ABC News Live Update: Massive winter storm moves towards East Coast

Plus, President Donald Trump is in Florida for the holidays, potentially leaving the COVID-19 relief bill in limbo, and the latest on Santa Claus’ travels and how he’s staying safe.
18:38 | 12/24/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Massive winter storm moves towards East Coast
Good morning I'm Diane Maceda thanks for streaming with us in today's update a massive winter storm is headed for the East Coast this morning. It's already blown through the midwest driving conditions there are so bad the Minnesota governor activated the National Guard. We're tracking the latest as millions of Americans hit the road for the holidays. President trump card in 26 more people overnight including his former campaign manager Paul Massport Jered closures father Charles. And longtime advisor Roger Stone the president is now in morrow a lot of for the holidays leaving the coded relief package in limbo. And it's Christmas season Santa is already on the move this morning will have the latest on his travels and how he's staying safe this holiday. We begin with the latest on the pandemic the CDC says nearly nine point five million vaccine doses have now been delivered in the US. And over one million doses. Administered meanwhile we hit another record with more than 1191000. Coal that patients currently in the hospital. ABC's KB hard time is in the hard hit state of California with more. This. This nightmare scolded nineteen ravages California overnight becoming the first state with two million cases hospitals NIC use pushed to capacity paramedics delivering an unprecedented number of critically ill patient. It's the last couple weeks and then some of the things we've never seen before over how to wait out in the parking lots. Just as there's no room. And here in Orange County officials say 5% of its firefighters are sidelined because of the virus first responders working through sleepless nights distilled or bully. Right now thank. All rules are out there when no because those calls are gonna keep coming they're not stop. Hospital staff said I don't have any more to give these nurses protesting. Saying airlines and their patients' lives are being put at risk after California legislators allow their hospitals to increase the nurse to patient ratio. So instead of giving has more nurses we've got more work. Patients are gonna die nice isn't gonna break. The Golden State far ahead of every other state with nearly 40000 new pieces in just the last 24 hours. Tennessee Texas and Florida trailing behind the national average now more than six times the record set me April the need to grow and struggle tons of long beats this nurse finally going home this week after week month Stanley coping and across the US more bright spots on the horizon. With more than one million people now Saxony in New York the F teen Weiss EMTs and paramedics. Becoming the first first responders to receive the vaccine. I haven't seen my grandmother and about a year. To have this now gives you some peace of mind I can go visit her. And doctors say at this rapid infection rate keeps up. In just two weeks hospitals like that one could be completely overwhelming doctors could have to ration care Caylee heart tongue in Los Angeles forest thanks candy. And yet another variant of cove in nineteen has been detected in the UK. This week station was originally identified earlier this month in South Africa now the key UK is shutting down travel from South Africa. Leaders of countries around the world are trying to stay ahead of this new highly transmissible variant. Maggie really joins us from London with the latest on that Maggie good morning it seems like the hits just keep on coming what do we know. About this new mutation. Well Danzig a point as a not the news anyone wanted the day before Christmas but this isn't new mutations of scientists caution that they're so a lot of more research that need to be done a lot of things need to learn about it but it's see this enough that officials here in the UK quickly. Came out calling it somebody were extremely concerned about us and is one we're talking about that happened yesterday at the very good believe that originated in South Africa they say they aren't again. At least two cases here in the U painting believed that it spreads more quickly that's what they're so worried about they think it could they even behind actor in my attic. Rising cases that we saw in South Africa as well so coming to death like you are Ryan deathly their concerned about a day and a decent hits keep coming to visit. The second new variant of the UK government has announced just this week earlier if you remember there was another very we believe it originated here in the UK that one. They also think is more contagious about two and one week a potentially more contagious strain that definitely has people on edge here in the city. Throughout the world countries scrambling to keep up closing their borders and did I do want to note that again people are still studying this right now it doesn't appear that these new strains are more deadly and also major vaccine makers like Pfizer in her Janice they want they're studying the variant the do not think it's going to change. The vaccines effectiveness so a little a little bit of good news for trying to hang on today. And we have a little more good news to lay in the UK with AstraZeneca has submitting its covad vaccine. For approval let's the timeline on that. I'm damn even waiting for this Monday just submitted for approval here in the UK. And if they going to submit for approval in the US in the new year as well so. Hopefully soon we'll have another vaccine in this fight and the real news about this one from. Oxford AstraZeneca Dan is that unlike find their into the Darren A doesn't mean that ultra cold storage so many people think this could be a game changer kill hundreds of millions of doses of the second of our -- -- around the brother hoping it's too remote a world developing nations as well over rural areas in the US so a lot of eyes on this vaccine again hopefully in the new year for everyone in the state deal. Have that approval coming through Sunday and I think were all desperate. Been waiting for Diane absolutely Maggie ruling in London we'll take that prisoners get thanks Maggie. And president trump is in mar a Lagos this morning after refusing to sign the 900 billion dollar bipartisan Covert