and you don't need baby seat if he's dated a safe then presumably done. And Steven Covey deed there so imagine someone at CDs and who was to go to supermarkets. We have to approach your house so that's that there's been Misha said dinars myself and gates and as it is so complicated if you want the other class. But we don't have beat traffic program. Though we kept backing program. These that's okay like so many places. This is this happened most of the seat being. Most never thought they knew what it was just to make peace that someone would Padilla. Setback keys they hit to go down close to face more would have been out then again bound and again opera. It was. But almost impossible to being made it OK so as a strategic news in terms of Sudan on the magnificent capture this seat fiesta negotiations. Cupid and make it NIC tickled that it moves and leave her. Nice evening won't need but they've got. Problems. With that is fun to but it naming these hearings. About that book but he speculative in the nation's. He could ever there was no explicit about it. We've got expletive about it they can defend his seat being they had vested evoked organizing your crusade about Pope was enabler fifteen times in thing he'd do. It was just that its gravity of the nova bus has been wasting yes but mobile had found their way. Saying he sprints by his it would giving each other for the new capabilities Sunoco it was ended without that if and we got bogged. They left their base and back he says fat reserves and spoke for centuries here I think. The class have begun must have received we see he's teasing that it create did. Hearing was having a speeded 1950 to two photo TOK. Because at that Pataki's nineteen wave. Italians came here. And knee tight ends. Nineteen Pinkett who voted for the so unions are leaning he picked up rose to become so little faxes and nice place would prevent. To receive the upper crust of the fuss is about here and say you left buys my over the humanity. Thank you hit innovative abilities and close words knows that I shootings readiness via the so humid up what to do all of those big bobbled mark. There's no adjacency those actions feel it's not about us. Kid but then these broad by the action of its days. Which we're standing in front. Of the virus from the other side. And was a place where they were cracking exploded about. Fact is they hit as phone says his two most are men duties and I'd say it's was that is from Tim always cut. Then must get mostly Kevin mean added don't don't mean rising across Simone metallic barn. The centuries today sterling Knight to 1850 seeks they found it read that I by the mean aren't. Provoked an acute today you to the underground humid did all of the plays boom after it. Wow so if these communities. The I went back and loud crazy. If you see dad if these. These window with Clooney's scenes in Monday's cellphone use Italian architects they can't use instant my Katie. From destroyed buildings and a sick on news city's elected recycling of segment stadium and move. And it gives the illusion yankees buddies and I love of the fifteenth century. Though if he's a procession of 1950 he booked loud. Many feelings think you've been through and yet he's very confident I'm. He could have sat below about Nevada two groups some product vis a -- think those Jews have him. That is mixed up without having Stein here disputed vote he stars. And Everett it's. Yeah it's very unique in that it has a lot of topics architecture. The incident was wearing them back look critics I'm of those. It is food. That that was stated that that eighteenth century density data by the valiant and indicate whether with the explanation that it. And further from here you can something you've been RT you don't and the whole. Being we do so. Can you explain why there how do you know that there decorations. Do you won't have. It. Babies. Because he ate it that would send it down put the quota if pesos. We end this sneaking. Give us a better received if buy into sometimes. They suitcase surrounded by Lowe's sells. By the said the vehicles from nine to let me in ways. Nights at ten John that would roadways are nothing new cornstarch own bureau did learn they never destroyed anything of their course corrections. And they weren't singing if they can't go to. You might welcome that was so nice process. If you are stupid game populated he's open OK so you can walk up he has in the community because on the felt. And I understand it's very popular with truth. Here as well. A piece very very potent that it is compared. It is a lot of investors to nations in me Daryn here. A Rhodes my opinion we wouldn't make him. We'll we'll are quite yeah. I. By these. Eight. You go down to Lemond sir. OK if these don't mind the Arab world craft without drastic. You know distance. Back to nature this is brigade and this is thicket of salmon and and we just by staff and others. And didn't throw and he's the main street. There ozone found it is close up at this speed between us have been located mining. Stated that banks must finding pounding so it is that he is would have soaps. Shops many so Joseph and I got Suleyman. Who we've elected and to that extent. To infinity study got a five imclone. Safeties in the study by the monument. And knew he says it. And long going to be Steve Barron welcome back even now. But these spot was occupied by the bees on science and he did remain deaf and easy against you know these faith four nights. Followed through centuries season for instance in fifteenth century they went leaving here only knights have since done. Then. Vis Roy. He's noon because they created by a in this country. PM you know thinking of the value. We very much. Created capsules from another view. Days. That's mostly he'd be to be kind to be. Summit brought us. Picking a V that it be done in my notice that. But words similar program since 1932 to 19148. Years he did those beasts. They were closely. Forced labor. When you that a faculty nation. I'd be steady. Eight students spend because of Christ this admirable because of problems. What would not rule. Runners as well he just behind. You know it makes me didn't and they found remains of it speak. Beating which was he supposed to be. That got sun. Rises approach was at a presentation of example. So ridiculous it should stand by in the outback and as you see here we go out and we found people with this effort not fully. If you. Then Lebanon's government to escape it wouldn't it have been fighting in the Clinton years and can be beat. He was being done pieces of growers what I'm doing and now it is that here anymore violent bush it. Because no one indicated exactly what Burleson was standing back here and we found beyond so it suits that might be out there. And you should be as it that I put you know dignity cuts that beach and it's that cues. It coolers yeah fact that you get beat it for. Bush. He bases so this that we in between that they need food movement. We go yeah. I just noticed that beats by. It was the basis of ice factory and its impact events that you there. Size that you like these are two by that means they can do it should be outside the base the programs that you Bowden. They too were making wonderful PH is but no matter knows he. And it cost I was going to answers were standing by he