ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, August 11, 2020

How will Kamala Harris VP selection impact Biden campaign?; Russia becomes first country to authorize COVID-19 vaccine; ‘Finding Freedom’: New book details Harry and Meghan’s royal exit
53:43 | 08/12/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Tuesday, August 11, 2020
And Henry from. Yeah yeah yeah. An investigation now under way after this tense scene in Los Angeles county sheriff's deputies calling their handguns on two black teens another deputy rushing in with a rifle. Teenage boys who say they were actually the victims of crime. Multiple witnesses say the boys were attacked by a homeless man and then defended themselves with a skateboard. Prompting numerous 911 calls everybody in the parking lot yeah. Oh well sheriff's department says it's been unable to locate the homeless man who they described as a possible victim. Some breaking news the pay isn't seeing hash. Joseph Klein in choosing come on Harris the California senator and former presidential primary opponent. Who would now become the first woman to be vice president the first black to vice president and the highest ranking Indian American in US history if elected. Our political team on what went into the big decision as well as president comes response. Vaccine rates Russia claiming a wind saying they're the first to have a vaccine Clinton says one of his daughters has already received a reality check tonight. Meanwhile here in the US the growing concern over rising rates of child infections just as many wonder if they'll be heading back to the classroom. Canceling the season the two powerhouse conferences postponing their college football seasons. And the like C a and Jemima line of handling of the woman behind it isn't at all happy with the decision to make over. The iconic breakfast room. He's just not. Here's this I really want her legacy to be true that this is a real person and this is terrorism. Good evening everyone I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for streaming with us we begin with fake history making announcement today and the race for the White House presumptive democratic candidate Joseph Biden. Revealing his choice for VP after weeks of speculation. Senator com Polaris is now officially been tapped as his running. The two had some tense moments on the debate stage last fall but they are now joining forces in their effort to defeat president trump. Campaign Sharon this photo Biden at his home in Delaware today in as soon chat with Harris. Only the third female VP nominee and the first black American first Asian American. So what will first election mean for the battle for the White House Mary Bruce leads us off. Tonight for the first time in our nation's history a black woman is on the ticket. After weeks of speculation Joseph Biden this afternoon over video chat in forming senator Connell a Harris of his historic decision. Biden and tweeting the news I have the great honor to announce that I've picked Connolly Harris a fearless fighter for the little guy. And one of the country's finest public servants as my running mate. Here is responding Joseph Biden can unify the American people because he spent his life fighting for us and as president he'll build an America that lives up to our ideals. I'm honored to join him as our party's nominees for vice president and do what it takes to make him our commander in chief. Biden has said he was looking for someone he could trust to be the last person in the room giving him advice. It didn't you you know vice president. It's whether or not the person has some patty Cohen me in terms of where I wouldn't take the country. By Dan Harris have a personal family connection first meeting through Biden's late son go. When he and Harris were both state attorneys general for years later after Beau Biden died from brain cancer here is saying I still miss him. But Harris would get on the rival. There was a little girl in California. Who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bused to school every day. And I little girl was me. At the first primary debate taking the former vice president to task for working with segregationist senators to oppose school busing policies in the 1970s. This characterize my position across the board I do not trees racist. That is not true. Do you agree today. That you were wrong to look pols bussing in America. Now do you agree I did not opposed busing in America what I oppose is bossy ordered by the Department of Education. That's when I opposed. Harris later reportedly said that was all politics. Biden clearly willing to look past it at a press conference just weeks ago one of the first public signs Biden was leaning towards Harris. Photographers getting a glimpse of his talking points about Harris right on top. Quote do not hold grudges. In this moment of racial reckoning and after black voters help save his candidacy. Biden was under intense pressure to pick a black woman tonight the other women reacting. Former UN ambassador Susan Rice calling here is a tenacious and trailblazing leader. Senator Elizabeth Warren saying Harris has been unafraid and an inspiration to millions of women who see themselves in her. And from congresswoman Val damning as a powerful reflection. Saying to seal black woman nominated for the first time reaffirms my faith that in America there is a place for every person to succeed. No matter who they are or where they come from. Hillary Clinton weighing in with this message to another woman making history. I'm thrilled to welcome Connell a Harris to a historic democratic ticket. She's already proven herself to be an incredible public servant and leader and I know she'll be a strong partner to Joseph Biden. Please join me in having her back in getting her elected. And President Obama tonight writing Joseph Biden nailed this decision by choosing senator come on Harris is America's next vice president. He's underscored his own judgment and character. Even before Biden announced his decision to trump campaign warned they would tried to paint Biden's pick as a radical. Just moments ago the president himself attacking Harris. Plus she was very very nasty. Do one of the reasons it