ABC News Live Update: Pharmacies to receive 1 million COVID vaccines

Plus, former NFL players accuse the league of using race to determine compensation for head injuries, and Jeff Bezos will step down as Amazon CEO.
34:05 | 02/03/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Pharmacies to receive 1 million COVID vaccines
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update one million additional called it vaccine to go directly to pharmacies starting next week. In hopes of getting ahead of new highly contagious variants. Vaccine centers reopen today in several states after shutting down because of the snowstorm. So how fast does this country need to vaccinated to keep those new variant today after anti found she weighs in. Plus shocking allegations of pro football former NFL players are accusing the league of using two different systems to determine payment for head injury claims. One system for white players and another for black players we have the details of its exclusive ABC news investigation. And Jeff pesos a stepping down as CEO of Amazon. Bassist found at Amazon back in 1994 and from the one time online bookstore into a retail giant worth over a trillion dollars. We'll take a look at his legacy and what he's planning next. But we begin with a big push from the White House to get vaccines to pharmacies as quickly as possible as new parents of corona virus take hold. So far more than 52 million doses have been distributed in more than 26 million people have received at least their first dose. If the pilgrim has the latest on the efforts to ramp up the roll out. This morning and urgent warning from experts saying the next six weeks are critical to stop the spread of those highly contagious variants. I'm not an alarmist. But this isn't scared as it is since the beginning at. The White House racing to rampant vaccinations before the cove at variance take coal. Announced plans to ship one million doses of vaccine to 6500. Pharmacies starting next week. Due to the current supply constraints this will be limited when it begins making sure that we are looking pharmacies not first fees are located in areas that are hard to reach. To ensure we have equitable distribution. The vaccine rollout gaining speed but this morning less than 8% of Americans have gotten the vaccine. In Texas. Thousands are overdue for their second doses some people just aren't showing up for them slowing down vaccinations statewide just logistically. Hard because they either have to you're trying to ride or it's dated may not work for them. As Super Bowl week in a loose fiercely game could become a super spreader of that. CDC issuing guidelines for the big game warning against attending large gatherings urging people to watch at home with your own household. The mayors for Tampa in Kansas City even issuing a joint PSA to address in person celebrations. Encourage everyone to celebrate in small groups. Instead a squeeze it into a crowded car order takeout from your favorite local restaurant and of course don't forget to mask. And then we're here at the Javits Center where you can already see this line forming here behind me they're hoping to get about 2200 people through here today. That's actually up being their number for trying to get in all those cancellations. Due to the weather I had. Tinier so important even pilgrim at the Javits Center in New York thanks Eva. An earlier today got fancy thought you spoke with Good Morning America about those timing concerns and concerns over the new variants. Why is this. Period so dangerous. Well a couple things going on George you know one of the things we still have a considerable number of cases even though. They've kind of peaked at a turning around and coming back down in the sense that the dynamics of the outbreak. We still have this issue I believe what she's referring to is in the variants that are around. In other words if you look at what's going on in South Africa and we have now. The variance at least two states. And three of them which is. South African Varian which seems to be able to elude certainly the monoclonal antibodies. And to some extent the anybody's that are induced. By the vaccine was still in the reasonably good zone. In the sense of getting some protection that you can extrapolate. When you look at the effect of other vaccines. On these variants but whenever you have the evolution of mutants you always have to keep an eye on them because they can get to the point. Word may elude the mechanisms that you are trying to suppress it such as we've vaccines. And that person. Prior to getting as many people these first vaccines as properly apostles leading many to say we should be good delaying giving second doses. Push to get as many people as possible that first dose. Is that what you recommend. You know you're not necessarily I think if we have which it looks like as we getting through February into march. We're gonna get a much of a steady supply or cave in some vaccine coming in certainly don't want vaccines sitting around their refrigerator. Going to freeze if they're ready to go you want to give them to people. But if you balance it well enjoyed you can get as many people in their first doses. And then when the next shipment comes and take care of the people that are about due for this second and then give more to the first. So I think you can accelerated without necessarily. Dramatically. Delaying the second dose I mean if you miss it by a few days to a week good to I don't think that's a big problem is the CDC says. But I'd be concerned about delaying it for three