Valentine's treats at Goofy's Candy Kitchen

Behind the counter at Disney World's candy haven.
3:59 | 02/13/17

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Transcript for Valentine's treats at Goofy's Candy Kitchen
Day and welcome to who in the company whom I got this place is spectacular. I think that was not kind. Now. Imagine that these huge company is a very popular place while busy. There were preparing all of this place is packed it right yes it would men looking for last minute it is yes it could. These are adorable cutting back its. He's a little kick off. Normally we have shaped like Mickey or one of the characters but he's there at Valentine's. One person. Eat cake is chocolate is mixed with frosting Phillips brown text down. Feeling a little ground. Popped coverage did and didn't chocolate and NE CT shirt can and they and delicious. Oh you're not hand. Let's this actually alive and ask her when you tell. How he. Often hide out had to actually. A lot I pound. I'm Melissa all I'm in many. Isn't much it. All brilliance academy. Check this is the cake mix when pressed they pay and like Browning extended its. And it's app yet. Yet the listens to him. All gonna do. Plate track the discs and Brady. There there's. Each I mean I'm happy. And I can handle this part just sitting here on details yet. Perez who happen next and oh this is explaining a mini every now and political. Many. He's going in the child. Actually I'm ready. The issue. Children and stats I hope I'm that I. Now as we do also. Beautiful. Does here if you don't hate we'll get away from the sugar First Act and feel dry and then we'll put a little white. In Michigan. Then. Chaplain. Take him. It just take little death. All right so you. Four at the top and then do. Doesn't matter who we think we're fine thanks I'll let let's let's hope he's and there's apps like it might. Eight Atlantic brilliant. Course right but. You know but the gods. Heart attack or the bottom. End. That's and it tastes just as that this is this is the that's what this is. Look if people tell our nightly show this thing a lot of fun and and pack. Don't.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Behind the counter at Disney World's candy haven.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"45332101","title":"Valentine's treats at Goofy's Candy Kitchen","url":"/Travel/video/valentines-treats-goofys-candy-kitchen-45332101"}