Atlanta police officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks reinstated to force

Officer Garrett Rolfe’s attorney Lance LoRusso discusses why Rolfe was allowed back on the force, even with murder charges pending.
4:33 | 05/06/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Atlanta police officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks reinstated to force
Now a new developments in the deadly cliche every charge Brooks and a Wendy's parking lot an inland on last June. The officer involved in Darren Rawls was fired and charged with felony murder but today he was reinstated on the police force by Atlanta's civil service board which said that he was not given proper notification before he was terminated. You may remember this video that was part of a police investigation. EU via. Are very well. Brooks died from two gunshot wounds to his back according to the medical examiner. And tonight we're joined by Lance Arizona attorney for officer Garrett rolls. Mr. Laura so thanks so much for joining us mr. Connolly. Wondering why Gary can be charged with murder then still get his job back was this just an administrative loophole or urge you believe that he should remain on the force even if it's not back out on the streets. Well due process is not a loose ball so the bottom line is the city of Atlanta as policies procedures ordinances regulations after followers are taking any employment action and they tell them follow us so that's what the civil service warmest August on the problem is people are focusing just aren't you processed element if they watched a video which is up on YouTube channel. They can see a hearing where two senior law enforcement officers of the city and Atlanta and the assistant chief Andy pricing Scherer good detective. Wins I've experienced in the office professional standards test a body hero did absolutely nothing wrong on June 12 21. Does officer roles beholden to getting it back to his old job duties and if he does do you think it does experiences changed and at all. I don't think you. Any use of deadly force ever sales change an officer are represented over a 116 officers have been involved in shootings are critical incidents and never any of them went to work. Wanting to use deadly force changed them forever so as far as the overall seed was at best and brightest using honors graduate as valedictorian of his academy class. And he looks forward to serving me back community. So he'd like to get back to work its. Well he put his track eighteen an earring that your problems in the process of trying to buy a house very close to where the shooting occurred he wanted to be part of necking and is there stopping the city from going through the process expiring and all over again. To be seen I would hope that they would not be that especially since the signals are restored sanity city police department failed to do any investigation prior to terminating him. And Miramar that was the first time in bed anyone who's seen. A termination without an investigation when an officer used there are. No one venison vets from a determination about an investigation and bottom line is after a shooting began quick answers. Yeah thorough investigation you can't buy. The death every shard Brooks a man who deemed it was seem to be asleep when approached by police says it has angered so many does your client think that he has a role to play now that he has his job action helping to ease tensions with the police. I did you know he was in the process in the already using community relations officer he'd miss. Focused on taking DUI drivers opera that's what his mission was actually the ballot which orange DRE asked some very difficult class. So I think its role he is seen getting back. Sudanese chosen profession to serve the public. Which is what he decided to do when he races stand incidental to twenty years old to be in Atlanta we SARS. Just curious is so that he is planning on buying a house in that community where mr. Brooks was killed in disease still going through that. Now I mean its audience meteorites are being considered right now we sensational criminal charges and something that we have to look at going forward. Pace in very difficult for him to even try to find a job with all of these big tree all in all the horrible things inside and out. I think when people saw that hearing and you can watch the hearing on YouTube channel don't realize that this is not been beaten and he's been betrayed. The ciller is so thank you so much for your time in coming on the shelf.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Officer Garrett Rolfe’s attorney Lance LoRusso discusses why Rolfe was allowed back on the force, even with murder charges pending.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77520008","title":"Atlanta police officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks reinstated to force","url":"/US/video/atlanta-police-officer-fatally-shot-rayshard-brooks-reinstated-77520008"}