months or so what do you make of that data though on the AstraZeneca vaccine that delaying the second dose a bit. Maybe even more effective Viet with that's a different vaccine. They enjoyed you gotta be careful because you're dealing with a different vaccine platforms. That data that we have. For the vaccine that we a giving out right now from Modena. And buys the daily we have a solid for 21 days with Pfizer for the second goes. And 28 days we know just for immunology in general. That a little flexibility on either end of that is not going to be a big deal. However if you delay it longer you don't know. Whether or not of the efficacy is going to be maintained over a period of time and you don't know how low it's gonna go. Thanks to doctor patchy and George for that in your view. And a blizzard warning is in effect is to new storms move across the country this is the northeast digs out from that massive nor'easter chief meteorologist ginger zee. Is tracking it all forest ginger what can we expect you re just not even bother shoveling at this point. Yet you know what the first one here is gonna actually be greens so that'll take care of some of the snow but we have so much I'm telling you. New Jersey mount Arlington and a had a report of 35 point one inches if that bear five and is the biggest in state history so it's not just historic but all time historic. I am knee deep here so I am thinking in the I don't want it. That next storm which looks like Sunday and it's looking less and less impressive which is great news also taking Allentown Pennsylvania. Where they had 27 point three inches their second biggest snowstorm. On record the Lehigh Valley taken it up this you know. They've got a shovel team go in there. And then slowly gets all the headlines but don't forget we it's a major coastal flooding that's been situated in wind gusts over semi miles per hour taking over. Allow those homes they're kind of used to that but this is a powerful nor'easter and many ends this the next storm in Idaho that was a tractor trailer hitting a state trooper as they were sitting there on the road because of the icy roads. And that's that neck fund that sliding across and yes has people in the blizzard warnings. So that new storm that has moved. And an another one because it's such an active pattern but does winter alerts all the way from Washington organ through California. It's island though that has the blizzard warnings if for a lot of stuff that's already on the ground I hands that's good me blowing around it would just a couple extra inches and and see how it's green on the bottom their from New Jersey through Connecticut that would be rain Friday but. Morse now behind that comes through. And so even if Chicago starts his brain you move to snow then you've got another little system. One thing I can promise every one. Likely the coldest air of the season we say that we keep pushing and keep pushing it some places like Chicago cedar coldest air in two years because they will be sub zero real tents by Sunday morning and the feels laced. Could be somewhere around 35 to forty below so this is extreme and this is will we crossover and to know it's just winter in an aisle that's dangerous when you're. Those for a long time Diana. An engineering at snow plus rain and then cold air that sounds like icy roads to me. That's that's health physics clerics ahead of its that's exactly out that it can't go to. And the FBI is investigating a deadly raid that left two agents dead and others injured. Agents say a suspect opened fire while they were trying to execute a search warrant. Victor komando is in Sunrise, Florida with the latest. This morning the FBI is conducting an internal investigation. Following one of the deadliest days in the agency's history. Not fire solve all the will be moving out. Special agents dale helping and Laura Schwartz and burger killed in the line of duty Tuesday morning while executing a search warrant and Sunrise, Florida. The forty seat Gruber be agents knocked on the door of a suspect as part of a child pornography investigation and when there was no answer reached the door. Immediately coming under rifle fire. Three other regents were also injured at the scene swat teams rushing in an armored vehicle crashing through those. So words are under development and even a world away. Are sure actors. And. This man says he was woken by the sound of gunfire. At least twenty round continuous bam bam bam bam bam now agents in morning Schwartz and Berger a mother of two had been with the FBI for sixteen years. Often teaching classes in cyber safety to children. Health and had been with the bureau for twelve years and leaves behind a wife and child. There are valuable members of the FBI. And will forever be heroes one of the deceased agents ordered with a solemn procession officials saluting the flag draped Gurney. And officials of not release the suspect's identity but say that he died they self inflicted gunshot wound. Still a lot of questions here Diane. Victor candor and Sunrise, Florida at thanks Victor. And house impeachment managers in the new trump legal team have filed dueling briefs with just six days until the former president's impeachment trial begins. House prosecutors concluded that trump was quote singularly responsible for the January 6 siege of the capital. Meanwhile Trump's lawyers are denying that claim and arguing that it's unconstitutional. To try a former president. Chief Washington correspondent Jon Karl has the latest John good morning. Good morning Diane. House managers intend to use the impeachment