surprised me she was very she was probably nastier than even Pocahontas. To Joseph Biden she is very disrespectful to Joseph Biden. And it's hard to pick somebody that said disrespectful and she said things during the debates during the Democrat primary debates that were horrible about. Sleeve Biggio and I would think that he wouldn't object. But it was Biden earlier this year who said just what he would be looking for in nominee. This incredibly presumptuous should be at this stage detoured rather run in and I'll get killed fine. There's just specific. Let me tell you what. Rather than who is I very much like. My administration to look like the country like Brock and our administration look like black brown. Women married gay straight across the board to look like the country. As vice president I think you'll be wonderful to have a woman or person colors vice president. But the most important thing I've learned from my relationship of Brock with I Colin Brock. Not present because a normal kids confusion with the president wrong. There. One of the things I learned is that no president. In the 21 century can handle the job all by themselves. It's just too much that lands on your plate. Sid got to be prepared to turn over significant responsibility. As the president did move me on matters related to a whole range of issues and turn over in runner from beginning to end. Mary Bruce joins us now married and we're certainly Al a lot of women under consideration in contention so in the end it was put senator Harris over the top. Well for Joseph Biden is really came down to an. Personal decision this is about a personal connection in many ways. A gut feeling he said all along that he was looking for someone. To be his Joseph Biden coming that he could have a relationship with Blake he had with former President Obama in many ways this was a gut feeling and of course they have that personal connection going. All the way back to here is his relationship with Beau Biden and of course ultimately Joseph Biden looking for someone can be ready on day one. And of course the Democratic Convention is next week but where are we see Biden and Harris together before that. Lindsay tomorrow we will get a first glimpse of the Harris fighting to get together they are sent to deliver remarks in Biden's hometown in Delaware. Mary Bruce thanks so much. The daughter of immigrants her dad from Jamaica her mother from India come on Harris is a ground breaker and has been making history well before this moment. Come Harris was born in Oakland California in October 1964. The daughter of immigrants or dad from Jamaica her mother from India. It was her mother who she credits for her determination. Our shirtless tears in her beliefs that you will be it's based on your actions not your words. Are also you know she qualified tall. But if you ever letter U at he actually has sent its top. Growing up with your younger sister Maya Harris was bused across Berkeley California for school in the 1960s. She graduated from Howard university and the University of California. And it 55 she's no stranger to making history. She was the first black woman to be elected district attorney in San Francisco and first woman to serve as California's attorney general. She became a senator in 2016. For her prosecutorial style it's senate hearings. Today she's also the first black woman the first Asian American woman. On a presidential ticket. And let's go now live to Rachel Scott who's outside of Harrison's home in Washington so set the scene for us Rachel what's at their like. Right now. Lending less than a friend the an anticipation that is have been building for Howard an ad with the saint which many people turning outrage here at her apartment just take a look you can see the TV crews this photographers. Some voters now that have come out and how workers following. As a now that we've actually seen the crowd wow hour after hour following. A Biden's announcement that senator Harris is going to be his running mate and I had an opportunity to talk with some of the people that are gathered. Out here and so many of them actually do this support senator here is in the democratic primary they didn't even support. I in anger but basing this moment right seeing this representation. On the ticket having this ticket wracked with plaques and represented. The diversity of America especially right now. In this national reckoning on race is just so. In Portland sea so perhaps energizing the base just as a budding campaign is hoping for you also cover the trump campaign what are we hearing from the president and his campaign on Harrison's selection. Yeah what a president I responded today himself calling senator Harrison mean nasty and disrespectful but you know what's interesting here is that. President trump actually I don't think it's a senator Harris is. I campaign and so tonight canteen officials are saying that that kind of ends the racism argument they are vice president Mike aunts all respondents in the news welcoming her. Into the race I think that he's looking toward. So that big debate but you know and talking at some campaign officials. For weeks leading up to this announcement they were ready for this as well they have as ready to go to RD out on senator here is. But regardless they told me their strategy was clear regardless of who Biden picked. They're going to keep it VP nominee. What parts of the last as someone radical version of the of the party even if Biden's policies even senator shares his policies haven't moved in the direction magazine. Thanks so much for racial and more analysis we are joined now by ABC news political director Rick Klein. So Rick and the scene is a favorite for this election at what makes her such a formidable pet. Full Lindsay should be able what the obvious choice but she wasn't the inevitable choice and how she acquitted herself. During this process I think is instructive look how well Harris is tough. She is dedicated she came up through the goat the ranks of a cutthroat politics in California. And of course now serving as a senator for that state and she ran for president already saw a lot of the bidding happened and on the national stage she was tested she had those