Amid pandemic, White House gets deep cleaning before handover

ABC News’ Kenneth Moton details the work that will go into moving the Trump family out of the White House and preparing for the arrival of the Biden family.
5:18 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Amid pandemic, White House gets deep cleaning before handover
Early tomorrow morning president trumpet the First Lady will depart the White House in the nation's capital for the final time heading tomorrow Longo in Florida. They were from 11 family to another is always a time intensive affair and this year it's vastly more complicated due to the pandemic. Kenneth mountain has that story. It happens every four years. They what that if the occupants are lucky every eight that White House handover from one president to the next five. With the transition from trump to Biden anything but peaceful or traditional I'll lay out my first step. Hard feelings mix with the raging pandemic camp teams preparing for a change over like no other. Mostly now with this co bid situation that adds another layer. Far responsibility. That they have. Who really glad doing deep Klain. Anita McBride was First Lady Laura Bush's chief of staff. But she's experienced presidential transitions up close back to the Reagan administration. What if that energy light. For this period of transition the. Best way to sort of describe it is now back transition of the house isn't organized chaos she every single person on that team on the White House residence Timor have a role and it job and responsibility. The movie trucks already on site boxes packed. Normally dozens of White House staffers including butler's ushers in late this crews are responsible for deep cleaning. The 132. Room mansion which only five to six hours to do it. All of the items the outgoing president will be boxed apple be loaded up hopefully some things have already left. The clothes taken out of closets closets are clean the beds are strict mattresses are removed new mattresses. Come the end and then beds are made and back you know. Arms error ready. This time because of the krona virus. Cleaning reinforcements are being called in Virginia contractor has been awarded the job of deep cleaning in the White House international peace restoration companies serve pro. As clean tens of thousands of facilities across the country. When you look at the tight quarters of the executive mansion where it goes into a deep cleaning. Bob building as unique as the White House is is gonna require an expert to really review both facilities are providing accurate ass men and an actor that consultation and designed for her what do Kobe being I'm. Service would entail. The General Services Administration says cleaning will include but it's not limited to all furniture flooring window treatments hand rails door knobs light switches. Counter tops elevator buttons restroom fixtures and dispensers. Door handles and push plates and lighting fixtures. A high quality professional colleague sir how. Are we trying to. Works Iranians working in bio hazardous environments. Along with specialty equipment BN chemicals that can be applied in such a way. It will will kill the corona virus also be safe to the people who subsequently re occupied. Government contracts reviewed by ABC news show before the Biden's movement more than 200000. Dollars is spent per creased White House senatorial and housekeeping work. Including nearly 75000. Of taxpayer dollars. Just to clean the carpets and curtains. Another 150000. Dollars to pull up and replace worn down carpet. From the west wing to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door compared to the Tony seventeen transition there were no deep cleaning government contracts. The works solely handled by the White House staff. Prices for these kind of services are going to be hearing it surely based upon a complexity and the job our job is be much more complicated and it's gonna require much more resource we now. The deep cleaning comes up from multiple large mostly math scores in person events at the trump White House in recent months. He bids were linked to at least three Cooper in nineteen outbreaks dozens of Trump's staffers and allies testing positive. Including the president and the First Lady Biden and Harris. Are people who stuck to strict no pandemic protocols. And in the promise not so much. You don't see much mask wearing that was happening we've had several outbreaks in the White House. So we're seeing two different types of administrations here when it comes to how they're handling the pandemic that's gonna play out. At this new White House. It's a big Chinese Jack Hersch the numbers of staff that actually work. In the complex is opposed to work remotely. I think that or will they be required to Wear masks while they're in shy. At the White House in their office says. It definitely will be a marked difference. From what we have seen the buying team has already said it won't have all its staff in the White House right away saying the goal Covert safety first for everyone. And a reminder the Biden's half received the vaccine for Kubrick nineteen. Do you think the Biden have anything to worry about when they move ahead summoning internal. Why do you of the White House being prepared and ready to receive them I am not worried about that. I do everything will be put in place to make sure it's a safe is it can possibly being. At the Biden administration works to kick off a fresh and clean start. Kenneth moving ABC news Washington. Our thanks to Kenneth through that.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"ABC News’ Kenneth Moton details the work that will go into moving the Trump family out of the White House and preparing for the arrival of the Biden family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75359232","title":"Amid pandemic, White House gets deep cleaning before handover","url":"/US/video/amid-pandemic-white-house-deep-cleaning-handover-75359232"}