relief bill. He calls from numerous changes to the bill including upping 600 dollar stimulus checks to 2000 dollars. A Democrats quickly agreed it's what they wanted originally anyway but Republicans are not on board. White House correspondent Rachel Scott joins me now with more racial where things stand right now. Well this relief for millions of Americans and essentially at this point on hold it is just hanging in limbo and we had. The house and the senate apple improved. That 900 billion dollar stimulus package. The jump administration promised that Americans would start seeing those 600 dollar checks as soon as next week. But then you have the president who took a step back from negotiations that went on for more than six months come board and say that he now wants those shacks to be 2000 dollars in so. Democrats are saying hey it's too late the president was passing should have made this suggestion earlier it something that they were certainly pushing but Republicans. Wanted to keep the overall price tag. On this bill down so so far the president has not sign this bill which means that aid is not yet getting. Two Americans a you know we've been following so many Americans who are suffering during this time. One woman in particular lease and a strategy is a hospice nurse she is out of work for medical conditions. She called that 600 dollar chat originally a slap in the face but she says. If there is any more delays she doesn't even know how she's going to be able sit paid her rent next month. And Rachel money for unemployment runs out on Saturday the government shuts down on Monday without a funding bill. And most of congress is already out of town and now the president is out of town too so what's the plan is there short term fix. Yet the president left for the holidays and he's there in Florida lawmakers have left Washington so what you're going to see today is. A Democrats in the house they're gonna try and pass this unanimous vote set up the amount of those stimulus checks but again. Republicans are not budging on as they do not want those shacks. To be 2000 dollars which is why that amount was 600 dollars until they are going to oppose that again. It all leaves this in levels there's just a lot of what ifs in this scenario and really what this does. For the American people is just put them on edge those Americans at a party been waiting now for months for congress acts. May have to wait just a little bit longer it's unclear whether or not the president is actually going to Vito in this bill or whether or not he's just posing this as simply after rat. But every single day that he does delay this is days now that relief is not getting to the American people and gays now that we are inching closer and closer to that government shut down. Because Republicans and Democrats want to put some pressure on congress here so they actually tied. This corona virus stimulus package to a government funding bill which is why you're seeing these two go hand in hand together you have relief. At stake for millions of people and then of course you have the nation on verge of a government shut down so much on the line here separately Rachel the president also issued another round of pardons they include Paul Mann a port and writer stone both convicted in the Mueller probe. As well as Jarrett pitcher's father how unusual. Is this. Yet today's 41. Pardons the president issued that second batch just yesterday and you said it on this list. Are some of the closest allies to the president you have Roger Stone you have Paul man a fort. These are two men who were convicted after the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election up. You know you have manna for who who was the chairman of the presidents can't teens someone that even Republicans like Lindsey Graham had previously said. Pardoning him would be a bridge too far the president had already commuted the sentence of Roger Stone now issuing a helpful carted. And then of course you had Charles Kushner who is the father of the president's on a lot Jared. He spent some time behind bars for witnessed patent tampering he's now receiving that full part in. Let Democrats here are blasting this move they say that the president is putting loyalty over rule of law. We haven't heard from very many Republicans criticizing this we just heard of from one senator Ben sacs saying this is rot and so though core but. Even in all of this the president issuing visas these rounds of partisans he's also I've been throwing an op pending legislation you have the corona virus relief package that we discuss. We also have the defense bill and the president. A V tilt that just yesterday that is something that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say is absolutely vital for the military so. If they want to override the president. They're gonna have to come back to Washington to vote to do that we could see that happen before the end of the new here and that would be the first. For the drug administration congress and their work cut out for them that's for sure. Yes thank you and Merry Christmas Rachel makers as banks think you. And we're getting some new details now on the deadly police shooting of an unarmed man in Columbus, Ohio the city has released new body camp footage of the incident. And it raises new questions about what happened in the death of 47 year old Andrei hill Marcus Moore has that story for us mark S. Picture yeah. Or this morning outrage in Columbus, Ohio after an unarmed black man was shot and killed by police. In this body camera video 47 year old Andre hill can be seen approaching an officer who was responding to one nonemergency call. At 1:37 in the morning. But the greatest degree of critical application keep it up and running and then turn up for awhile. Hill had committed no crime and was not trespassing on the property. Police say hill was visiting someone at the home he can be seen here holding a cell phone in his left hand. His right hand was not visible. But at this point officer Adam Cole a nineteen year veteran draws his weapon and fires. Coley has been relieved of duty in part because he did not have his body camera turned on. The camera automatically record one minute of video prior to being activated but does not record sound. Shortly after hill falls to the ground the officer turns on his body camera. An audio can be heard can't decide. Officials say neither officer court nor any other responding officers attempted