testy debate moments with. With with Joseph Biden himself and I think critically she understands what the media scrutiny looks like in she understands what Donald Trump is going to come to bring to her. And Rachel of course discuss that attack gathered to trump campaign has already put out what are some of the weaknesses of their and then try to exploit in how likely are there attacks. To stick. Yeah they're gonna look at that debate moment they're gonna look at lots of moments like that they're also gonna try to painter is a far left progressive someone that would be a vehicle. Four for the riding Joseph Biden and into into the White House to bring a bunch of crazy liberal ideas in their view but I'll tell you. She is not the number one draft pick of the Republican side despite what president trump said of course as is Rachel mentioned that the fact that president trump himself was giving money. To Kabul Harris even into Barack Obama's second term is something that continues and and frankly a lot of the other one analyst would have been easier to do to pigeonhole in Kabul Harris she is a lot more moderate. In some of the other people that will be under consideration and I think she's a lot more formidable as a presence on the campaign trial. And senator Elizabeth Warren she's treated her reaction saying she can't wait to see Colin Harris on the debate stage would vice president Mike Pence. Alias where vice presidential pick it can make their biggest mark so so what does Harris bring to the debate table. If she brings a lifetime of experience and of course. The spotlight of those dozen or so presidential debates when she was going toe to toe with Joseph Biden among others. And we've seen her in moments like the Brett Cavanaugh hearings where she is being a lightning rod for a lot of critiques from the right. And someone that brought the argument directly that prosecutors mind. Yeah I think she's very much looking forward to the ability to go toe to toe with Mike Pence she believes a lot is very strongly what she has to say she's live. So many of the issues that are now at the forefront of the American debate. And finally this has been a long selection process with the convention starting up just next week so what's come. Out of this is as far as Biden's decision making process and and how his campaign in and the party or are running a so far. Yet so interesting Lindsay because this was a relatively free operation almost almost without any drama. On behalf of the Biden team and the fact they were you able to keep this is disciplined. As button down as they did that the vice president was able to meet these deliberations outside of the public I honestly a lot of Democrats. Feel like that says something very positive. About Joseph Biden I even if you landed where a lot of folks thought he'd get all along he got a lot out of the process as well because you have a whole army of a new generation of progressive leaders of many of them to reverse. For now national ways people like Karen bass and felt Manning's Tammy Duckworth to a lot better known on the national stage. Almost exclusively as a result of this deep states. Rick Klein thanks so much for your insight is always. As we all know our way of life eating at restaurants visiting relatives young adult sending your children to school without fear can only really happened once there's a kind of a vaccine here in the United States government has launched. Operation warp speed some of the biggest drug makers have been working feverishly to find a safe treatment. How assist too fast Russia has declared they are the first in the world to approve of vaccine couldn't even claims it is on daughter took it. Experts here though are skeptical calling the trial too small and too short but what if it really works what's next in panel has the dramatic development. Tonight bush claiming a major victory with a world. Was the federal it. This federal wolf everybody's just pushed him there are putting it in the open US. Now the issue of social component to specific professionally you do good it was looking. Dmitry have had the Russian government thumbed back the vaccine told us that confidence it works. Even though there have been completed phase three trials its efficiency and invest that I'm some of the people developed immunity. Many scientists in Russia and around the world say it simply hasn't been properly tested with less than a hundred people actually receiving the vaccine so thaw. Russia choosing to go ahead before completing that crucial final phase three trial this used to show the vaccine will work safely in a large population. The Nittany Lion to 2000 people for that final step which is just getting under way. Compare that to the tens of thousands nothing tested with a packed scenes being developed by Madonna. Malaysia and Oxford which a further along and trials didn't Russia. Russians say their backs him was created so quickly because it's based on the previously developed rush and a good look vaccine welcome this and the mechanics reports. And you see as a result clinical. I think mean people will become the Russians a dumping in the back seat sputnik. Tribute to the Soviet era when Russia launched a successful orbital satellites in 1957. It's now being used to town rush success once more. In this courtroom even though Russia will start to administer the vaccine to millions. Though some backlash a Russian association the pharmaceutical companies published an open letter this week. Appealing for Russia to delay approval saying there hasn't been enough tests and that it could be dangerous. Putin says phase three trials will still be on the way in a handful of countries including Brazil which has one of the worst outbreaks in the world. US health experts on one over the two parties (%expletive) he's reaction exclusively with National Geographic. Hole. But the Russians actually definitively proven that the vaccine is safe and that I seriously doubt that they've done. People say why are the American doing that. Well because we have a way of doing in this country that we care about safety and we care about. And in panel joins us now so in what is the Russian government get a start rolling out this vaccine