trial to make the case that Donald Trump. Was singularly responsible. For the horror the transpired on January 6 they will try to make an emotionally powerful case that uses videos of the horror that transpired on that day. Including clips that show the writers believe that they were there'll be some of them believe they were there specifically at the behest of Donald Trump. The house manager full focused not. Solely on the president's words in the speech he gave before the riot. But his words and his actions in the days in the weeks leading up to it suggesting a staying saying outright that the election was stolen from him. And that the steel must be stopped. That's the case of the house managers will make the former president's defense team which is only been working for him for a few days now has submitted their brief. Saying that they will focus primarily on the constitutional argument. They will say they ate impeachment trial is meant to remove a sitting president. And that having an impeachment trial for a former president is simply not constitutional. Although in their brief that they have submitted to the senate. That be a former president's legal team. Does leave open the possibility that they will argue that the president at least had reason to believe that the claims he was making the false claims he was making. That the election had been stolen from him. All were actually true so you really see them leaving open the possibility they will use that impeachment trial as a forum. For all those discredited claims. Of election fraud the challenge for them for the president for the former president's legal team is if they do that they may end up losing support. Among Republican senators many Republican senators have made it clear that they don't think this trial is constitutional but they also. Do not believe the president's claims of outright voter fraud and they do not want to defend his actions on January 6. Diane. All right Jonathan Karl in Washington thank you. And here's or watching in Washington today at 11 AM eastern doctor about Jenna come in nineteen response team are set to hold a virtual briefing on the latest efforts to contain run a virus. At 1:30 PM eastern white house Press Secretary Jen sat people pulled her daily press briefing. And at 4:30 PM eastern First Lady Joseph Biden is set to release to virtually rather meet with spouses of senior Defense Department officials. And the administration's support for military. And former NFL players are accusing the league of trying to avoid payment for head injury claims by using two different systems. One for black players and another for white players. We come back we'll hear from one of those players in what the NFL is saying this morning. Welcome back and out of that investigation to a lawsuit claiming the NFL uses race as a factor in determining which former players are compensated for head injuries. Brian Smith has the. Former defensive lineman T even Henry played eight seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now if he says he's battling memory loss headaches depression and doubts of anger. All symptoms of what he suspects are the long term effects of the head injuries he sustained on the field. Football doesn't give you an expiration date you just expire up at ten concussions are more have at least seventeen surgeries. Seventy. And our own pumps do you begin in 2017. A neurologist determined that Henry was suffering from a cognitive decline consisted with mild dementia. So Henry submitted a claim to the landmark 2013. NFL concussion settlement program. Which paid eligible former players suffering from the effects of head injuries. What was the result of the claiming thought I was dinar. And we are still to function in our daily lives who ignore human beings in its rejection of Henry's claimed. The claims administrator questioned whether his performance on the tests was valid and asserted that the doctor used inappropriate norms. Two years later. Henry Nguyen in for another evaluation with a neural psychologist. Now this clinicians use an NFL recommended formula. The took into account age gender education. And race and concluded that Henry did not qualify for compensation. How did you react when you learn. That there was a different standard being used. For black players to get benefits as compared to white players. Arthur O sole retreat and I still feel there were two different systems. How can how can that be okay. Why should it be okay. It's a controversial practice commonly known as recent warming in medicine. It's supposed to help doctors make better diagnoses. By using race to make assumptions about a patient's background but critics say is not an accurate tool and has no place in the settlement program. Well the effective use thing this race norm for the NFL is that it drastically limits the amount of damages they're gonna have to pay out. And it's almost the classic definition of racial discrimination and using race as a base as of denying. Benefits. To a disadvantage. Or subordinated group because of race. And now in a lawsuit Henry and another former player are accusing the NFL of avoiding paying head injury claims. Based on a formula that requires re storming. They say the practice is discriminatory. Because it assumes black players started a lower cognitive level than white players. And that makes it harder for black former players to qualify for compensation. I just wanna be looked at the same way as a white guy we went out together we play hard together it was no I don't collecting. We've all together we want to