to provide first state themselves. Leaving hill to lie on the ground until help arrives. It's this see him lying. In the driveway. Minute after minute after minute after minute I'd never seen body worn cameras put his life that. For that reason and because his body count was not turned on the mayor says he recommended Coley be fired literally no attempts. To revive an aide this man. Who had committed no crime. Is a stunning disregard. For life and in this case black life that is unacceptable. This shooting coming just as Casey Goodson junior was laid to arrest. Goods and another black man who was shot and killed in Columbus just weeks ago by a Franklin county sheriff's deputy. That incident sparking more protests in a year where police use of deadly force against black Americans. Has come under scrutiny across the country. Enough is enough this community. Is exhausted. Yeah African American community. Is fearful. Concerned. Outraged. Good exhaust. And officer coy has been placed on administrative leave the investigation. Is ongoing markets more thanks for that. And a monster Christmas storm is on the move across the US it's already wreaking Havoc on the roads in the upper midwest. Rob Marciano is tracking the latest for us from Westport Connecticut rob. This storm is only gotten stronger and expands its trekked across the country and the blizzard in the midwest is no jokes take a look at some of his video. Coming to a set out of Minnesota this is I 94 north west of Minneapolis shut down because this massive pileup here. That's Minnesota where winds gusted over sixty miles an hour we are Nebraska winds gusted over seventy miles an hour in the semis they are -- least at a had to pull over and camp out. That's Nebraska and look at South Dakota and North Dakota Dakotas just got cross would this blizzard 67 mile per hour. That drive into that that is impossible like the blizzard goes away but the wind does not we have tornado watches for the Gulf Coast this morning. That tornado threat gets into the Carolinas later on this afternoon and this storm really winds up that's why pushes through the I 95 quarter from DC all the way up to Boston. Right around midnight tonight and we're gonna see winds gusting 6070. Miles per hour in some of these big cities that means treating him come now to receive. A widespread likely power outages. Come Christmas Morrissey get a want to plan for that if you live in a storm zone that the potential for the lights going out. Tonight and into tomorrow morning obviously difficult if not dangerous travel for folks on the ground and and I Santa's gonna have its hands full tonight as well. Parent rob thanks for back it's no. And the storm comes just as millions of Americans are hitting the road for the holidays Trevor halt has everything you need to know before packing up the cost. Well good morning Diane for the inclement weather in the pandemic are definitely expected to have an impact on holiday travel AAA says it's likely going to be down about 25%. But that would still mean as many as 81 million Americans out there on the road for the holidays and four in ten say they're gone far enough across state lines. It's enough avenue packed everywhere but some regions are gonna have a little bit worse than others the Rocky Mountains had the highest percentage of people who say they're going to be traveling. 40%. Of the southwest the southeast of the Pacific are not far behind. The midwest is only about 31%. In the northeast had the smallest percentage at 27% of people were traveling through the holidays. Now when you're gonna hit your peak congestion will depend double the time of day and actually the specific date. Atlanta Boston and Houston are all expecting it at their peak congestion around. 5 o'clock or 430 Saturday after noon the day after Christmas. Washington DC isn't expecting it bears until Monday morning at about 1130. And in Los Angeles in New York will be in the two days that follow late in the afternoon early evening. The 29 and the thirtieth but really and all of the larger urban areas across the country if those peak times you could see traffic. Three times the usual wait times that you would see. So there's only going to be there's going to be 27 million fewer Americans out there on the road this year's that you might be able to cruise through. A little bit faster than you had in years past day and it is a good reminder especially with all of these travel advisories that if he had out you get stuck in traffic. You are not in traffic. You are traffic. Diane. Not in traffic you are traffic I like that one Trevor all thank you. And a few things to know before you go today is Christmas Eve but it is also doctor Anthony about Jesus eightieth birthday. In his honor Washington DC mayor Maria browser has declared it doctor Anthony S bounty day in DC. She treated it we are incredibly proud to count doctor pat him on the many DC residents who are sacrificing so much. Did he keep our communities safe and healthy we here at ABC news live or wishing to actor patchy in very happy birthday. And teachers at Aston elementary school in Pennsylvania treat other students to eight holiday surprise. They drove through the streets with their cars all of that doubt creating a holiday parade complete with a cameo from Santa himself. And a mustang the last. Teachers said they wanted to show the students just how much they care about them. But Santa is already at a mustang and back in his slay the NORAD Santa tracker is. Up and running following Santa's route through Christmas Eve. Each year roughly nine million people tuned in to watch Santa from 200 different countries. And remember doctor about you vaccinated Santa earlier this week to make sure that he's ready for the big night but Santa is still urging everyone to keep social distancing. And wearing a mask. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis we'll see you back here at 11 AM Easter Aaron. And a Merry Christmas to you.

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{"duration":"18:38","description":"Plus, President Donald Trump is in Florida for the holidays, potentially leaving the COVID-19 relief bill in limbo, and the latest on Santa Claus’ travels and how he’s staying safe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74900005","title":"ABC News Live Update: Massive winter storm moves towards East Coast","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-massive-winter-storm-moves-74900005"}