Author Meena Harris discusses her new book, 'Ambitious Girl'

Author, entrepreneur and lawyer Meena Harris discusses the importance of representation for young girls and seeing her aunt, Kamala Harris, sworn-in as vice president.
5:40 | 01/28/21

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Transcript for Author Meena Harris discusses her new book, 'Ambitious Girl'
Phenomenal and ambitious two words have been turned into female empowerment brands for women of all experiences vile woman with a fascinating background who encourages all of us to be on the apologetic Lee ourselves. She is in Harvard educated lawyer entrepreneur a children's book author and the niece of our new vice president Pamela Harris that woman she is Mena Harris who joins us now -- thanks so much for coming on the show tonight. Think you think you grabbing mean so before we talk about your book I wanna go back to exactly one week ago today when you sell on the stage at the capitol watch your aunt a woman of Jamaican in southeast Asian descent being sworn in. As madam vice president it was momentous certainly for the entire country but what does it mean and feel like for you personally. Goksel a reminder I actually egging it does to you did today I can't believe it was just a week ago the exact. Really though today and I need it still feels. Surrey all I'm watching the yellow bear in person then and why is extraordinary and I eat out we have a lot of a deep personal. Means to me but you know I'm experiencing what you are white women and families and teen girls and children and everybody all across the world is that in my god we just. Elected the first female vice president and US history. Right and I figured even more momentous and for yourself it was your little girls and and then feeling in and being seen just read a page shared no to that cartoon this will stop what's in sign us from flowering from now on. When I hear too that or to this I won't mind it's in powering of course that is a little excerpt from her latest book ambitious girl it is a powerful and sweet book about a little girl's journey after she sees a strong woman on TV labeled as too assertive and too ambitious tell about the importance of making sure that young girls have books like his have these kinds of examples with characters. Who looked like him with messages like this available to them. It is so important you know that representation any you know about who we just talked about right representation matters scene possibility and opportunity matters and that goes to the point that. He can't meet you can't see great and I hate me coming you carry it was real I think you know first hand me books with my especially now older daughter where you we have a lot of plastics and they're wonderful pieces of children's literature but at a certain point I started asking like where the New Yorkers weren't that black children right where and our families that look like our hers in an. The same time scenes not only that yet you need it's can't see that Sheen who what she's seen she wants UDG. Each now been going around last year statement she wants to be a president and shot when she grows up and that's because she. And I never written for president because she read a children's book that I may Genentech this has not just maybe an important or my daughter Justine exalt her presented on the pages of books it's good for all of us right this is the whole point. Seeing a woman in this position of power and leadership on national stage end. All of us need to see that all of you to believe it and I my hope is that you know Adam white families bully is agreed to ease looks at half black girls the main character and aspired to there you know this didn't of the world their leadership their stories. You raise a good point a lot of people are gonna see the books and see that they have girls a central characters they're gonna assume that these folks are for girls but it's very important for boys to see early on. Young girls. In this kind of capacity and I write children's books as well it was important to me to have my son see children of color in the books that she reads there's a lot of research supports just how important that is for identity and forward self worth chasing you brought all of this together to start phenomenal. A female power lifestyle brand that brings awareness to social causes tell us about that an and the phenomenal products it that we may be already familiar with. Yes and I actually am wearing my current email satcher today and it's real key its people he stripped. Watching that I didn't meet any kids off there any sort of lazy or connection with the unexpected and huge. While I talked about becoming aren't really accidental thing it was certainly not on my bucket list of all my ambition and then being that I want to Ritchie in the world and it surprisingly was not on my list but I make the point that it's it's similar and that's about storytelling it's about. You know raising awareness about having conversations and Christine young dialogue around issues that for us with abdominal are really about centering under Brazilian communities and this is an interesting is art and women of color and doing not an every you know way possible on every platform possible also that you votes are an example others sometimes mr. Carroll's is your continent is doing community what it. First she's that we are very very active orange what is equal pay and is decidedly making the point that women of color I'm experienced athlete I differently than white women right and it said conversation that I am happy to see in his gain a lot more certain mainstream you know engagement but three of my years ago you know when I mean really started. It doing this works a lot of people resembled an even know what 88 stood for that you know it's not a celebration it is it's not how people payday it is a recognition of how much further into that next year that women have to work. It's acting for hours mean Harris thank you so much author of ambitious girl available now in bookstores and wherever books are sold. Thank you so much for joining us appreciate your time. Here.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"Author, entrepreneur and lawyer Meena Harris discusses the importance of representation for young girls and seeing her aunt, Kamala Harris, sworn-in as vice president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75525145","title":"Author Meena Harris discusses her new book, 'Ambitious Girl'","url":"/US/video/author-meena-harris-discusses-book-ambitious-girl-75525145"}