'Baby Doe' murder trial case heads to jury

Justice for murdered Bella Bond is now in the hands of the jury.
1:01 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for 'Baby Doe' murder trial case heads to jury
Prosecutors have been handed it out as judge Janet Sanders will allow jurors to consider. The lesser charge of manslaughter in the case against Michael McCarthy which charged with killing bell a bond. The 37 year old does face a first degree murder charge which carries with it a life sentence if convicted. Manslaughter is a sentence of up to twenty years the State's entire case rested upon the testimony of Rochelle bonds fell as mother and McCarthy's ex girlfriend she claims McCarthy punched ballot in the stomach so hard her body bounced on the bet she also says McCarthy dumped her body in the harbor. Toddler's remains washed up sometime later on to your island forensic experts testified during this trial. That none of the evidence collected ties McCarthy to the murder the jury will consider the testimony of more than thirty witnesses. And nearly 170. Pieces of evidence in exchange for her testimony Rochelle Bob walks free at the end of this trial. If McCarthy is equated. No one will be held accountable for the death and disposal but this two year old girl.

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{"id":48162866,"title":"'Baby Doe' murder trial case heads to jury","duration":"1:01","description":"Justice for murdered Bella Bond is now in the hands of the jury.","url":"/US/video/baby-doe-murder-trial-case-heads-jury-48162866","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}