Passenger jet crash in Russia kills dozens

Reports says a lightning strike could be blame after a Russian jet crash-landed at a Moscow airport, killing at least 41. ABC News' Trevor Ault reports.
2:26 | 05/06/19

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Transcript for Passenger jet crash in Russia kills dozens
We begin with new video coming in this morning of a deadly airline disaster at least 41 people have been killed. A Russian jet crash landed in Moscow and this new video from inside the cabin shows the flames they started to engulf the back of the plane a new report says the aircraft was hit by lightning. Which car office communications and some control. The State Department says it is aware of reports that one American may be among the victims ABC's Trevor all begins our coverage Trevor good morning. Hey did you name Kenneth good morning people this tragedy unfolding right there at the airport it was captured on video by onlookers and people that were on other planes to and we know there were 78 people on board. More than half. Half of them did not survive. Him. A startling sight on the tarmac in Moscow Aeroflot flight 1492. Attempting an emergency landing Sunday. Video shows the wheels collapsing as the engine erupts in flames leaving a plume of smoke in its wake. Later this fire crews rushed to the inferno passengers and leaping down the emergency slides and fleeing in a horror. The problem in this crash was that the back end of the airplane was on fire and so they escape chute the escape doors in the back of the airplane we're not usable. Among the dead a crew member and at least two children the super jet 100 had taken off from the same airport just a half hour prior and was en route to the northern city of Mer man it's. When the pilot declared an emergency according to the airline it was forced to turn back due to technical reasons. And there have been concerns about this particular Russian made jet ABC's Patrick revote on the ground in Moscow. He Russia has struggled to sell it to European and US airlines and most de around sends back. About pots and about maintenance there are unconfirmed reports that the playing hooded being struck by lightning and that's forced it to send back. That doesn't explain. Why this fire broke out during that emergency landing. Prime minister Dmitry Medvedev give immediately ordering an investigation into the cause of the accident and Russia's investigative committee he equivalent of the FBI has opened a criminal probe. And this is the second fatal crash involving a super jet 100 back in 2012 a demonstration flight crashed into a mountain in Indonesia. That killed 45 people. The survivors from Sunday's accident are now getting help from emergency services katic engine it back to you and her are so many questions about this latest instant think you.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Reports says a lightning strike could be blame after a Russian jet crash-landed at a Moscow airport, killing at least 41. ABC News' Trevor Ault reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"62846142","title":"Passenger jet crash in Russia kills dozens","url":"/Travel/video/passenger-jet-crash-russia-kills-dozens-62846142"}