and will they tracked how it works as more people use it. I would look this is a really interesting thing is certain irony just starting the phase three trials now with read about pastry this is the crucial stage the done the all expo approaches that rule emboldened. Heavy phase three testing of the moment involving tens of thousands of people the Russians Rooney just about starting to do that now even though they kind of declared victory that they've already go to banks say they're saying there's gonna roll attach a key front line workers are set medics and teaches. Possibly by the end of this month. But large scale mass vaccination rush said they say will begin in October. In panel thanks so much. Of the now more than twenty million confirmed cases a reminder that a quarter of those cases are from right here in United States as children begin to go back to school. The American academy of pediatrics reports nearly 180000. Cases in children in the last four weeks that's up. 90%. In just one month. Marcus Moore has the latest on the viruses grip here at home. A revealing look tonight at the struggle so many families are facing. The New York Times inside Houston's Methodist Hospital in July were 60% of the cold it patients are Latino and I. Rosary beads resting in the hand of thirty year old Ivan scientist who for weeks has been on a ventilator. Today fla markets deadliest day yet 277. Lives lost. Cases are declining in 23 states. But there's also concern about the potential for spread in schools across Cherokee county Georgia at least 925. Students and staff are quarantined. After sixty people tested positive. Masked required for teachers but only recommended for students when schools reopened last week parents were hopeful. So many of us where desperately. Wanting it to be face to pay hatfill a 100% say it was just 24 hours ago doctor Anthony felt she was asked about goals images of schoolchildren in packed hallways many. Without masks. Doctor bounty telling David in his opinion there should be universal wearing a man. Asks this should be universal and wearing of masks. When I see sites like that it is disturbing to me in Texas debate over reopening classrooms police. Goal sought middle school teacher Rebecca Asher quitting at this school board meeting. I respectfully. Remind the nation. I can hear my it. I just didn't feel the district had adequate plans to keep both students and teachers say. Across the country nearly 180000. New cold it cases reported in children in just the last four weeks an increase of 90%. Six year old dating Coulter of Philadelphia was severely sickened by that rare multi inflammatory syndrome. It agreed to damaged earlier IB. They are. It came in a row every minute does a lot jaded and is now recovering but he'll be going back to school on line. Calgary won't let us all. Like it may not. Lindsay tonight the CDC has come out with new guidelines and guidance for school districts as it relates to masks they have brought out the warning that. Bullying could come out as a result of these massed in classrooms in that school districts should have a plan in place to address those issues. Also reminding parents and students not to touch the outside of the masks. And to wash their hands off to Lindsay. Our thanks to you Marcus and next tonight a major headline in the sports world two of the largest college sports conferences calling off their fall seasons including college football due to concerns over covic nineteen. Some others now follow suit in the cartel files this report. Tonight the college football world and two of the most powerful conferences. Canceling the full season for all sports the Big Ten and pac twelve making the pain staking decision there's too much certain. At this and and in our country the backlash against canceling is being growing the president weighing in just moments ago. They going to be out there playing football and they'll be able to fight it off and hopefully it won't bother them one bit. Most of them will never again it statistically. So college football get out there play football people wanna see it. The other three major conferences now face with their own decisions. At LSU the defending national champions are taking measures to protect their players using thermal body cameras for temperature shacks UV lights and upgrades to helmets. Head coach at Dozier processing. But wants to play in front and expand its product but good for the clue where Ritter. 50% owed them. That's 50000 people. Lindsey the college football world is divided those conferences that have canceled their fall seasons they say they hope to play in the spring. But that is a really typical scenario for people to imagine meanwhile here are LSU and throughout the Southeastern Conference they are still scheduled to play. Just six and a half weeks from now Lindsay. Our thanks to Caylee for that and for more on the college football season and the battle against over the nineteen let's for a Republican governor. Tate Reeves of Mississippi home to both of course Mississippi State and Ole miss thanks so much for joining us tonight governor. The real. So when you announce a statewide mass mandate last week to try to get Kobe case is under control you cited wanting to see college football this fall as a reason. But the Big Ten raise concerns about medical risks for student athletes for postponing their season so do you believe the SEC should still try to play this fall. And if so do you feel they can do it safely. Yes absolutely they can do exactly obviously. Immediately student athletes have been all art college campuses the last several months. I'm they've been doing testing they've gone through more all. And and where we look it's I'd be really is the number of people and well being we. Who all under asked the state will miss on. One's hands. We certainly do it under our current limit of twenty percent up to pass Theres something along those lines. At a Big Ten says it hopes to play in the spring. Is there an economic argument for waiting to play until then I'm in a fans are able to actually attend games if we have a successful vaccine by then possibly. Games bring of course millions of dollars in economic activity so why is it better