Anderson Cooper Grills Florida Attorney General on Gay Issues

The CNN correspondent asked Pam Bondi if it is hypocritical to consider herself a "champion of the gay community."
3:44 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Anderson Cooper Grills Florida Attorney General on Gay Issues
CNN's Anderson Cooper got into a heated confrontation with Florida attorney general Pam body outside a hospital that's treated victims in lab. That treating the victims in the shooting did take a look. Is it had occurred adult children to portray yourself as a champion of the gay community. When I'm just reflecting on a lot of gay people told me they don't see reviewers and I'm not return myself as anything other than trying to help human. Who have lost their lives who are right behind us right now in hospital guys who have family members who aren't getting the services they need. So. Question is was he too hard on her wasn't the wrong place for the confrontation wasn't correct ways went well a lot of a lot of politicians who are. For anti gay legislation and now jumping on this band bandwagon is saying that there. Pro gay in some way and they need to be called out because you're hypocrite they're hypocrite that's he's basically saying to this one. And sly. She would have said to him the minute he nailed her. I'm very sorry for him for the anti gay legislation that was part of even though it was my job to do that is you'll explain in a minute. And I I I wouldn't do it again. I'm not going to be following orders I'm going to be doing the right thing which is something that the Republican parties to get on board with Donald Trump a mountain out so. And that is the problem with this morning she did not say that I am I politicians battered and I have a lot and I that's why they need to be cold avenue hypocrisy life. I love Anderson you know yeah personal friend of mine and he's just cracker Jack journalists' rights of anybody's gonna hold your feet to the fire's gonna be Anderson right. But let me say this she's the attorney general of Florida. She's been the attorney Joan of a Florida for five years and when you take that oath to represented the state has that chief legal officer. That means you have to represent the law as it stands at that time gay marriage was knocked legal. When during her tenure it has become legal so she was enforcing. The law as it stands I don't know that we can say that she is anti gay because she was enforcing the law I remember when I was brought on an cases. I'm such an opponent of the death penalty. I went to my boss and I said. I can't take federal death penalty cases I needed to do it I was told you could lose your job because you took it all to enforce below. Associate in the decision to keep her job and his follow orders like a busy Chris she's the chief legal officer so how can she really say I'm not going to enforce the law and she should have called champagne quite right there. She she could've taken out of you if she felt strongly enough about as always have. Did what year did. Go to some might say in the masses for me I'm having trouble doing so she could have been Lee's agent now. Anderson I had a lot of trouble what best this is my job but I personally had a lot of trouble with it and had she done bat. That wouldn't. I think that would have nipped it in the butt but I think didn't do anything license she didn't do it and maybe she was true numbers you know I would like to be on television. Not everybody you're really Angelina -- ground you have do we know her personal beliefs that's sort of saying yeah I don't know but maybe if she had that was Sonny had done yet just go to her bosses say I don't know. That comfortable with this so that when Anderson says listen you it isn't hot CNN. She goes excuse me I told my boss I wasn't comfortable saying this but this is my job but she wasn't able to do that and not and what was saying now is maybe it was because she was nervous maybe she did feel that way and she. But it's nice to be on TV being ends you know interviewed but somebody is gone and yeah. Yeah yeah and explain I don't even and I missed last I don't know I don't get back.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"The CNN correspondent asked Pam Bondi if it is hypocritical to consider herself a \"champion of the gay community.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"39910389","title":"Anderson Cooper Grills Florida Attorney General on Gay Issues","url":"/US/video/anderson-cooper-grills-florida-attorney-general-gay-issues-39910389"}