ABC News Live Update: Congress negotiating new COVID relief bill

Plus, the new Bond Fire has burned nearly 4,000 acres in Southern California, the latest of four wildfires to affect the region, and addressing your COVID-19 vaccine questions.
18:04 | 12/03/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Congress negotiating new COVID relief bill
Good morning I'm Diana fado thanks for streaming with us in today's update 7121000. Americans filed unemployment claims last week it's the first time in two weeks of the numbers have come down but they're still higher. And any pre pandemic record. Meanwhile other signs of progress on a new call it relief package the 908 billion dollar plan is backed by democratic leaders and moderate Republicans. If they reach a deal to build what happened passed by next Friday when congress recess until new here. And a wildfire is burning in Southern California the bond fire sparked by a house fire has scorched nearly 4000. Acres mandatory evacuations are in place for residents of Silverado canyon and neighboring areas. The bonfire is the biggest of more wildfires burning in Southern California alone. Strong winds are posing extreme fire danger throughout that whole region. And the US it is painful milestone yesterday covic nineteenth killed more than 2800 people in the US. In the last 24 hours that's the highest number of daily deaths since the start of the pandemic. And the director of the CDC now warns we're on the brink of the most difficult time in the country's public health history. He says to brace for up to 200000 more depth between now and February. But there is hope on the horizon government officials expect emergency vaccine approval to come. Within the next few weeks operation warp speed aims to distribute nearly twenty million doses to states based on population by the end of the month. Those initial doses will be good to go for health care workers and elderly home care residence. And for more on the pandemic I'm joined now by an. Action disease specialists ABC news contributor doctor Todd Alan Wren at doctor Alan let's start this record number. Of Kobe deaths more than 2800 in the US just one day the CDC director says. Braced for another 200000 by February how we turn this around. And. Good morning Diane this is so sobering new route literally pains my heart sank and and with these numbers over 3000 deaths in one day. That doesn't even have contribution. From the Thanksgiving holiday. Yes we're not gonna sheet data got first three weeks after Thanksgiving so what we're seeing right now is from cases. That were problems for weeks ago. Symptoms developing three weeks ago hospitals Asians develop and two weeks ago and guests coming now and then reporting so really it's it's looking grim right now and it. I really do things got replaces. In the country you get where they're hostels are nearing capacity. They will really help to think about shutting down and shutting down quickly and I mean shutdowns like we songs aren't. That sounds like we're within two weeks of having a vaccine and courage in this country could that help. In our own of course it's going to hell it's not going to hell right now remember from likely will help tens of millions of people in the US which she and their first dose. Before the end of the year but he's still won't get your second dose until sometime in January and then immunity typically takes one to two weeks after and a second dose so it's still a ways away immunity. It's it's it's we're gonna see gotten 2021. Right now we really have to hunker down. And all the more important it seems when you're so close to a vaccine and it feels like we just have a little bit longer. In this fight but on the vaccine why is it taking longer to get the vaccine approved here in the US than it is in the UK. Well again I. I wanna say I think our FDA it is easier doing an amazing show there are some differences BT and any European medicines agency last year equivalent. V. Have access to the death of the company's a little bit earlier and reach the required me to trust the data up their companies more so than we do meaning the FT eight is really working around the clock to scrutinize. Every piece of information from these clinical trial to make sure what the companies are describing are accurate and the other things that the European agency me a little more flexibility in the specific type meetings and also they don't help public consultation. Like we do here but many bad PE MA the FDA does CDC these are all very well respected agencies I think it's it's great UK hasn't proved she can and we're likely going or proven. Very independent and very short order. Israeli officials are saying in the next two weeks hopefully. But I got some questions from viewers on Twitter that I also wired and that you went one is what happens. If you already had coded and you get the vaccine. OK so we don't know the audience right now it's it's an important question most likely. Nothing promise she fifty prospective OK now we're still learn that from some clinical trials because remember some of the people who entered clinical trials she didn't have. Colby in nineteen but it didn't know so they they were antibody positive were expecting somewhere in the in the realm of about 10% so we'll learn about what happens to those patients but most likely nothing from a safety perspective whether her. And another view where Chris says that he was actually part. I'm one of the vaccine trials but he doesn't know if he got the placebo or the actual vaccine so what happens to these people. Who Roy wells. I mean this is stupid this is really critical fruit from many reasons for a prominent effectiveness prospective ethics perspective