Awaiting Manafort trial verdict

Jury deliberates in the former Trump campaign chairman's trial for bank fraud and tax evasion.
2:54 | 08/20/18

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Transcript for Awaiting Manafort trial verdict
And as a president rails against the Russian investigation Robert Muller's case against his former. Campaign chair Paul mad at fort enters the third day of jury deliberations. Captains all there's is an Alexandria Virginia following. All of that Katharine what's the latest. Hey there and you just. If the lead attorney Kevin downing walkout. Of that courtroom about a reporters chasing their bye got the latest here is that the jury. Is in days three of their deliberations the judge sent them away this morning around. 93010. To begin another a day of so you can see behind me the courthouse and on his cameras staking him. Out over there so that the real question is how we get information. About a verdict out of this court we see all the cameras you feed up front door over there well. That information is going to come running out on yellow legal pad no. Phones in the core no electronics so we could expect a verdict to come as soon as today but look the defense. Their feeling pretty good about this man. And at one of the big things we look forward trying to you know figure out if we can get a sneak peek at what the jury's thinking is what they asked for. Has what have they asked or so far. Eighty SO last week on Thursday they submitted for questions in the act and one was to read the fine. Reasonable doubt to which the judge brought them and we define that for them in addition to three other questions that they hat and the defense attorneys told me that they did this as a good thing that the jury is poring over this evidence that they have a lot of questions that they wanted to rest. But on Friday they also asked that we've relatively early they submitted what is called a quote notes. To the court and they said that they would be finished deliberating by Friday but there is so much evidence in this case I have to poor 388. Exhibit. One of this plan is 700. Pages long so they also requested a bigger room. So that the evidence cards could be carded in they're actually using their break room. I'm instead which is much larger. The and a lot of paperwork that is understandable and it what are we expecting when the verdict does come down with the protocol there. Yes so when the verdict does come down the jurors have a year for page she and it's a verdict sheet and it essentially has all eighteen counts in this case of tax fried. And bank fraud and they will say not guilty or guilty and they will put a check mark next to them so once that happens the judge will weeded out count by count and we have about ten people up in that courtroom in the courtroom and in the overflow room. Up there on the ninth floor all the way up there so it's a little bit of a track to get down. But once the verdict comes and that will come running. Out the door to us and we will get that in paper form so that's how we will be notified. When an amp a verdict comes and cap and others in Alexandria Virginia forest cap and alleging goes you can go chase that attorney now tip. Things at them.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Jury deliberates in the former Trump campaign chairman's trial for bank fraud and tax evasion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57288448","title":"Awaiting Manafort trial verdict","url":"/US/video/awaiting-manafort-trial-verdict-57288448"}