ABC News Live Update: Dangerous winter storms moving across country

Plus, the most bipartisan impeachment vote in American history, and breaking down reports of seven new variants of the coronavirus in the U.S.
30:56 | 02/15/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Dangerous winter storms moving across country
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks for streaming with us in today's update two winter storms are moving across the country right now snow and eyes are making the roads a mess sending big rigs. Out of control black ice and this car sliding down the street in Nashville this is a deep south is expected to get hit with some of its cold temperatures and decades. And the dangerous ice storm warning for the east in Jersey joins us with the latest timing and a also ahead the latest fallout after former president found was acquitted in his senate impeachment trial. In the most bipartisan presidential impeachment vote ever. The backlash this morning for the seven Republicans who broke ranks and voted to convict and what we're learning about Donald Trump's future. Could he face criminal charges. And the new concerns about for a virus which mutations if scientists find new strains. In the US the UK Varian also could not only be more contagious but also deadly or we have the latest on the desperate efforts to speed up. The vaccine rollout. And the new morning. From the CDC. We begin with that major storm to of them. Moving across the country bringing dangerous snow and ice to the roads also freezing temperatures coast to coast. Right now more than 2.3 million people are without power mostly in Texas is power lines are being weighed down. And take a look at this transformer igniting in Denton Texas ABC's Marcus Moore takes us through some of the damage. This morning millions waking up in the COLT. In El Paso. The highway littered with twisted big rigs. This terrifying video Texas you can see an issue be pulled over being assisted by police when a man starts running. And a second car comes rolling down an embankment slamming into that SUV the man barely escaping and time again Oklahoma. Snow covered roads making for messy commute. And the turner turnpike forced to shut down in both directions. After a fiery crash involving two semi trucks and two other vehicles. The fire sending a plume of black smoke into the air several people taken to the hospitalized. In Mississippi at least 518 wheelers were involved in this wreck. They could see up to five inches of snow and ice today and watched as this pickup pulls out of a driveway in Nashville and dingle sliding sideways down the street. The freezing rains weighing down power lines and igniting transformers in San Antonio as temperatures drop below freezing. Folks stay off the roads. So that we'll have caused a disaster on top of a disaster. Of course Texas cars unable to find traction this car sliding in and slamming into a curved. Car after car needing a toda get back on to steady ground officers out trying to help drivers navigate the dangerous elements. And watched this officer trying to push that issue be back on to secure ground and when that didn't work improvising using their patrol car instead. And I had I want you and handle streaming Willis right now to take a look at this look at all of that whites know they're covering the sidewalk. That's it's the same scene over here and the roadways are also packed. I mean this looks like a mid western city but we are in downtown Dallas right now world and throughout much of the morning the temperatures were in the single digits. And the wind chills dangerously low we're talking about a windchill. Of more than eleven degrees below. And the governor here declaring a disaster across the entire state and the other storyline here Diane is about the power the demand is so high. That the the energy provider here. Started rotating blackouts overnight to try to preserve the energy and as we look into the days ahead the temperatures are not expected to get above freezing again. Until later this week so this storm. Testing everyone who lives in this part of the country. And the infrastructure here in this region Diana. Marcus Moore in Dallas forest thank you. And millions are dealing the bone chilling temperatures this morning including our Alex Perez in Chicago where they dropped to single digits overnight. Alex good morning. Pitt and Diana well this is stubborn Arctic blast just will not loosening its grip on the midwest I want to pick a look behind me here in this. Field of snow that you're looking well it's actually not a field is noted that Lake Michigan that's frozen over in this area here blanketed. With this note that we've had several days of below freezing temperatures and because of that the ice just continues to build there were also. Of course seeing ice coated roadways across the region. And that is creating some big problems making driving for a lot of people a night there are some people are dealing with temperatures that feel like anywhere from thirty tip. Fifty below zero and of course. With those I'm not extreme cold also comes the extreme danger. Frostbite can begin to set on. Exposed skin in as little as of five minutes now to make matters worse the Diana there's more snow expected here in Chicago and other areas to gay and later this week not to give an idea just how work coping with this well we're not outside for very long I have. Several layers and three hats and I'm also working with battery operated heat heated gloves heated hat. He did socks and I'm still feeling the cold brigade inside as soon as we can Diane. Carried out so that you grow warm up thank you. And for more on where these storms are heading chief meteorologist changes he has the forecast forest injures a must for holding for a mild winter what's next. Seriously Lee Hammond on the sellout as file are not ready for a lot like psychologically. I had to share with you Diane we have one little rain shower come through here this morning. And it's some freezing at the surface look what we have already a sheet of ice on my stone walkway. And this is what we're concerned about with an ice storm warning here in the northeast parts of New Jersey Pennsylvania and just