so both companies both bodies return want to be able to give their placebo patients the vaccine but really they have to wait for the FDAH and figure out as part of the emergency use authorization and hopefully. Whose bat will be due to companies will be given direction on what to do she is possible that the FDA in order to church to file it BL Ada biologics license applications get their actual FDA approval we know until at least six months they may want to see differences still over time between the vaccine group and the placebo group so this is going to be a tough decision for the FDA but I'm sure the companies and wanna give the placebo group backs seemed as quickly as possible they should be the first ones. Own to get the vaccine in our country. Got it and Elsa and a lot of questions about side effects and not just today but throughout the past few weeks what do we know about that. OK so. There's no question they're going to side effects when you wished all vaccines all that seemed outside attacks most have injection site reactions. To call in nineteen vaccines at least through the message or are they once they they they tend to be react to Jack what does that mean if people can get fevers muscle aches joint pain they can you know she'll sometimes didn't get high fevers or remember the duties typically don't last more than twelve to 24. And we want these side effects. Because this means that the immune system is getting boost Inge and this is what provides the ultimate amazing effectiveness and I want to say one thing Diane just remember something. Right now in the days ahead we are seeing unprecedented. Historic numbers of cases and hospitalizations and deaths this is Gary reminiscent. Of 1918 in 1990 remember. That plague of the century back in 1918 the most deadly waves were where there all the waves and the winds are rich and the people that were physically distanced. Masking the most communities but it did shut out at least partially those were the ones that didn't the past and and I just don't want to see more Americans you don't moral cost succumbed to this virus especially knowing that the Coca in nineteen vaccines are on the horizon. And a doctor I just to clarify one more thing because it there's so much misinformation out there and a lot of people when they hear. That you can have side effects like a fever for example they think that means the vaccine gave you. The virus can you clarify that. This caps who elected these vaccines cannot. Do you do you call in nineteen these messenger Arnie. Iris is -- I want to do you think we almost like a red state you're putting into -- and what comes out as close or you can think of his flock our guest ingredient right before you get Brett so that's really what's happening usually we're used to hearing about giving pro team that seems like despite approaching the reason the companies are doing this is because it's harder to scale. Those pro team that seems on the scale that's necessary ultimately will be billions of doses of vaccine year old world so I'm getting messenger RNA they can churn did this out so they can actually scale cultural level will meet around the demand that the world needs right now. So those side effects that people are experiencing comes from your immune system doesn't come from. That I astute that's just didn't get through it's not the viruses is immune system reacting to the scene basically it's the messenger our nation and surrounded by a little daddy and let me ask you a little study it's total light presumption and basically debts react to Jack Beatty immune system reacts to dash edit out the immune system is building up she is actually directing. The antibodies against. Protein that's been produced and that's what gift is amazing. Effectiveness in doesn't allow the virus to enter the cells will be become protected if you think about house on fire that fire is is the virus and basically we can use our therapeutics to try to you know I don't put all the fire but it's better to be able to -- are merged into you know fire proof ultra Norwegian walked into the house that's on fire and not get the virus that's what the best scene allows sport. All right doctor Todd Allen always great to have you thank you. Your hand and be sure to send me your Kobe questions on Twitter at Diane art casino we will answer as many of them as we can right here on the show and now to the runoff races in Georgia to senate seats will be voted on next month and will ultimately decide the balance of power in the US senate. John masa is one of the democratic candidates and yours part of his conversation at GMA res any Roebuck. You. Only the voters are actually choosing between you and your opponent in these two run off. Elections would you believe the people are coming to the polls to decide to control of the senate at this point forty think it's a mixture of both what is motivating people do you think. To make their decision. Look I think that people understand that these senate elections will determine senate control. And we all remember what Mitch McConnell tried to do to President Obama he will try to do the exact same thing. To Joseph in comma paralysis in Washington at a moment of crisis like this is untenable we need to get things done. We've had just four years of miserable didn't vision. No constructive progress. So much hateful politics. And now this crisis it's taken nearly a quarter of a million more now than a quarter million lives jobs and businesses and homes on the line we can't have just gridlock and government shutdowns and obstructionism we need to get things done for the people. And we can only do that by winning these two senate races. He's much more John us us interview