Take a Tour of Washington DC's Largest Presidential Memorial

ABC News' Serena Marshall takes a hike through history at Roosevelt Island in the Potomac River.
19:15 | 08/24/16

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Transcript for Take a Tour of Washington DC's Largest Presidential Memorial
Hey guys I'm ABC's march on Washington DC today. The largest president memorial here in the nation's capital now if you might need that's. Virginia that's broadly. Over your left seed Georgetown. Yeah pretty flying over I don't hear occasionally because Washington DC airport is right there. And right behind us right here yeah DE eager would you. I'm. Currently national park and Anthony you like. It. That. Reported that because of the it features the island actually dedicated. Yeah is full swing. Bill five. We're me. And then read event. Little bit about the back story this highly get selected for his memorial because all the others. Why wouldn't separated out in the. Better be. That make that I finally get capital and. I've read that they get the other airplanes line ever had because. Watching him eat VA Reagan airport is. So going to be hearing this airplane. That window air passing. They're going back you bet that they. You can look less and they wanted to. Really what it. Remains an ambulance clobbered them in. Don't guide. Defending event. It. We're locked. And Amy done because you have a hybrid. Parent I don't go I believe there are no good this. Straight ahead as you lock and there isn't. In the last. Good offensive be at closing just how big his head and we're very end. And pay her home. He left naked. I I 880. There were less than 345. Might be. And we have to also played out of bison. And we. Future generations I can't. Create playing weight back. Disney very. I can't. Act in the eighteen line. The war leaving her. That is what. Park. I'm going ahead. Nineteen put the mark your official birthday Hillary and outbreak analyze rally here. Those are good this memorial here this I mean. 88 acres. That if you're just joining as a AB. Not everything the national lawn not for the capital. They don't ever thought you. We don't. Not anything that I did Ireland. For your dollar. The larger. How many you have we'll we'll. One another Catholic prayer he. I'm gonna. Together. Three miles an un weekend your. And did. Like a really. We were pretty. Like it it's. York. You aren't. Just how far away as. We're of the US market. Park in Virginia locker Brandon here in. But it does this city feeling and he he is so far away and it's. A meal at a quarter mile. The red wing black fur. Humor front. We may. You yeah yeah. People felt good. What better heard around the whole thing. 800. And ironic and the last. Eight years I felt like. Her recent. Scientific back. Big Ten. You'll see them in. One day he personally and I felt. Kelly just gonna. High enough welcome the American. Leaving here like. Outfit did not Wear on your preview. About book reviewer. One thing you can you need your great out here on weekend you hate people. Island when he really wanna you know about play. Conference here that. There. The big city and now we are aware of or nationally. To be here. And we were people when. You want. Here. Pitt just usually mayhem and healing health as. Now that we out. Mike. He promoted what made from. They've left. That would advance money. Right after. Come out and check out the. Larger presence. 88 acres in. River wearing.

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{"duration":"19:15","description":"ABC News' Serena Marshall takes a hike through history at Roosevelt Island in the Potomac River.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"41617747","title":"Take a Tour of Washington DC's Largest Presidential Memorial","url":"/Travel/video/tour-washington-dcs-largest-presidential-memorial-41617747"}