to play this fall with few if any fans in the stands. Well we know it got and mitigate risk but we're never going to eliminate risk is artsy even if we're successful. And beating. A vaccine and where UW so very soon. There's still only addresses arches are is common loon and other risks exist there. Gotta do is definitely an. Audience what do we mitigate. Risk. Got to get back some normalcy. Console ball. One of the most important thing is oh student athletes. Com or are so important Bob Osbourne and Helmand and immediacy is a reason to you. And I'll word does do that. And let's turn now to the state of pandemic in Mississippi this seven day average of cases is down in your state as our hospitalizations from recent highs in July. What needs to happen at this point to keep those cases declining and does that include extending your state wide mass mandate beyond its current expiration next week. Well these are happening Mississippi isn't that my fellow Mississippi has the continue to stay in the fight we need to recognize our enemies not want another. But are in need virus and what we've seen. In our state over the last year or weeks we truly and his art this ice and beat up we are wired last year's social distancing we're saying is he's the only art. We're producing a number of social gatherings you're doing it we will continue to course. We're continue to see a significant decline in two weeks ago we had thirteen 142 cases today we had less than half a I listened and allow the immediate declining. And we just got to keep working hard to give ourselves an opportunity to beat his arms and continue I. In a more normal way. And not as far as a debate in Washington over economic stimulus what is your state need most right now in order to help with both the economic recovery as well as the fight against the virus. Well we we obviously need the Democrats in the house and taxis show up in and negotiate the 3.4. Trillion dollar plan. Is just not realistic would bankrupt our country unless there all of incentive at all or trillion dollars. I'm much more real estate no problem even. Beastly and our communities ample. The Democrats in the house won't not a 150. Billion dollar state and local governments. In Mississippi according DR pierce here let's say one person it was our total pot let's. Noting that and a half billion dollar. Our entire general fund budget for two years is approximately and that amount that's the kind of numbers and they're talking about MS is totally unreal. Now the president has as of course proposed executive action extending those expired unemployment benefits at 400 dollars a week but Beijing now. He's called for states to chip in a hundred dollars a week per recipient as part of that your state is already spending 22 million dollars a week on unemployment benefits so. Can Mississippi even afforded to pick up this extra cost. What we're doing the analysis on the right now we'll tell you I commend president strong and lacy took actually. I'm Walt want Democrats must sit down and negotiate a presidency soon. I gave us an option we are trying to determine if it something that we don't ordered on. We're not we do anything to our taxpayers at risk of our future oh we also have a 100000 Mississippi and studio. I'm that are unemployed in the Internet bidding on those additional benefit so. We're working hard on the layer not ready I'm yeah we don't be a decent. Of course some big news today with former Bob vice president Joseph Biden selecting. His running mate of senator Connell a Harris your reaction to the nation's. Former attorney general current United States senator from state of California. Now if you are serious as soon where Joseph I will take Matt's. Party ought to do is look at senator here's his record. Obviously. A liberal California. And I don't think that's what this country needs not certainly not as a Waltz and so it's is uninteresting. Choice of it most certainly want upbeat shows we're. The vice president former vice president also take an. Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi we thank you so much for your time appreciate it comes on the show. And when we come back the deadly storm system lifting roofs right off the buildings and the aftermath a million left without power throughout the midwest. The single mom turned opposition leader forced to flee belarus' as the protest against the man many call Europe's last dictator continue. And the store Hyatt aunt Jemima Pepsi announced that they would remove the iconic image in response is a social justice protest but. The descendants of the woman who helped launch the brand are now speaking out coming up. We'll hear why they are upset. Welcome back with America in the midst of this so called racial reckoning untold stories are coming to life and tonight. A look a woman born into slavery who would go on to create a delicious recipes many Americans of likely enjoy. For descendants hope in our country's push to right past wrongs that there's not an over correction that her legacy will live on. Our Deborah Roberts reports. Under the grass it's barely noticeable an unmarked gory. Covering what for nearly a century it was an untold story of one of America's hidden figures. They. Didn't. Walk through all of these things that America. I mean girls race. Nancy. You've probably never heard her name. But Nancy Greene has likely been in your kitchen. And my mom would repair pancakes and that was as part of the whole experience of being. Nine in the house holiday is that you sat here and waited for the pancakes and be prepared so that you get them. In the hot opting riddle right. There on your pancake box. As a cue from London always made everybody those paintings. In. Her base on the box. Was probably the one ways that households were integrate. Some butter and syrup. You like aunt Jemima. Perfect pancakes again and Asia. The aunt Jemima recipes created by Nancy Green and with it. The birth of the American pancake. Long before she pioneer that famous mixed Nancy Greene was born into slavery in Montgomery County Kentucky. She regularly. Now where her family. She is learning that some are in use or Garrick. Steel ritual or two. Story mall where he. Studies at eight. The