Abigail Hernandez Investigators: Arrest Is The First Step

Prosecutors, police hold a news conference after the arraignment of Nathaniel Kibby.
2:51 | 07/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Abigail Hernandez Investigators: Arrest Is The First Step
On October 9 issue are all aware I mean this thing isn't over and over again vanished on her way home. Last Sunday July 20. She returns to her mother never gave up -- I didn't say on behalf this investigative team. I'm not sure in the last nine months -- there was one day he didn't come by than we were discussing this case. Since she came home I don't think there has been one -- depend on time. This team hasn't been working to find out where she has been. It's a -- that individuals -- -- As we indicated. This arrest is the first step. As the complaint indicates that he was kidnapped here all right. As you are all aware searches are ongoing. Right now it just continues residents. If there is additional evidence of other crimes will be committed those charges will be -- That resident visiting another county that's -- -- county. We learned on Sunday night. There was sufficient information at that time to -- it contained -- -- and -- warnings inserts warnings. The swat team was utilized. Probably about 4 o'clock in the morning swat team -- drives in the -- end of the night the best safest ways and now we. Maybe. That was done yesterday and news. Again because of the cleaning -- this -- -- -- Maybe it would from the major crime unit in the investigators. The defendant was arrested without incident. There was no harm to him more importantly there was no harm to anybody -- in the densely packed game. At this point the searches continue -- residence is being searched it will be in the I cannot tell you how long that'll go on depending on one that's surgery feels there may be other surgeons. -- just -- Attention that we can get this case in the last month. You. -- continued to ensure that justice is done not only print happy. But for everybody else. He stood here -- we indicated that although she was the missing girl she was fourteen at the time. And it's an aging cream cheese and sometimes our worst fears are realized that this child. It's home. -- relatively saying. You just know -- another child goes missing in this day. We'll have the same sources -- to finding the child can make sure they're reunited family.

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{"id":24760591,"title":"Abigail Hernandez Investigators: Arrest Is The First Step","duration":"2:51","description":"Prosecutors, police hold a news conference after the arraignment of Nathaniel Kibby.","url":"/US/video/abigail-hernandez-kidnapping-investigators-arrest-nathaniel-kibby-step-24760591","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}