Sea of unclaimed baggage at Miami's airport

Many people showed up and checked bags for flights yesterday that were later canceled, leaving hundreds upon hundreds of bags unclaimed at the Miami airport.
2:40 | 09/08/17

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Transcript for Sea of unclaimed baggage at Miami's airport
Here Miami International Airport. Bags as far as you can see here. In the lower level of the airport and you can see people searching through them trying to find their respective pieces of luggage there are so many different scenario semi different stories as to how. He's back for stranded and left here. But a lot of people were told. Were checking their bags in to fly out yesterday only to have their flight canceled. And then it took hours and hours for these bags sneak into the terminal and people of laughed so now all of this luggage is left unclaimed. A lot of people also. Waiting to get their backs backs making head out of here another way after their flights were canceled John here. Similar situation he flew in from California you only had a connection here but I you're stuck looking for your back explain to us or sisters. OK so the plan was leaving L a blind to Bolivia. You know away before I get complaints and it don't let me get stuck in Miami. Because I don't want it won't go otherwise makes it no flights good at these grade. And I got a text message on the flight from LA to Miami is fewer flights canceled for Miami to Bolivia. So that was slightly and a tenant PM last night. And so I've rebook on a different airline so I can get that year's 6 AM you know I'm able to get my bad but my bags are back in bag land. Which is not. Up here it's taxpayers'. Hands. And John I have heard from several other passengers as well that part of its eleven here's that crew was not showing up. What I was told horses secondhand is that because it'll be rooting with the storm in the issue with. A hurricane coming and that they're taking care of their personal issues in their homes worried about after the crews are showing up. Demand flights are not a weather issues they canceled flight or was simply because people are. Worry about their which I would too. I smooth sailing from here to Bolivia earlier Celestica who sit theoretically is from sailing but there's no. No lights no. Violence no purse her nose stewardesses. Or not enough. Mystic episode. On we hope you find your bag and it gave us a head back home safely or to Bolivia thank you be safe. And so zoning thank you so many different situations here at the airport in different scenarios as I mentioned. People trying to fly in trying to find out their flights canceled on other bags are lost and and they're unable to get their bags to rent a car and get out of here. Right now there are bags here waiting to be claimed sick you are missing your bag or you know somebody who is they are here a lot of them waiting to be picked up. And Miami International Airport Mercury count local ten news.

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{"id":49710558,"title":"Sea of unclaimed baggage at Miami's airport","duration":"2:40","description":"Many people showed up and checked bags for flights yesterday that were later canceled, leaving hundreds upon hundreds of bags unclaimed at the Miami airport.","url":"/Travel/video/sea-unclaimed-baggage-miamis-airport-49710558","section":"Travel","mediaType":"default"}