use what they and it Republican war. After the civil war green moved to a divided Chicago. Becoming a strong voices all of it Baptist Church the oldest black congregation. This church was noted for its work to shield Els who had escapes slavery. Who arrived here in Chicago because there were mini slave catchers and Chicago. Still pursuing people who were African descent. Sheri Williams lives in Chicago's Brownsville neighborhood and has been shining a light on Nancy Greene story for more than a decade. Most people have no idea who Nancy Green. Wise why is that do you thing I believe because she is looked upon as the character. As as the polls fool a living breathing individual. Even connecting the dots for one of her descendants GAO. We. Can literally opened a box Marcus Hayes only recently learned about his family's past. So when I found doubt about it to be not as I was so I. A and excited at the same terror. Living in. Who Dick and it shouldn't. A history forged through a recipe Nancy Green first whipped up for the family she cooked in care for. It was so good that the borders with now hill every 18. How a share take. Who could or and she makes amazing recipe. And she calls left at the end of milling company heard out in knew that she was using their meal and they came in are out. Just like then. Aunt Jemima was born the big debut the world's fair at Chicago's Jackson park back in 1893. Green selling 50000. Boxes of the now famous pancake mix. She was the church and they backed Iranian. You know anybody who would look at a African American element cooking they knew that they can trust it. And over all those years hence for aunt Jemima. Never mentioning Nancy Green C. It was a businesswoman she created her own agency through what she did well as a storyteller. As a cook as a nurse. After green died in 1923. Other women became the living aunt Jemima assembles and that. My great aunt. Lillian she went to Dallas Tex. RB. They're all urged. Your parents always heard the stories about on Lillian and how she helped retreat aunt Jemima for decades. Old brain. I'll. Everybody would be really I didn't and million putting a small Texas community on the mat. Hawkins is that pancake capital of Texas. Right. People are. Under a couple a period. And unlike Nancy Green. Million richer with her own headstone and a plaque in Hawkins a pancake breakfast every year to educating others about the faces and names behind the aunt Jemima brand and image leave this popular may have. Those faces were real real faces real stories Bure Harrison Marcus Hayes say they're now in danger of being raised. In June PepsiCo Quaker oats parent company announced the aunt Jemima brand would be phased down by the end of September when you learned that. The aunt Jemima. Based on this box on the syrup. Is likely to be phased out. Reaction palace taken about how will British. I knew he didn't really. Apple we're real heat. You know they feel math. With Hannity race there. He's just share. It really well legacy to be total this is a real pars and business terrorists. And she should it or world. Are abject. There are people who are concerned right now about images antiquated images these minstrel images which is why PepsiCo was thinking maybe it's time for that image to go what's your feeling about that. In no time ever have hurt anyone in my community say that is image was one that was the rock at Torrey. So I don't know where that sent them it is coming from. In a statement to ABC news Pepsi saying this is a sensitive matter that must be handled thoughtfully and with care. We respect the women who have contributed to our brand story and will approach a re branding with their heritage in mind. The company committing 400 million dollars to various causes to help with diversity but so far no direct contact with ease to families. Don't owe anything to the descendants these. I think they do Pepsi not yet announcing the future of the long time grand. So wrong it was called Angel monument which it called in. Grange thank you. Nolan we don't know would attribute longer seated settlers should stay in it needs college Nancy green is not money. This is about the true. A truth and a story. Now being told no matter what happens with the brand. Story teller and not your authority have been voting. After a decade long push. Just this month Cherie finally raise the money to give this TrailBlazer a proper headstone and marker. She's long deserved headstone artist mark hunt not even aware of Nancy green's past. If. There's a lot of. Carefully etching a pace that will now be preserved. For generations. All I. Lol my. Share in getting her first look at the headstone she's fought so hard for. After reminding need this grass in anonymity for nearly a century a moment of hope in the middle of America's racial reckoning. Honorees he's Alan down does. It's all me I'm big black and he is almost that contribute. In to make his country great and he would get in ultimately you get this story out. It willing cares they young women in black and why Google app and do great scenes. And a recognition of the difficult work. That lies ahead. This fight believed to be just fine for each student is motivation. Since she. Christine aluminum be facing the things that she'd face and steel and eat Christians in this news. Big TV. It gives me the carriers excuse me the motivation. To push forward and make sure that you do something great in this work that you lead more that people know. Deborah Roberts ABC news. Fascinating and tasty nugget of history there are thanks to Dan and that we saw lots morning gets you here on product compensation was. Co authors of the bombshell book called. Finding freedom is a relationship between prince William and Harry really on the rocks. Seattle's police chief stepping down saying it's time after city officials vote to reduce staffing levels on the force we'll take a look at the defined in the police efforts there. But first our tweet of the day the final blockbuster. Has been transformed. Into an air BNB. Welcome back everybody now the latest fallout from calls by some protesters to the fun the police now. Quite apart in the abrupt resignation of Seattle's police chief let's take a look. By