Alabama Amazon employees vote on whether to unionize

Union President Stuart Applebaum says the importance of this vote “transcends this one company; it’s really what the future of work will look like.”
4:54 | 03/03/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alabama Amazon employees vote on whether to unionize
Voting is underway and Bessemer Alabama at Amazon workers decide whether to form a union. The issue has attracted national attention with the likes of president Biden senator Bernie Sanders Tina Fey an actor Danny Glover all weighing in. And joining us now for the latest on what's at stake here the president of the group conducting the unionization drive strap a bomb is here where Stuart thanks for being here. June. Good afternoon tears or if you can't first just walk me through villages six voting started last month. And because of the pandemic you're allowing mail in voting that will go through the end of the month how's it going so. Our. Ballots were mailed to sure you were. And printer to. On March 20 mumps and did she say it's gonna go our society. The insistence. Of Elvis songs referring to be conducted in person in the middle down interstate. Since she writes. And you got a 5800 workers and voting on this you need a majority to get it passed. Patio expect that not to go. It was honest try to meet people straight. Yeah they are even telling why should people. Are telling people so they may lose their jobs as soon because may shut down for sure. They're telling people to pass the union is. Seriously yeah yeah so. They're two and Gary don't know how down. Is that right who works and no her past eight. Anything less why should they told people they needed to get her out there are sure. Even so. March 29. They'd each and the social sir this install. A special mailbox. Facility. And this whole people they should be true. Mail us she Jesus restoration. And that you know we should mention that we had not museums and has not had the opportunity to respond directly to the criticisms you just launched by. We did reach out to the company in a spokeswoman there says. That the company starting wage is fifteen dollars per hour with benefits and that 90% of workers their say that they would recommend Amazon. As a good place to work so why the push to unionized. Announced on his home turf council. Or he's. Matured and so on arts and they want to do you. People know. Amazon could be doing better Amazon cut on your hazard. They were getting people at the end just banging. People were getting cast in Paris on senate decided Bristol township. Wilson managed. I'll ask people lost money and it's not because it's not. Joseph wait I'll just occasional social and she was on his. Entrance don't. I actually on the organization option. Could. Reports show that it's just base hosts gave. His workers so Melissa. Schuermann shots shot dollars. It would still wealthier they sit. People also know yeah. Nowhere how much base course is paying that. He's not treated with respect to working conditions. And power or. Shall many people leasehold. From each show Stuart. I'm art interrupting now we're just we're very short on time and I want to ask you one last question which is if this goes through Amazon is the largest employer in the country if it happens what does this mean for Amazon workers and what does it mean for Amazon Custer. Hours. While the importance of this election shrimp sentenced this. Facility and it even transcends. This one company it's truly I'll associations war is sword shall. I believe we're waiting to choose a sore point until we see who organize and get some facilities. Across Cotchery. And terror. Surely it well cross is sure this is supposed to corner union elections. Set for adults and parents stirred up a bomb we appreciate your time today thank you. Q.

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Union President Stuart Applebaum says the importance of this vote “transcends this one company; it’s really what the future of work will look like.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76236323","title":"Alabama Amazon employees vote on whether to unionize","url":"/US/video/alabama-amazon-employees-vote-unionize-76236323"}