with Amy and TJ later today on GMA three at 4 AM eastern right here on ABC news lives. And it gives an extra time on your hands are special should kill all maybe you've learned during the pandemic you can look to aside console to bring home some extra cash. ABC news chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has more on who's hiring and where to look. T is this season for the side hustle. With more than half of Americans looking for additional income this holiday season there's still plenty of opportunity to make some quick cash I worked out because it allowed that I could. Create round schedule I could make my own landing meaning. I decided how much. Any jima Kwon Rudd is a clinical social worker who uses task rabbit to supplement her income sees our work is she. Especially during Thanksgiving into the new year. It isn't just about in debate. Businesses and medium business and aren't as used. There are also apps like shipped some tack an instant heart that make it easy to bring an extra. In come on your own schedule don't wanna leave home sites like user testing dot com pay from ten to 120 dollars to test a company's web saint Iraq before it goes lie you tell me it's actually not a money out polity. And what about seasonal hiring according to linked in there are still 24000. Openings right now with companies like target Wal-Mart in Amazon's plus Macy's telling GMA exclusive leak. They will host their final national holiday hiring a vet today feeling seasonal rolls across more than 250 stores across the country. And we think about. E-commerce and the this year. It continues beyond a pandemic we anticipate monsters seen an increase britney's roles now in 1918. And while your primary objective might be to earn money with east side hustles they also have this side benefit. Of helping you build new relationships meet new people. And find new joys things in your life that you could be dedicated to they've helped people build new businesses and even find new career paths. Diane. Right very important point for that message Rebecca Jarvis thank you and the 737 Max jet made its first passenger flights since two deadly crashes. Airlines are hoping to rebuild confidence in the plains elated to start making its way back to regular service at the end of this month. Our geo Benitez was on that flight. This morning the plane grounded after two crashes that killed 346. People. Is back in the year and we are on pool. So we are now boarding the Boeing 737 Max this is the first time that anyone from the public has flown on the plane and that was grounded nearly two years ago. American Airlines flying reporters Wednesday hoping to convince the public did the Max is safe. American CEO and telling us it is. I'm really become a lot like him. I have no misgivings about this is safe airplane. Here in the Max cockpit you'll see it changes the Boeing says it has completely updated its. Flight control system and that he's. All of a soft. That's software was triggered in both crashes involving lion air of 610 and Ethiopian 302 when a faulty sensor gave the wrong information sending the nose of the planes down not once. But multiple times. The system now uses to sensors and can only send the nose down once. American Airlines pilot Peter gambit helped Boeing and the FAA and create new training protocol. Now that the fuel sensors are there. All of what happened in the past. Is prevented because you have to sense is looking at one another. Comparing him and if it doesn't like it it'll shut down the systems that are operates that could affect flight and flight in the air. But some of the families of the victims aren't convinced to polling this or lighting a marketing stunt. Neither of us would ever get on the 737 Max and we will warn every single person we know to look at the equipment. That they're flying on unique sure that they don't fly down a 737 math. He won't the first next flight with paying customer. Is set for December 29. For Miami to New York. And if you are booked on a Mac slight American Airlines says the moment you book your ticket you will get an alert. If you don't want to fly you can change or cancel the flight. Our thanks Jim Benitez for that report. An after your latest science and technology headlines here's Kenneth mountain. It's basic price apple facing a new lawsuit the European consumer group is bringing class action lawsuits accusing the company of slowing down older iphones. Through software updates. Apple paid 113 million dollars in a similar lawsuit in the US. The companies said in his state made it would never intentionally shorten the life of any apple product. And it is saying might take a little longer to want to take top video some users are now being allowed to upload videos up to three minutes long it seems to be a test run. For possible video time limit extension the current time limit is one minute. This could turn out to be the most expensive Pokemon card ever sold expected to fetch 500000. Dollars at auction. Doubling the current record is a rare card from 1999. Don't protect bikes party like gets up Pokemon and party in 1999. Dying here. Eight nobody like a Pokemon regarding gitmo and they give and that does it for this ABC news' live update I'm diet and Zeta thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see you back at 3 PM eastern with Terry Moran for the break them. We've set the stage for progress. Across a broad. Range of issues and while it is not there the United States and the Soviet Union. It is time in the future free Europeans or for any other people. Am convinced that a cooperative. US Soviet relationship can indeed make that future safer and brighter.

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