the numbers Carmen best is a 28 year veteran of the Seattle Police Department and the first black woman some beaded with her appointment back in 2018. But after Seattle City Council voted seven to one Monday night for an immediate four million dollar cut from this year's police but it. Best announcer retirement. The cuts could impact as many as 100 officers from Seattle some 14100 member force. And also included salary cuts to twelve members of the police command staff cuts to the swat team and also eliminating the city's mounted patrol unit. How the cuts fall far short of the 50% cut that some council members and black live matter processors have advocated for the calls to redirect funds to other public safety uses. The debate that will likely continue into next year's budget negotiations. And we still wants to get to hear our fine that's like a family that's fighting for months to clear the name of their eight year old who was handcuffed and charged with a felony. They plan to sue. That young golf Korean need to know about and why some are already comparing the teen to legends in that sport. But first a look at our top trending stories. Funny BC From a bull. Presumptive democratic candidate Joseph Biden revealing his choice for V and he senator Hollis Harris is now officially been tapped as his running here's becomes the first woman of color on a major party ticket after dropping out of the presidential race now that she wonders rivals early on its campaign here is Alan riding in one of the first debate over who must. Last month photographers picked up knows that I didn't head hand written before a press conference. Under the header Connell Harris it read you do not hold grudges can't let me in jail and talented and great help us in the campaign and great respect for her. For arsenic is now a top five million in the US and more from 340000. Of those cases are shouldering them. Cases are now only increasing in horse dates and today Florida recorded a record high 276. New deaths from. And in this state nearly 43000. Children have tested positive for the virus economy is recovers well. Education is over. A lot of things you can cover what you can't recover from his. Russia's president Vladimir Putin claims his country has approved the world's first coping nineteen vaccine from the news is being met with skepticism. Motion from health expenses and inside and outside Russia. It's been very little guy and and it's published on his. President praising claiming Newton mass tool necessary testing. Russia and essentially an apparent victory table finishing its Arnold staged three trials. Protesters tonight are again trying to Canada and Belarus this means for the good night running the police are responding with cruel almost from the protestors who can to make this into Alexander Lukashenko who steps down the key opposition candidates that Vonage chief announced kind of has now Glenn Miller Chris implying she may have made the decision because of the threat founding. It was nineteen Kendall. Sense of peace thinking. Tonight. A full line of thunderstorms work. The midwest families feeling the donor meteorologists call these huge complexes and he can fuel the thunderstorms that the region we're tracking new tropical depression it just formed in the Atlantic and it could strengthen into the years next named storms this system is now getting better organize a news towards the Caribbean it could potentially become a tropical storm Josephine in the coming days the good news for now though his current track. Just WS impacts of the moment. Back in jail. Police arrested. Line eight year old boy in school and taking him to jail for his handling and Gerald Adams elementary school he was pulling into nothing genes. Yeah thing you know. Right he was charged with felony battery chargers were one of the twelve. Nine was Lee. And in turn now to a revealing new book about Megan Harry and the royal family that's out today and claims to have a never before heard perspective on the life of the duke and duchess from the mayor's side of the story. Finding freedom has insights from palace insiders and friends of the couple on some of the most explosive headlines surrounding the couple. Include your departure from royal life in the rift between Harry William and their wives and for formally dubbed the fab four. The book's co author and ABC news royal contributor all of its Coakley joins us now from London who is more. So Omid Harriet may ends final event is working royals that was march 31 less than two years after their fairy tale wedding. For many of their departure seemed rather sudden but you've plays out that that this is growing for quite some time in the wind. It's is it your understanding that things started to go south. But it's instinct because of course a lot of the narrative does sound the Harry and Megan cited rules that bedroom bikes are expected. The signs that area the only it was around summer last year that the couple really starts school outs blocks from where he. And of course amongst crimes that they made it very nine within households. They how grievances or had issues with the pursues press that they felt sort of on onions and protect its foreign once they at the palace aloud in voice and take on some of these difficulties and challenges themselves. But of course I'll at least I don't debt is site this situation O'Brien sounds are very straight couple. The start this year ready. Pull it out very public manifest study accident pretty T tell us how they won't let me conclude of course that's sixty CC models one the recalled how often can't balance and it was rejected our institution and a recent now have the couple living in California. Things he quit. And Lester and ITV documentary Harry and Megan an African journey that aired on ABC Paris to acknowledge it a bit of a rift between him and his brother William is there risk would you say and if so what caused it and it can Megan really have this tension between them as well. Well I would say wrist is a very strong web assets and it's a distance that screen William curry the walls or course in the creek teach how summit soccer worldwide and early on in Harry's relationship with Megan Williams on Saturday