ABC News Live Update: 2 new wildfires break out overnight, scorching nearly 11K acres

Plus, a 6-year-old boy in Texas died from a brain-eating amoeba and a new report shows the president only paying $750 in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017.
5:23 | 09/28/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: 2 new wildfires break out overnight, scorching nearly 11K acres
Good morning I'm Diana stated thanks for streaming with us in today's update to know wildfires erupted in northern California overnight adding to an already record breaking wildfire season in the west. The new fires have scorched more than 111000 acres gusty winds and record high temperatures in California means more fires could be on the way. But just 36 days to go until Election Day the New York Times has an explosive new report about the president's taxes. The times is reporting that president trump paid just 750. Dollars in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017. The report also says that of the eighteen years the paper examines the president paid no federal income tax in eleven of them. The times also reports the president faces personal debts totaling 421. Million dollars. Which could come do while he's in office if elected to a second term. 33 US states are reporting an increase in colon but nineteen cases as we near one million cope with related deaths worldwide. In Florida where cases are flat the state lifted restrictions meaning bars restaurants and all other businesses. Are now allowed to operate at 100%. Capacity and Jimmy this morning doctor fat she called the roll back. Very concerning. The governor of Texas meanwhile has issued a disaster declaration for Missouri county after a six year old boy died from a deadly brain eating amoeba found in the water. Claims and L as in lake Jackson Texas with the latest. This morning authorities in Texas are tracking a deadly brain eating organism that may have arrived in a tainted city water supply killing us six year old boy. I just want my son back. Joe's I am MacIntyre is mother says her son who love the Astros started complaining on September 3 that he wasn't feeling well. Doctor soon discovered Joseph Siam had a brain eating amoeba. But in just five short days he was dead. My baby had a headache and it's a fever and vomiting and you know as a parent firfer it says. Go from some things. Like get headaches to a brain eating amoeba it's. It's a hard pill to swallow. Just days before he got sick Joe's played in this splash pad in lake Jackson after he died the city shut it down using a private company to test the water. That test came back negative but a second more sensitive tests last week recommended by the CDC was positive. The amigo also found enough hopes that the boy's home. We have to keep in mind is really no effective treatments for this prevention is very important experts say the amigo which is rare but almost always fatal infects the body through the nose. It's not drinking water. It's about avoiding activities where the water goes into the nose. Not diving head first in twelve lake or doing the slip and slide where the water is going back into the nasal passage. Authorities are now working to flush and disinfect the water supply using chlorine ordering all precedents of lake Jackson to boil the water before using. We're working as hard as possible good. To get the water system back online and make sure that it's safe state and federal officials also working to find out how the amoeba which thrives in warmer temperatures contaminated the water. I am you know heart broken it. And Diane this is that water splash park here in lake Jackson. Where little Joe's I came to play just a few days before he died they later tested the water here and it did come back. Positive for that brain eating amoeba now the National Guard is here handing out cases of bottled water to residents and officials are warning that. Flushing and cleaning out the entire water system could take the next sixty days Diane. Absolutely heartbreaking for that family ABC's claims and L lake Jackson Texas thanks Clayton. And now to the stories making headlines in science and technology this morning he's not an up close are acting. In today's headlines that ban on tips on has been put on hold hours before was set to take effect a federal judge blocked the drug administration's move. To band tip top downloads in the US. The move gives the apps owner more time to work on its deal with horrible and Wal-Mart. A flying car is making news of the Beijing a motor show at the electric kiwi go well hasn't drone look to it and can carry two people it's designed to flight eighty feet in the air. Don't expected to hit the market in time soon it's only in the research and development phase. Finally a looks like nothing is safe from hackers not even your coffee machine. A tech researcher hacked into a Smart coffee maker just to see if it was possible. He launched a ransom attacked successfully creating and knowing malfunction BQE could be stopped only by paying up or permanently pulling the plug. Those are your tax bite stand first city came for your PC then your credit cards but this is where I draw the line not copy girl. We will not mess with your copy Mona that's for sure it banks. And a programming note before we go our coverage of the first presidential debate starts tomorrow night at 7 PM here on ABC news lives. And that doesn't it is ABC news live update I'm Diana say no thanks for joining us up next you day's top stories. And please join us back here at 3 PM for our new show your voice your vote. The break down until then have a great day.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"Plus, a 6-year-old boy in Texas died from a brain-eating amoeba and a new report shows the president only paying $750 in federal income tax in 2016 and 2017. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73294406","title":"ABC News Live Update: 2 new wildfires break out overnight, scorching nearly 11K acres","url":"/US/video/abc-news-live-update-wildfires-break-overnight-scorching-73294406"}