give them. Whenever a clinician under a psychologist. Tries to use something other then whacked norm for black players white norms for white players. The NFL has consistently attacked those clinicians because they haven't used those black norms for black players. Explosive emails exclusively obtained by ABC news. Appear to show multiple clinicians agreeing with that assessment several neural psychologist who work with the NFL. Privately discussing the lawsuit saying they feel. That factoring for race was all but required under the program one saying if they didn't use the racial norms there would be multiple inquiries levied at them. Another saying they are required reliance on racial norms. Bottom line. Do discriminate against black players. In a statement to ABC news the NFL calls the lawsuit entirely misguided. The league says that the race norm in part of what they call demographic correction is recommended but not required. And the concussion summit was. Agreed to by all parties. With the assistance of expert neuro psychological clinicians and it relies on widely accepted and long established testing in scoring methods. When you hear the NFL say we stand against social injustice. We stand against racism. The black lives matter. What do you think. Liars. Do a Reuters news is sounds great don't let. We stand with you. Boy ourselves do. And for more on this investigation Ryan Smith is with us live now along with ABC news contributor. LC granderson and good morning to you both Ryan and like to start with you in the NFL refuses to release demographic information on who has gotten settlements. What do the players that you spoken to say those demographics might tell us. Oh well that's key here is a problem is they don't know him when you consider this I am 70% of the NFL. NFL players are black so for them it's been about. 3000 claims makes the NFL for settlement money about 12100 and clean it paid out to play a former players and their family. For about 800 million in compensation offers them. The EC that information because let's say that information shows that. Far more white players are a greater number of white players receive compensation and black players for exam that would show. That the recent warming application. Is essentially making it harder for them to get payouts in some cases leading to the back and they don't get payouts that they feel they should receive. Ryan what do doctors saying about this formula that they were supposed to follow how did this race Norman work exactly. At the way it works is it's essentially supposed to shed more light on the person analyzing so you do an analysis of the player. And you essentially applied things like education aged. And raced. To get a better picture of what their common decliners Dennis but here's the thing that these doctors are saying and these players are saying. They're saying that the way this formula works it assumes that black players start at a lower cognitive level and beginning of their careers. That makes it harder for them to prove. That they had a greater than they had a cognitive decline essentially have to prove they had a greater cognitive decline. Than white players under the formula. And that they say is discriminatory so we talked to doctors who said look I analyze this player and he was at this level that we're required to play out but what I final race storms. He doesn't require payout and it's important to note here Diane. You're talking about players that in many cases don't have a lot of money they can't support themselves they can't pay all these medical bills so for them in many cases. This is it this is out there naked in America in many ways inspect their sir. Arm and LZU covered sports in the NFL before how does this phenomenon you think fit with other labor and race issues. That you've reported on over the years. I need it definitely shows the difference between. Let's say the part. Partnership that you see between ownership and players on the NBA. And hostility. That players how could ownership in the NFL and to some degree Major League Baseball as well but not exactly the same thing but we're looking at right now this particular story but anytime you have believed to have views its players. As assets as opposed to partners in the success of that we you're gonna. Stories like this. And Brian it sounds like. There's some disagreement between the doctors in the NFL as to whether this kind of race storming was actually required what did you find in your investigation. Diane I'm glad you pointed that out what we found these emails that we mentioned in the piece these emails that show that doctors were having private conversations about applying these norms. And some were saying look we don't apply these norms. We noticed that the NFL starts it looked at as little more closely they they they sort of follow our judgments a little more closely others have said that they felt it was required others have said that it discriminates against black players and Summitt said. Net in many ways they could have done a better job advocating for black players so the confusion here is there's the NFL is saying that they're not requiring these norms but. Win claims administrator denies. Or or says a player gets compensation. The NFL has been appealing so these players are saying look at require the norms and you're appealing on the basis you didn't require these norms. Which one is it doesn't add up because if it was optional you wouldn't be appealing on that basis that's what's confusing for them. An LC this case focuses on the NFL but do you think