north of here in New York. Under that ice storm warning for up to four tenths of an inch advice that's the type that accumulates on power lines definitely could cause wrecks on roads so please be safe today. As this storm moves through those warnings globally down to Virginia because snow isn't it. He would rate on that pink which that's the mix right most of that freezing rain. And then by tomorrow morning it's warm here we're talking like forties tomorrow still a lot of people even if they get ice tonight. Will melts it now. That's not it we have almost every state in the union under some sort of winter alert you don't see this often especially on down to the Mexican border right along the Gulf of Mexico remember Houston and Dallas waking up this morning. Houston with the coldest air they've seen in more than thirty years their first two wind chill warning. They're gonna get another storm as we go through this week and that second storm is gonna blast through starting as snow here and then transition into rain so that's like a Thursday night into Friday. What's going to be left behind. I don't want to leave the Pacific northwest out because they are going to still see. Some significant snow and ice in already have I'm in Seattle had their snow earliest days since 1969. That was almost nine inches of snow over the weekend. And then that ice remembered Nashville Tennessee this is what I feel like what I walked out on the stone patio. All it takes is rain freezing on contact and you get that type ice that sliding that pickup truck or write down an unfortunately. As. Genome we just saw with Alex decides it's going anywhere at this cold. Stays bitter and now we know that more than almost three million customers are without power from Texas to West Virginia this morning. Remember when you are one below feels like in his sooner twelve below in Dallas seventeen below and Oklahoma City. Where likely by tomorrow morning he'll be seeing their coldest temperatures in 100 in sixteen years. This becomes beyond February and now are talking about making history Diane. Chief meteorologist ginger Z thank you. And some Republican senators are facing backlash this morning after voting to convict former president trump in his second impeachment trial over the weekend. Seven Republicans broke ranks with their part in the most bipartisan impeachment vote ever but the effort fell short of the two thirds majority needed for a conviction. Rational correspondent Rachel Scott has the latest. This morning a reckoning for Republicans after Donald Trump escaped conviction in the senate for a second time. The senate judges its responded to our own John trump former president estates. His not a goat is charity article of impeachment. Even though the final vote fell short of the two thirds majority needed to convict it was the most bipartisan presidential impeachment verdict in American history. With seven Republicans crossing the aisle to join Democrats. Declaring that trump is guilty of inciting the deadly insurrection at the capitol just over a month ago. Verdict delayed after ray chaotic last minute push for witnesses by house managers. This is. An additional critical piece of corroborating evidence. That evidence an account from representative Jamie her rare Butler who came afford with explosive details about a heated phone call between house Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and trop. The congresswoman says McCarthy told her he begged try to tell the writers to stay and down. Trump allegedly responded well Kevin I guess these people are more upset about the election than you war and after Republicans threatened to drag out the trial for weeks and -- president Joseph Biden's agenda. Both sides eventually agreed to conclude the trial without calling any witnesses senator Mitch McConnell was one of the 43 Republicans who voted to acquit but right after the verdict he torch trump on the senate floor. Saying he's undeniably guilty. No question Don. They're president trump is practically. And morally. Responsible. For provoking the ground. Amid. No question of. McConnell insists his hands were tied. Pulling back on claims that trying the former president is unconstitutional. If president crawl or still in office. I would have carefully considered whether the house managers proved. There are specific charge. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling it a pathetic excuse raging at Republicans who stood by trump and probably saw in that senate today. What that cowardly group of Republicans. Apparently have no option. A because they were afraid to defend their job respect the institution. In which they Ferrer. But the handful of Republicans who voted to convict trump. Are now under fire to the north Carolina Republican Party calling senator Richard birds vote shocking and disappointing and senator pat tuning. Also feeling the heat. Pennsylvania GOP calling his decision a disappointment Louisiana senator bill passed city now censured by his state GOP party. Offering a simple explanation for why he broke ranks. I voted to convict president trump. Because he is guilty. And the White House made a point to stay out of the impeachment process that president Joseph Biden did weigh in any quoted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell saying trump is morally responsible for the violence. Ask her some we know he is now plotting his next move but more legal trouble ahead including that criminal case out of Georgia looking into his attempts to overturn the election results there. We know so far he's denied any wrongdoing Diane. Rachel Scott at the capitol thank you. And new ABC news it sows poll shows that a majority of Americans 58% say that former president trump should have been convicted. But that breaks down along party lines up 88% of Democrats and 64% of independents say trump should have been convicted. Only 14% of Republicans agree. ABC news political director Rick Klein and law professor Deborah frosting join me now to help me break this down wrecked when you make of these poll numbers. And Diane the trial solidified the broad public perception that president trump should have been convicted and barred from running for office again 56% right