issued cautions this slowdown will sing about speed at which relations is progressing rest on sight and sounds like cuts Paul hearts and brotherly and arts. Look at the backgrounds Harry was aware charts it means she shouldn't are unkind comments being made to make him behind and even months and friendship circle are urging congress in east. About neck and say. I think I knew where millions outward and these problems be collecting sleet they sort of suck it scratches. Secretary William and Harry they've never really be a repeat their pre close phones that Ettinger we will expect to concede the hassles they've been a disappointment on that saw its compensations these schools is she really wants is someone like chases or you come out to be yes ahead during the more vocal lines she faced with the crest at state teacher and seeks I don't see that. And and it's why we see true relationship. Would start. And coming you've repeatedly stated that Harry and Megan did not cool operator interview for the booking anyway so what then makes this different from. Any other tell all book about the royals and why should anyone believe the claims in this biography. What makes this difference is and a sourcing really was born out some great unique situation the people around Harry in Macon and now arts center east seeing them regularly by sections the media tell us. Harry shows there were being portrayed in the media were sites are from the brands were the only. People who were these are announcing re re re. Her recent relationship that many of east equal seeks to set the record straight many stories. Her ratings assets or their Beatles it's ridiculous. Details about here is overpriced makes its England's. The truck head trauma occurred tiara and decent things that we really no head. Anything more from buy tabloids are the second all to see it and we really want is EU brokered team in the route during these really. Well. And you course have been following Megan in Harry for quite some time in have seen them evolves through their time in the palace would you say they've actually found freedom. And and also what's next for them. It will only think about what freedom means is not for freedom to express themselves and use your voice and anyway he wants and it's very insisting seed a couple now it's looking very loudly about she surrounding racial this. Of course Harry recently took about systemic racism is something we never heard him speak publicly at our goal it's interesting that there were army themselves being. At the meat I think all it is because. We did the cheese and she's like this are sometimes incidents. We're really make ends meet there we are acting Harriet and now the freedom Greek CD and stress trying. To think we'll see less and people every exit from base STC a place. Moments go be reporting in from London for us thanks so much for joining us and good luck with the book. That book out today we'll be right back. And finally tonight some say she could be the future of golf a Mari Avery has been playing games and she was just three years old. Now in her teenage years she is set to take the sports world by storm Alex for Shea has this report. We met Amar you for years she was giving her please list together some beyonce and Megan the stallion. She's got a quiet voice warm smile but there's nothing shy about her on the golf course. She pleased to win and she waves a locked up barring. At sixteen the Riverside California teen is already the most decorated African American amateur golfer of all time. What goes in your mind whenever you hear it that whenever you hear people talking about you in that man. Think he proud so failing to I mean that I can own up to that. She just finished competing at the US women's amateur championship. Pro golfer Vijay Singh says she has a perfect swing. But you're there was a time. A Marin started playing when she was three introduce of the game by her dad who noted similarities between her and golfing great Tiger Woods. The two have a similar family dynamic they get their first hole when one at the same spot the even Shearer birthday. A Mori's dad nicknamed her tigris. You like the tiger comparisons weren't treated very different people but it's nice meeting comparison. But I got. To know more crises socialist ME at times there's a lot of pressure. By age eight she was featured in the documentary about her rising career the short game which showed some of that intensity. A young Lamar her father as her catty cursing in complaining about her performance. You're you're dad took a considerable amount of heat after that documentary but. If any he talk to hand he's he's grown more than anybody out an entire document Harry. If I mean we are close then lower even closer now. This tournament her father was very fair supportive from a distance as a Mari sister cash. Mari and her family have an important decision coming does he turned pro or compete at the college level like tiger did. They believe she's in a place to do something great for the sport. Being one of them very few African Americans out there. Doing something in this spore is just. Being being great. Inspiration she finds in tennis legend Althea Gibson. Who in 1963. Was also the first black offer in the LPGA. She really defy all. I did your dad had this quote Marie says I'm super proud of my doctor. But I can't let her know that and so we get where we need to go. T know these super credit you pills I do he. He tries to hide his emotions towards. In that sense he. But I know I know that he's very proud he's the person that's always the most proud of me. She reads that as clearly as she reads a golf course. Alex for Shea ABC news Rockville Maryland. Our thanks to talents and tigress from. I've been keeping an I now before we go tonight our image of the day returning to that historic selection Joseph Biden's photographer. Tweeting this image of the former vice president in a zoom chat with the woman he hopes will become his vice president. And that is our show for this hour feature to stay tuned to ABC news live from more context and analysis of day's top stories I'm Linda Davis thanks so much for spring with us. And it.

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