this could it. Raise new questions about race storming in medicine and general. I think you know first you know two lines point to you really need to look at the history. Of this settlement. Nokia going back to mid ninety's and the previous commissioner home when a committee was formed to begin studying the impact the game had on the human brain. They have signed a rheumatologist. And charged. All of that committee not a neuro sciences. It's so they are already began dating you know they never wanted to give this money to be supportive to begin with and we were dividend mansion back in the ninety's all over the course and numerous years NFL officials denied there was a linkage between this game. And brain injury. So this is Britain decades and decades of denying these man. But they need and if you use various methods to the the courts of Thai. In order to get that accomplished its. We write the story holds so children need. Because we've witnessed an apparel try to stop these payments for decades. Now to your question in terms of brainstorming you know beyond this. There's not a single social economic standard that we can use there's there's been cobbled together by. You know the US census but doesn't tell you that there are there is a different reality in this country for people of color and people who are rich or what. I'm not making this up this is the science this is good that our. And the usage of this type of science. Has been used in various ways throughout the course of this nation's history to. And in effect deny or insertion sort of hold tax or black people. So this is very consistent with the history of this country and it is very consistent in a film not wanted to give this money to reporters to begin with the story is very disturbing. But imports lead based upon the history is not totally surprising. And LZ you know we heard big statements from the NFL last year about standing with B Alam about valuing black players. We heard the reaction from the player that Ryan spoke to what isn't the NFL needs to do. To help with this overall issue of racism in the week. Come to Jesus meeting. To be honest about itself. There is literally a rule employees. To remind owners to interview black people for jobs. When you had the lead. That is comprised of men who have to be reminded. To interview minorities and women for jobs that tells you something about the mentality of that leaf. We new album we. That black ball and a pro clear for taking a knee and fighting racial injustice. But we've also Riley Cooper used the N word in a body and fasten. And that white player gets an extension in that very same league. This is a very significant issue with race. As it pertains an NFL and it's going to take more than nice slogans or any country and western superstar RB singer doing the star spangled banner from Super Bowl. To fix this issue but first begins with honesty. They need to be really honest among themselves. About the culture that they have Foster and nurtured. And continue troops should nurture because this story. It's just in my opinion just the tip of the iceberg of all the various ways that you can look at the NFL to others court that is history. And see elements of racism being met with a slide out. And Ryan the other big issue here is the head injuries themselves as has been an issue brought up over and over again with the NFL could this case changed. The way the NFL tries to protect its players. Absolutely could because in a sense of this case goes to a court and it's found in the players' favor you take away. This possibly you take away does raise storming analysis. And in many ways that could lead to more claims and that becomes important here and to build someone else he said you've got seven decent percent of the players Knisley got a black. If we can't see those demographic numbers but if we could and excuse Mort the white players. That sets up an important construct because they would have to pay out a lot more. If the race storming part of it was gone if if the judge found that wasn't able to be used here but there's another critical distinction as Wilbraham. We're talking about former players here vs current players and he's former players reflect the media idea that. When you're playing there's a level concern for human afterwards it's not that same level of concern. One reason why they say they're doing mists. Is there trying to help players on the field right now they don't want them to suffer from what they feel is the same discrimination. There are suffering from right now. To the application of these north. It's these stories are sound Cornell he granderson and Ryan Smith thank you both. And you can see the full report on the investigation tonight on Nightline and on ABC news live tomorrow. And Jeff basis is stepping down as CEO of Amazon we come back what's behind the move it. Then what's next for one of the most powerful companies in the world. Welcome back Amazon founder and CEO Jeff basis has announced he's stepping down. Bases will instead take on a new role as executive chair of the company's board. Chief business and economic correspondent Rebecca Jarvis has the details on what's next for pesos and who's taking the reins. This morning a major shake up at one of the most powerful companies in the world Jeff Beazer founder of Amazon announcing he's stepping down. Riding in a letter to employees as much as I still tap dance into the office. I'm excited about this transition. The man who started Amazon in 1994. Building it from an online bookstore into a global giant worth more than one point six