Assessing the scope of Tiger Woods’ car crash injuries

Dr. Teo Mendez, director of the Orthopedic Care Center at Lenox Hill Hospital, discusses the leg injuries Tiger Woods suffered in his car crash, and the potential road to recovery.
4:55 | 02/25/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Assessing the scope of Tiger Woods’ car crash injuries
We turn counted doctor tail wind as director of the orthopedic care center at Lenox hill Los learning more firm some insight on Tiger Woods' injuries and at the road ahead thank you so much doctor for joining us. Humans you first does one ignore the significant injuries and Tiger Woods suffered to his lower right leg according to the statement released by UCLA harbor medical says church where he underwent surgery and they stretched common muted open fractures affecting both the upper and lower portions of the tibia and should mile bones were stabilized by inserting a rod in to the tibia additional injuries to the bones of the foot and ankle were stabilized with a combination of screws and cans. Now of course you have not seen tiger's case but let's have an X ray of what a normal lower leg looks like and explain to our viewers what types of fractures and tiger suffered any action taken to stabilize our. Yeah so. He picked. No fractures they suffered basically at a commentator traction in that was brokered multiple places. Both for the two drugs are lower lag. There was also open in about penetrated produced here. So we know those were stabilized first by cleaning out any Dirk. Or contaminants in the weren't. Subsequently he had to pressure relieved the muscles around the lower leg. I prevent damage from the box new nation. Any titanium rod play smaller so that's all we know he also had unknown fractures. About the high and so it and ankle. The severity of those injury is unclear and I think how they're treated are really limited term and are going to recovery. And the statement noted that they use cruise intends to stabilizing injuries to his foot and ankle explain away and that type of intervention is needed and and what it could mean as far as extent of his injuries here. Yes I mean there's a lot we don't know about those those editors it could be something as simple as an ankle fracture. Which which tender tends to be able to recover relatively quick we are virulent or about six weeks. On if there's an injury to particulates which is on on the bottom of the ankle or into the behind it somebody other small bunds and stood. It can be a much. Longer recovery would. Concerns are loss of blood soaked concerns for the bone healing appropriately. And really can weeks soon problems spoke with what adulation and obviously returned to sport. And so obviously we're asking you to speculate here but if you can give us like a best case scenario or worse case scenario what could recovering look like in the days and weeks ahead for tiger and to get back to just everyday activity is for as a result of these injuries. Yeah so so I mean best case scenario the over the next few weeks he doesn't develop an infection. In his in his open fractures in his lower lagged. The wounds keel is bronze stars the element you would sort see evidence about but it's not six weeks X rays. Early evidence are dealing and is his foot and ankle injuries. Are relatively minor. Com which shall we are concerned without an I involvement of the high and short you know was a simple ankle fracture. Best case apparently he's outlaw human you know two or three months. Put away on our. Of course if he has an injury two and in the small bones but poor or I'm much. I think she may need further surgery. Something that there is. A lot of issue with blood flow and some of those guns armed. After their injured. They sometimes do not heal and sometimes you do a second surgery which should be. A fusion to seek procedurally actually put two drugs together and H I'll be articulated or Sherman joint. And again of course with the caveat that we're asking inspection of course we don't yet know the full extent of his injuries or just how he'll recover cash isn't possible to get back to the level of elite professional athlete after this sort of trauma. But listen we have we have great evidence actually from the NFL Alex Smith recorder or the watched mirrors. Came back from a compound. Open fracture of his -- army which the also are compartment syndrome. It's a much different injury it's a much different level of energy. Vs a car accident and you know again I think a lot about and be predicated. Piety the unknown about fractures to Russia and Angola. So just kind of buttoned up you don't think that this is necessarily. Career ending or at least it doesn't have to be career and. Listen I think tiger has been to rely he's just coming off the strip it back surgery he's recovered from all those this is a totally different beast rom. I think until we know more about it. How bad is the injuries are too is his foot and ankle not going to be able to give great prognosis on journey but I wouldn't count amount Chechnya. All right fair enough doctor Mendez and thank you so much time your insight.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Dr. Teo Mendez, director of the Orthopedic Care Center at Lenox Hill Hospital, discusses the leg injuries Tiger Woods suffered in his car crash, and the potential road to recovery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76099165","title":"Assessing the scope of Tiger Woods’ car crash injuries","url":"/US/video/assessing-scope-tiger-woods-car-crash-injuries-76099165"}