ABC News Live Update: Major winter storm moving in from West Coast

Plus, ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton on receiving her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and the reimagining of the holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol.”
14:47 | 12/21/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Major winter storm moving in from West Coast
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for streaming with us in today's update a winter storm is coming just in time for Christmas travel. The storm is hitting the West Coast today were Oregon has already seen landslides shutting down the Columbia River highway. Now an avalanche warning has been issued from Oregon to Montana where some areas could see up to thirty inches of snow. By Wednesday the Great Lakes could see major storms storms heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected from the Ohio valley to the Gulf Coast. After months of gridlock congress has reached a deal on comedy relief package as stimulus bill will provide one time 600 dollar checks to low income Americans and weekly 300 dollar tax. To those who are unemployed. The package also provides the paycheck protection program extends a federal eviction moratorium. And funds pulled in testing tracing and vaccine distribution. Overseas Lundin is back and lock down as the UK fights in new strain of the brunt of virus. Over the weekend train stations and airports in the UK were packed with people trying to get out before travel ban took effect now more than a dozen countries have been traveled to. And from the UK. And it's cases surge across the US Madeira vaccines are making their way to hospitals around the country. The vaccine received emergency authorization over the weekend. Now the CDC says Frontline workers and people over the age of seven before can be next to get vaccinated. And as millions prepare to travel prefer Christmas we're learning more about a passenger who died in a packed United Airlines flight. Now there are reports he may have had cove in nineteen symptoms transportation correspondent you Benitez has more. This morning new images obtained by TMZ from inside the plane during those tense moment passengers panicky and EMT telling us. They performed chest compression as. Trying to revive the man on that flight. The man aboard united flight 591 for more land due to Los Angeles. Died from a heart attack. But this passenger says she heard as whites say he recently had a Covert like symptoms. It was as it clean donors she was the first to get open to them that's when I had heard other people heard it adding symptoms like trouble breathing. And bought her taste it's not. We do not know with the man actually had the virus. Tony held up was one of the EMTs giving the man hands only CPR for and more now he feels sick. He tested negative after the flight but is awaiting results from a later test. On there every day. Around since then. No call will be a little the worse are ahead it'll be a little bit works. Crush dogs I feel is a guy like I get hit by train. The flight diverted making an emergency landing in New Orleans. I'm not seen as United's follow but I think they should test test and I would assume that that state tested this gentlemen they would have found out that he was. And he would have gone more. United telling ABC news at the time of the diversion we were informed he had suffered a cardiac arrest so passengers were given the option to take a later flight. Or continue on with their travel plants. But now that the CDC is investigating united says it is handing over passenger information to aid the investigation into possible exposures. In order to fly passengers must confirm that they haven't tested positive for Covert or have experienced cope would like symptoms. Sources say the passenger did fill out that form. And said no to both this as more than two million people were screened a TSA checkpoints on Friday and Saturday alone. Millions of others expected this week to even as the pandemic roars across America. And with an it is very important to note the CDC is urging Americans to celebrate the holidays at home just what the people who already live with. Diane. GO Benitez in Memphis. Thanks GM and let's bring in ABC news medical correspondent doctor Jennifer ashen now who just got her first dose. The Kobe vaccine this morning or some doctors at the hospital where she performs surgeries. Had already received did doctor Ashton was in the second group and she's joining us now live to share more about her experience. Doctor jedi didn't worry I see showing it off loud and proud Hattie feel. I feel great Diane. And boy it was an emotional morning for sure. As you mentioned IA received the vaccine at my hospital angle it held in Englewood New Jersey. Where I perform surgery I was in group two. So I had to weed through all the people in group one who were offered their spot I got the text email notification on Thursday nigh eight. Saying might turn was up I immediately jumped to register at times slide. And their vaccination process is going really smoothly they're starting group three. I believe tomorrow and dumb I just feel an incredible sense of gratitude to the people who. Worked to develop this vaccine who participated in the clinical trials and for all the people who have lost loved ones to Kobe nineteen this vaccine. Will hopefully eventually put an end to that. And one of the things I find really interesting is we've heard so much about allergic reactions and help people who have severe allergic reactions might not want to get the vaccine or should talk to their doctor. And you actually have had severe reactions. To food allergies so how did you make the decision to get this vaccine anyway. So I'm getting so many questions about this on my answer I'm Diane and greatly so there are a lot of people in this country who have allergies to foods or drugs. Number one let's talk about big picture view background risk of an allergic reaction a serious one following any immunization. Is stated at an estimated one point three cases per one million doses. What do we know about this vaccine while obviously is just starting to be administered so the CDC released numbers just yesterday saying out of 272000. Doses. They have six reports of severe alert allergic reactions. That breaks it down doing some simple maps to a risk so far. Of one in 45000. For me for you for the average person the risk of coded. Way higher than one at a 45000. So for me it was a very easy way to make the decision also. The American college the college of asthma allergy and immunology says. That even for people with serious allergies to foods or medications or drugs. They are at no higher risk than the general population to this particular vaccine if you know you're allergic to the ingredient polyethylene glycol. That you should not get this