trillion dollars. Changing the way we shop stream and get our deliveries. Announcing he'll leave his role is CEO leader this year phases reading that 27 years ago when Amazon was only an idea and it had no name the question I was asked most frequently at the time was. What's the Internet. Turning finding a product that actually match the Internet technology. That was really the key his path to success starting with this summer job at McDonald's when he was sixteen where he says he learned how to work under pressure and the value of being a good manager Amazon has made bees owes one of the wealthiest people on the planet worth an estimated 196. Point four billion dollars there are more than one million Amazon employees 400000 who joined the company just last year in the pandemic as business boom to. These those no stranger to making headlines various personal life his 2019 divorce from his wife of 25 years MacKenzie Scott. Making her one of the richest women in the world now as these those prepares to start a new chapter he's passing the time to longtime Amazon employee Andy chassis known for building Amazon Web Services as he steps into his own new role as executive chair of the Bork. And Rebecca Jarvis joins me now for more Rebecca Amazon grew from this start up in a garage it is online retail giant so. What is baze owes his legacy at this point. I mean if you think about it Diana his legacy is incredible he's changed so much about our lives the fact that. We can get an item delivered to our home within the span of a few hours sometimes even a few minutes the idea that. You can go online with one click and purchase everything you could need or want under the sun. All of these devices in people's homes feel lack says hopefully I haven't spoken daddy of them in turn in the mind despite saying that word. But the reality is. He's changed it all for us his legacy is incredible and this idea that he started the whole thing 27 years ago at a time when people didn't really know what the Internet even was a lot of people saw what Amazon started out as as just this online bookseller. And it was to their. To their downfall if they were just perceiving it that way in fact it's part of why you see Amazon as it is today vs eBay what it is back back when Amazon started eBay was the main game. Now you think about the two companies one is worth trillions and the other is Billy gets. And what's next for baze has now in this new role as executive chair. We know when you're a founder CEO it's kind of like a hotel California you can never really leave. That Roland we've seen this many times before he will still have an impact on Amazon. But he won't be running the dated a operations and he wrote in this note to employees yesterday about the role of Amazon CEO it is all consuming he wants to take time to focus on things like his philanthropy. Space travel and the Washington Post which as you know he bought a few years ago. That will be the primary. Objective of his time going forward but of course you can imagine. This last year the pandemic he's played eight incredible role in reorganizing. Amazon making sure that employees and the company are built for a moment like this. And they have certainly capitalized on this moment as so many people have turned to Amazon. In need of a home deliveries during the pandemic Diane and really quickly any big changes expected under the new CEO Wendy Jaffe. Unlikely in the near term he's been with the company almost as long as baze those. The final thought here is that he will have regulatory things to have to think about that is more a part of the conversation today that it was five years ago. And that may also be part of why bees us is stepping aside now to give someone else the opportunity to deal with that part of the whole situation Diane. Opportunity to deal whether that's a good way to put it Rebecca Jarvis I give. And a few more things to know before you go president Joseph Biden and First Lady doctor Jill Biden paid their respects to officer Brian sick neck last night. Sick nick who died from his injuries defending the capital from rioters is lying in honor at the capitol rotunda speaker Nancy Pelosi and senate majority leader Chuck Schumer. Also paid their respects sick nick is the third capitol police officer to line honor at the capitol. A congressional tribute will take place this morning. The producers of jeopardy have. Announced a new round of guest host Anderson Cooper and doctor Savannah Guthrie and doctor Sanjay good job we'll all take it turns hosting a game show. And so pretty Alex Rex legacy executive producer Mike Richards said donations will be made sweet charity at each guest. And finally. Groundhog Day drama making headlines after Staten Island chuck predicted an early break in your post reports New York Staten Island zoo. Pre recorded. Chats Groundhog Day predictions. And while those who did not make that clear to viewers you can see checks prediction was made out of beautiful sunny today. An old Groundhog Day here in the city brought the biggest snowstorm in years. Got angry viewers have commented on social media one writing how do you vacant groundhog prediction. Unfortunately Punxsutawney Phil who made his prediction live under on Monday we'll he's forecasting six more weeks. And that doesn't this ABC news live update I'm day in the state thanks for joining us. And remember ABC news live is here before you all day with the latest news context and analysis. We'll see back here at 11 AM eastern. With the new update yeah.

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