before the trial 58%. At the end of the trial and I felt something just uncanny in these numbers 58% well guess what 57 out of 100 senators voted that way that's 57%. That it supported removal from office and among Republicans. Our poll found 14% Republican support for conviction. And seven out of fifty is exactly 14%. So the party is divided the country is divided these party lines have have a lot to do with them but you have to go back to the end days of Richard Nixon to find anything really been tracking this kind of support. For president to be convicted he didn't see anything similar in the Clinton impeachment and you didn't see anything similar. In that first trumpeted regionals Republicans almost all Republicans staying loyal that time around. And Debra and you think congress can use other means to try to hold trap accountable for the capital siege. So there are few things congress might do an is considering I'm wine which seems unlikely but is nonetheless available is invoking section three of the fourteenth amendment this is a provision of the constitution enacted following the civil war that clears anyone who has held federal office and then engages in in Iraq. And against the United States in eligible for holding future public office it would require majority votes and congress. But then it would be certain should be litigated in the court after that. I think on Capitol Hill the most likely next step is that creation of a commission akin to the 9/11 commission that would look into. What went wrong and how to prevent it from happening again. Well Rick and you expect from a political standpoint that. They could get something like that passed through congress if they weren't able to get an impeachment there. I'm an adolescent is an addition. Or that. Nine elevenths type commission I think there's broad support for I think though the fourteenth amendment or a censure resolution. I don't see it happening there has been some buzz around that Diane. I and the threshold this is different he only need sixty senate there's potentially to move forward on that and I would seem achievable but the Democrats that we've been talking the last couple days. Don't see the point they say that's not censure is essentially is a slap on the wrist type of the type of emotion in that this these. These mostly what what president trump did is more serious than that. Awesome to get that that kind of vote motivation to go back out again with a censure resolution or fourteenth amendment resolution I think something else in the dynamics have to change. And former president Johnson in a statement on the acquittal that he'll have much more to share in the months ahead so Rick what's next. For trump and what's next for the Republican Party. Yeah the most tangible upshot of his acquittal on this chart on the charges is that he's eligible to run again for president out there's going to be noise about that I don't anticipate it actually happening but I do anticipate him and people around and talking about it quite a bit. I am moving over the 20/20 four feels until or unless he rules it out or some other event makes it in practical or impossible in the meantime people around president can't say that he is fixated on the idea of political revenge he feels betrayed by Republicans who otherwise stood with him. I and he is he and his family members his political organization. Our intent on. Exacting some retribution against Republicans in primaries and I anyway that they can and I'm continuing to use trump isn't as a banner to rally around and I'll tell you a lot of Republicans on Capitol Hill are fearful of just that. They would much rather doubt notwithstanding his final vote they'd much rather the president from since they went away. And ever ultimately impeachment is a political punishment could we see the former president faced legal consequences. So the president is now facing at the prospect of legal action on a variety of fronts ambushed Georgia for example. Amongst H is now has a criminal investigation under way against the former President Bush or refused. Alleged engagement in election fraud or the end. The election bearish. And at the same time there are obviously massive investigations under way at the federal -- a and and over 200 people have already been charged in connection with their role in the insurrection age the president need be exposed to criminal liability support his ruling that it difficult to pursue and if actively succeed and federal criminal charges are variety of reasons including. The fact that the First Amendment which most legal scholars are not relevant -- the impeachment. Proceeding will certainly be relevant to charges that are based on the president's -- in and citing former Christians ruling inciting insurrection here and finally the president may also be facing the prospect of civil action individual lawsuits filed by age individuals and families and individuals who were hurt. Or even killed in the attacks in January 6 now those actions to face problem presidents are new are absolutely immune from civil liability or official act while in office winner or not discount package as an official act will be a question that the courts will have to decide which but neither rain to prison and is now looking very likely at a numbered years ahead words of litigation surrounding these activities. Then reclined ever crossing always great to have you both thank you. And more than 38 million Americans have now gotten at least one dose of the cove in nineteen vaccine for the nineteen cases and hospitalizations are also at their lowest levels in months. So isn't enough for states to start reopening safely to our ABC news medical expert has some answers when become back. Welcome back the pace of Coleman vaccinations is picking up across the country more than 38 million people have not received at least one dose in the US. This comes as new reports emerge about how the UK variant might. Be more contagious which we knew but also more deadly are Eva pilgrim has the latest. In the race to control the virus concerning new information multiple studies are now showing preliminary evidence. That the UK period is not only more contagious but deadlier. And here in the US