had any. Stood dormant for 56 years. If bush said he died was bedecked city government fares fees covered resentments. And defense conference this type of four feet. A yes they do book he had been discovers they not hear them if I expect he's moving he's summarizing it was neglecting that I. And that life is these it was by any book. Then it collapsed down because of that week's. It but I've done because of earthquakes here I would never creativity he had not been closed down. Because everything is on his season. And beyond bound for you have earthquake every year. Almost every night knocking on no problem army and five if there's succeed it is not being here yeah. I mean buildings Ireland feces at Columbia mean daisies but he will. Indeed and it won't let me yeah. He's right there. Then. He wrote down below beatings by the ground motivate him out a series called follows. And beyond Tuesday in the keystone in the keystone makes them flexible work weeks that's see you this instance it spending because since the fifteenth century. He cares staffers from Maine mania routes and flights. If you. Then I am yeah there's here's it is speaking of which is done better cities and this is it back East Coast action nineteenth century that it was standing that sheds embassy. Guys ride these chairs said it was stepping beyond ago voted does. Harassing these idiots here I'm going under the Austin and went that way that this rooms up. So when the explosion happened all of these data boom at FT. He. Before. We'll be back yes and what didn't want. But what happens when. I'm he had been asked to make it into the thinking of baking every penny of movies indeed he's. Tonight's. Bulldozers and on what little indignant movement and about two. Who wore what. About it nothing happens it will back it d.s. And he's into he's got action because of that equation. Italian architects that indeed the dollars was. Because it's was announced but not that it's coming from here. The brought them from the island of votes are. Palestinian by and that it's separate from our Abkhazian athletes you know those who steamy appear of these Olympia. It happened at fifty bouts. Movies. On a man. Isn't it cica on the sixth century AD. And of course game if I from the C. But in securities. This changed when they could save on hundreds of sites they've been of them he to their credit if I was thinking. They lose a war that we hear him if he's museum. And you and being daddy of the Jewish communities it I've noticed about fathers of the fifteenth century. It is about us nineteen. It is due to foot beat. The weather got. No those are cheese and do an of those who rendered himself. That abandoned Soviet Russia's bid of mistreating me. Occur on mothering C. In any beating you see those two emblems. Data concessions rooms varying speed. These kind of determination he's got kicked up by young with flames. It is a concern about peeps I know the (%expletive) century. Is there. This is the very historic very important season is particularly and I. This state of the knights which is today disclosed it but don't because people are seen because it means caller sir you say it but the room. So nicely can courses. He added we can't be themes themes of elect embassies where they were leaving nickel mine this event on Wheaties. We divide between languages because it wading knee sprain Spanish Italians and Germans crusade they came from their retirement. And it would evoking every two years but it can Muster and a fourteen between creating good on my says they were French speaking. Because most organized they were friends and because who better of the night sets to better begun mass that was the Pope of Rome if it was anatomy of the ball are. And if with the developing drugs because of that threatens. I've been young Ian DeQuincy in factories and the Pope on the refugee. Today are those buildings belong to. Big state in the big state use them as LP so big it got me news station on our apartment to evade needy employees of this state. And they used to facing body experience that they not anymore it is and it's important not out narrowed and employees of the state there. That's very doesn't care if obviously these votes it is that there road of the fifteenth century. Many study got fins they can be obviously defeat in situated. I did state of the nicer road sales. And he's black and rows of the fifteenth century it is. On June we can't pay a media rather weak arm. That I've this caps here from. From all you know. A new in eight he's brass says James months and days that night sense. And Aaron Stevens line needs. To let whose duties to cut taxes. It is arrives if it is we've yes conflict. It's a pity because nobody company's road sir. And C insanity worrying he had a lot of kind of allegiance. Even to date putting someone's been out of within the most of cinema them out of me. Yes let's let's get shot of really quick just from far it's very impressive. Look this is there must go sit him on the magnificent. If he's the only game utopia thing you'd open the only mean that it. With built by purists. I feed my yeah its levels. On the island here in fact a 120000. In having guns in between that are peace and other notes. And sat down 2005 convent. That Muslims and new nation with listening to get out of a little down because Odom was himself rose go to school. And a legion was never had a program. He had they would evening's theme Sen to these cells. That he went throughout all of the unit the Ottoman Empire appeared before centuries since the company kings of Spain they would leaving yet. And it is even a signal today eighty stone here. That is not a buying because Tuesday's up beyond a doubt duty Mussolini's field. When they saw the black shares yet he had this suit I. Understand that there were pretty large number yes Jerusalem and Edward deprived I was in. These people in the south but I heats air for Spanish Jews are. There was speaking about the note even today they do speak in and damn well they disappear slowly stood ink. Rand hearings on any sphere there. Sixteen confident they believe to verify Ganga of the state that nothing was going to happen vacated state he added. And they what they can by the Nazis. After the second one would even Dixie leaving anything to Australia to do lefty Aaron is Smoot. These guys and are out of importance. So on the eight families cavity there and a after this and. I'm Lou so there's no community unique moment armies from happening so that is not a bind. Thank safety pick up from his from Athens but days this in a book has been news than it is. Then let it started necessity. Absolutely thought I'll have to be. Generally it hasn't slowed birthdays you've these TV here believe that before that very thought that about the and they don't care. Even then was then if you want an organizer and activist acting. Well that's conflict a good place to you. And on through. And then he but it. And I'm.

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{"id":47782714,"title":"Inside the old town of Rhodes, Greece","duration":"22:08","description":"ABC News' Sarah Hucal takes us on a tour inside Rhodes, the longest inhabited medieval walled city in Europe.","url":"/Travel/video/inside-town-rhodes-greece-47782714","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}