Biden picks Alondra Nelson as deputy science policy chief

Nelson, president of the Social Science Research Council, is known for her study of the intersection of science, politics and social inequality.
4:06 | 01/16/21

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Transcript for Biden picks Alondra Nelson as deputy science policy chief
In afternoon. Thank you president elect Biden and vice president elect Harris for your trust. For your faith and for this extraordinary honor I am beyond humbled. I come from a family that long dedicated itself to public service. My parents or veterans. My mother Delores served in the US army and leader in federal government. My father Robert spent his thirty year career in the US navy. Thanks to them I grew up instilled with a buy an abiding belief in the importance of serving one's country. I think I'm Stanley for this model of service and also for their love and support. Now I am deeply grateful that I will have the opportunity to Lin's my own experience and expertise in public service. For an academic whose work X stands at the intersection of technology science and our social fabric. There is no mistaking the power and meaning of the moment we are living through today. Of course science and technology technology have permeated nearly every aspect of our lives through out the course of human history. That perhaps never before in living memory. Have the connections between our scientific world and our social world's been quite so stark as they are today. To cope nineteen crisis has inflicted extraordinary suffering. But it is also held up a mirror to our society. Reflecting and it's deadly wake resource gaps in medical disparities. The inequality we've allowed to house at five. And as a new technologies take root in our lives trim artificial intelligence to human genome editing. They reveal it reflects even more about the complex and sometimes dangerous social architecture that lies beneath the scientific. Progress we pursue. Science at his score is a social phenomenon. It is a reflection of people of our relationships. And of our institutions. When we provide inputs to the algorithm. When reprogram the device. When we design test and research we are making human choices. Choices that bringing our sir shall world to bear and a new and powerful way. It Matt Ers who makes these choices. It matters to their thinking about when me do you. That's why I and my career I've always sought to understand the perspective of people and communities. Who are not usually in the room when the inputs are made. But who lives with the outputs nonetheless. As a black woman researcher I am team be aware of those who are missing from these rooms. I believe we have a responsibility to work together to make sure that our science and technology. Reflects ass and when it does that it reflects all of us that it reflects who we truly are together. This too is a break through this too is an innovation that advances our lives. We have an incredible window of opportunity had a bass to approach our science and technology policy. And ways that are honest and inclusive. To bring the full strength of our communities. Our experiences. Our concerns and our aspirations. To every table weeks ink. And as we think through emergent forms of science and technology. There has never been more important moment for scientific development T to get scientific development right or to secure weight that development. And our values. Of equality accountability. Justice and trustworthiness. It is my honor to to pursue that effort with this distinguished team. And with the president elect and vice president elect who stand up proudly and consistently for scientific integrity. And the dignity and worth of every community. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Nelson, president of the Social Science Research Council, is known for her study of the intersection of science, politics and social inequality.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75299191","title":"Biden picks Alondra Nelson as deputy science policy chief","url":"/US/video/biden-picks-alondra-nelson-deputy-science-policy-chief-75299191"}