a new study now identifying seven new strains of the virus originating here in the states. Those very it's also possibly more contagious. Case is across the country are down back to pre holiday levels. And from her. And states are now starting to ease restrictions. Iowa and Montana lifting their mask mandates. However the head of the CDC warning on Sunday now is not the time for people to let down their guard. We know where out of the way it is and as you know looked as if we relax these mitigation strategies with increasing transmissible Marion out there how we could be in a much more difficult spot. The best defense against those new very it's vaccinations. Which are picking up speed the US now averaging one point five million doses a day. I'm relieved amenities so the death penalty it's going to be great. This as the debate continues on how to safely reopen schools the CDC recommending strict masking social distancing pods for younger students. And cleaning the saying teacher vaccinations are not a prerequisite. To returning to the classroom. When you balance the benefit of getting the children back to school. But the fact that the risks of being mitigated if you follow the recommendations. In these new guidelines from the CDC. Hopefully I think debt will alleviate the concerns on both. Sides. How the officials also reminding people that even faster they'd been vaccinated they need to continue to follow the CDC guidelines Wear a mask. Social distance and wash your hands Diane. Even pilgrimage the Javits Center your New York thank you. An epidemiologist ABC news medical contributor doctor John Brownstein for more on this doctor Brownstein there's so much concern over the variance in the vaccine. Now we have this new study saying researchers found seven new variants of the virus in the US how worried should we be about that. It. Morning Diane right son's growing lineage is this you kronor virus right across this country wish you all he didn't teach an exact seems our energy needs this is a gene that influences. How the hearts and Jesus our salute to clear evolutionary benefit and it's interesting because these are all different experience for all served converge in cash. Towards the same pollution. There are a lot of open questions for don't know fully and this is more transmissible or related holiday travel we just how much do you because no one sequence of 01%. The virus is that we're collecting and so we just don't know much fun when you look at the UK periods more transmissible refining needing more depth reach. It doubling every ten days you're in the US that's concerning when you add in Italy and other necessary it is concerned wow the same kind states are starting to relax or guidance. That's a concern received announcement he's getting removed endured are increasing. We just can't quite go back to normalcy with these variants increasing real want to look like the UK Israel Ireland virtually all experienced these these parents and and that the implications of how. How does much virus transmission in the community. And the US reached two million vaccines per day over the weekend what do you think about that numbers enough for a do we need to be moving faster still. I mean you well ahead. The target of four point five million data aren't magicians accessories and also push diminishing more doses over 70% and are getting up there that's well we're we were couple weeks ago still lots of improvements to remove some of the vaccines that were used for that long term care facilities into the community needs we're seeing a need immunity increasing numbers of inoculations and turns up dead or use is pretty community centers also Latinos now getting involved so there's additional issues are. Additional capacity coming in I don't see these Muni vaccination centers are going to be chief mobile clinics not pharmacies. And this is all say that the vaccine still work against these hearings right and seeing increasing leading impact. Vaccination is you're already are seeing a decrease in 94% excuses because the vaccine is rolled out so well we'd love to see that happening in the US. This is well New Hampshire will Endesa this weekend was the first and CVS and Walgreens were administering vaccines I know you actually worked with Walgreen on their pandemic response so how do you think the pharmacy roll out. Is going so far and how do you expected to evolve. Also reports that it's very slow because they're really only targeted 6500. Regional pharmacies should this really isn't new scenes of the ten. Fish right that it drugstores and grocery chains they're already getting about a million doses that we start that would increase cash and pharmacies are big point of how to deliver in this country is so you ability to. With the firm sees are these are due date delivery flu shots and arranged by relaxing sleep know how to do this and you know that about 80% of Americans live within five to ten miles pharmacies sell in terms of access this may be different now a decision that we still have important vaccine deserts in this country so. This won't be for everyone and especially when you look at. Our needs are concerned by independent pharmacies do you mean how vaccine right away so still some challenges in gaps but of course these firms suitable places him. Weren't role. Now on Friday. The CDC released its long awaited guidelines on reopening schools now critics say there's too much focus on distance and cleaning surfaces and not enough. On ventilation and and they say that this essentially will prevent schools from being able to go back full time what do you make of the guidance. It's a real challenge to me it's easy had to circle down the middle of the road and you don't know when it's how to get the edited age I'm. I'm what is good about you aren't as its aren't you really measure teenager and approach to getting school open there's a focus on masking fiscal distancing. We call hardly getting kids in small groups together and and washing yes not enough and graduation it was mentioned. Clearly wasn't focused only did he mentions contact tracing and testing are releasing those kinds of recommendations coming in few of the prettiest color coded chart nastiest aren't