vaccine but otherwise I had my FB pens ready it was in a medically supervised. Area obviously in a hospital there were paramedics there for every one who were waiting their fifteen to thirty minutes. And I did consult my personal allergist you know even doctors have doctors who recommended that I take an over the counters or attack. About an hour before which I did but I was not worried I feel totally fine and for me that risk vs risk. No question which direction I was gonna ago. Very well explain and we should mention that it in major pharmacies people think all while that's in the hospital but when I get an a pharmacy. Even the pharmacist who regularly administer vaccines have experience on dealing with. Allergic reactions so Leno is it is worth noting that even the pharmacies are prepared to deal with this kind of thing. And that's correct they have a they have at the net for an auto inject yours which is it reminded to every one to be used as first line. For an allergic reaction but again. The risk is very low however people need to understand that as we start setting up upon this path to vaccine 8100000200. Million Americans. We are gonna see more reports of allergic reactions. The key is whether you can anticipate them. Appropriately deal with them in a medical sense. And again how high that is compared to eight background risk of severe allergic reaction and that is going to be tracked. Very very closely and it used a little bit emotional right after getting this vaccine how significant was it for you. To have that moment finally here. Can't Diana. Well you know that I'm a mom of two I'm the only parent my kids have and I didn't realize it until that Neil was in my arm. That this whole year while reporting on this story while taking care of my patients I had really suppressed my own fear. Of getting coded and potentially dying bid. I'm not worried about dying because if you're dead you're dead but I am worried about leaving my kids without a parent so. For me that that was what was going through my lines when I got this vaccine is that. Obviously I'll die of something else but I'm not gonna die of coded an ad. As a mom that was at. On this journey as well so many people have so many questions about this vaccine and like so many other things in this pandemic you have been at the forefront of answering those questions for all of us doctor Jan thank you. Thanks Diane. Much less to you. And holiday traditions will look a little different this year but fears across the country are proving that the show must go line by finding new ways to reform the holiday classic a Christmas Carol. Here's ABC's Reno Roy with more. I just Christiane hook up. How I feel good moment you hear that iconic phrase you know Christmas time must be here. But this year the 1938 classic film version of a Christmas Carol has a little 20/20 flavor hot bat. I'll be dreading Christmas Pratt and screw you be okay Abby Scrooge. This New Jersey families starring in their own virtual show based on the original claim by Charles dickens'. With Monty and yell daughter Chandler an aunt Sarah taking center stage its. Who screwed it isn't likely couldn't you need to my Christmas Bob. Using cue cards in prompts from this special Redd Foxx set by mail from their favorite local theater. In the Carter theater center in Princeton, New Jersey and it's wonderful. Despite some stumbles along the way look. It's not there. Miki Sarah to kick up their family's annual tradition in some pet usually they see the play in person for a generation. Act totally enjoys Christmas Carol. And last. Year's Kinney talk about it or this or any war especially during the time I was everything eastern county. The corona buyers we're not really but each other how many does fox that. Happy Christmas Carol to bring us all together you get something magical that can't replace the do many theaters are struggling during this holiday season. They're still creatively reinventing the time the story for families to enjoy coast to coast. Here is ready to have some side and the alliance here in Atlanta weekdays from massing at outdoor production. Laughs. The audience participating from their cars. So many things have been keeping us apart. We all needed here tonight to be together and share a story a Christmas Carol got a child kicking. Thermal full cast too will one man show Tony award winning actor Jefferson Mays playing all the character is an online streaming version. The blues and seating listen. Leaving green. Playing this hotel and I did talk about what it was like to go home you are you all mean when it. I was kept very busy I'd I don't leave the stage herb never ninety minutes kind of dropped some fresh. Green honey in its hands get stressed streams. Osama Collins. Particularly in these troubled fractious times it's useful to be reminded of the core value. Of this story. About a transformational power of kindness. I think that's that's the armed the condiment. Oh core message on this news. A portion of the proceeds will go to local theaters across the country. And the play is so popular during the holidays it breezing more than half the annual revenue for trinity repertory company in Providence, Rhode Island. This year they're doing it online for free hundreds of thousands of people signed up across all fifty states whites for free virtual sorry people. The lesson of this story it is one. Generosity. He just knew that we have to do something this year the concert its significance. That's when things are soaked it took. Weather online girl holding out the chimney. That's vacation hot topic Kevin then it's just time in the outdoors mayor Greg gum. Bring forth from your living room and tis the season to celebrate and come together. Even if that means through a computer screen is she's back some positive name he's. Just christening the spirited. The ME Merry Christmas. Pretty Slick Rick Chris. I gotta give you some snacks bank yeah. And if you're still hoping to catch one of the virtual play until they've got some good news you can't stream both online versions we mentioned through the new year. So there is still time to get into the Christmas spirit Diane. Frank great kids read all right thanks for that so cute. And that does it for this ABC news live update and I am Zeta thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. I'll see you back here at 3 PM eastern with Keira Phillips for the breakdown.

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{"duration":"14:47","description":"Plus, ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton on receiving her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and the reimagining of the holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74845778","title":"ABC News Live Update: Major winter storm moving in from West Coast","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-major-winter-storm-moving-74845778"}