transmission in the community but also how well schools in do you it's also clear and imports of teachers here are needed but not making critical also slows could reopen without teachers are being vaccinated so that's one appointed debates couple other areas of debate of course that there six years dissidents to harness studies have shown at three if you are. She could works and its other issue community based transmission. We know that schools. Do your job even when there's large transmission in the community but right now based on the guidance he got there over 90% of these could how schools open. Right now beast on the matter of arts and how. She just to get vaccinated if we're gonna get through this and open up parcels. Attacks John Brownstein great to hear from you thank you. And after a fiery wreck at last year's Daytona 500 there was more drama at this year's race including a sixteen car pileup a six hour delay. And a surprise first time winner we have the latest on the finish that almost didn't happen. Plus a host of the bachelor Chris Harrison is stepping down after being criticized for racially insensitive comments. When we come back where they hit show goes from here to stay with us. Welcome back bachelor host Chris Harrison is stepping aside from the popular franchise for the time being after defending past racist actions of the current season's front runner. This is we're hearing from former bash the red Rachel Lindsey for the first time since Harrison's announcement TJ Holmes has the story. The web longtime bachelor host Chris Harrison felt most shocking finale. In bachelor history as you'll Astros tonight is stepping aside there's not going to be a cocktail party tonight. For now and says he's deeply remorseful after strong criticism for defending one of this season's front runners Rachel car canal and party like completely falling in love with him. Kirk and overcame the center of controversy after pictures of her attending up plantation seemed to. College party three years ago surfaced also coming to light she's shared Q and on conspiracy theories and like a photo with a confederate flag Harrison who has been the host of the ratings juggernaut since its debut season in 2002. Angered many by coming to occur canals defends during an interview last week with Rachel Lindsey the show's first black bachelorette. Will Rachel isn't going to look into cedar is not a good looking when he when he won. Addictive and that's where consists she celebrate all south to sell it by outlets that party. What would I met at that party my guests these girls got dressed up and went to a party had a great time Neary senior salt. Now does it make it okay I don't know Rachel you tell me but we're is this winds were holding up it was that it is available at Marino would encourage. When he eighteen on Saturday Harris and issued a second apology and announced he's stepping aside for a period of time writing. By excusing historical racism I defended it I am ashamed over how un informed I was I was so wrong. The former bachelorette speaking out overnight the GMA. I'm happy that Chris is taking the steps that he needs to take to realize the gravity of the situation. At hand I think that. This is the right move it was never my intention to see someone have to step aside from a position that they've held for eighteen years. But as I was sitting there in that moment it was my intention. To say that this is an interview that needs to be seen. Kirk and L is also asking for forgiveness writing I was ignorant but my ignorance was racist. Now current and former Leeds is standing by Lindsay like mad Jane's the current and first black bachelor and teach Adams the second black bachelorette. I just can't afford just because it wins an ongoing conversation that was just build with so much defense. Dozens of cast members from the most recent bachelor and bachelorette seasons including 25 women from the current season. Issued a joint statement writing just because she's speaking aloud -- doesn't mean she is alone. I actually really moved to tears by it was unexpected you're saying people saying well I don't want to be apart of that if this is what it's going to continue to be. Stein and Chris Harrison is going to be stepping aside as he said but we don't know how long what exactly that means you will see him the rest of this season of the bachelor of course because they take these. So much earlier settles already in the can but he is not going to be a part of that. Final rose episode at live episode it always do after the finale he is going to step aside from that at least. As what we know Diane. TJ Holmes thank you. And a few more things to know before you go to duke and duchess of stock six have announced a new addition to their family. Meg in an Harry released a statement yesterday featuring a photo of the couple sitting under a tree smiling while holding. Megan's baby bump. A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace on the ABC news that the royal family are all delighted. And wish them well. And the Daytona 500 looking more like a demolition derby yesterday driver Michael McDowell had to dodge a fiery wreck on his last lap to come away with. His first win. Another crash came after a massive six teen car pile up shortly after the race started. After rain delay of nearly six hours the race finally ended just after midnight club and all of these cars sliding around the track. Thankfully believe it or not no injuries were reported from either crashed. Big congratulations to make doubt that everyone. And archaeologists have discovered what could be the world's oldest brewery. The team found what they believed to be high production here factory dating back to 3000. BC in ancient Egypt. According to Egypt aimed antics ministry. British archaeologist originally uncovered the glory in the early twentieth century but its importance was overlooked. Factory was apparently able to produce over 22000. Leaders of Beers I'd attack. Cheers to that. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana say no thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis we'll see you right back here 11 AM eastern. Picking up. They Stacy.

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