Boston Police: One Person Fighting Life-Threatening Injuries After Hospital Shooting

ABC's Aaron Katersky has the latest on a shooting at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston Tuesday morning.
4:15 | 01/20/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Police: One Person Fighting Life-Threatening Injuries After Hospital Shooting
Breaking news out of Boston one person fighting for their life following a shooting at a hospital late this morning. A live look outside of Brigham and Women's Hospital bats were pleased that they've taken one person into custody. Hello when I'm down Cutler in New York let's get right to ABC's Eric too risky standing by with the latest errant what happened what do we now. Well we know that shots rang out of a second floor of the Shapiro building at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston one of the most prominent. Hospitals in the country certainly in new England and this is where the cardiovascular senator. Is headquartered for the hospital. The gunfire on that second floor from a gunman who is said to be in custody some indications are a may have turned the gun on himself for waiting for a Boston Police news conference but the victim we're not sure who was one person had been shot. Those injuries says you indicated are our life threatening. But we don't know specifically what the circumstances where witnesses describe the chaos that you would expect after gunfire. In a major hospital people running from the scene some screaming Boston Police were seen. On the second floor now getting ready for for a news conference to perhaps update us on the situation then. Do we know at this point area is a hospital on lockdown and has this its current situation insecure we do see some people kind of not housing and allied Boston Police were quick to say that the hospital. Was secure the scene had been secure in that leads us to believe that they have the suspect in custody or dead and in in you know matter of seconds. And all of this unfolded very very quickly but the Shapiro building where this cardiovascular senator. Is the staff there has been asked to remain in place but the rest of the Brigham and women's complex is open for business. And as you put an air in this is a huge facility and obviously services not only the Boston Massachusetts but really this is an a nationally recognized. Hospital facility. And quite expansive as well. An expensive place really Adam an incredible hospital would with its arms and in in research and and care. But when gunshots ring out it's highly unusual in and police swarmed the place. Tonne of of police and helicopters above officers on the ground. Including the Boston Police Commissioner on the second floor at the scene of the shooting. Where things happened and and we expect to hear from him momentarily. As a police get ready to tell us exactly what happened it was just one person shot. A police were very quick to say that the suspect had been taken into custody that the condition of the gunman. Is is not immediately clear but there are some indications that the gunman may have it also shot himself. And the the victim here has life threatening injuries. Do do we know at this point NL because the situation still very fluid but do we know if there's any backgrounds and knowing about this victim or of the suspects. We haven't heard and in none not clear if this was s.'s if it's going to turn out to be some kind of domestic thing if there's say if it's a doctor involved in patient care. I'm sure there is a back story. That will learn about us as details unfold but but be immediately police didn't say anything other than. The situation had been brought under conditions under control fairly quickly. A hospital this size obviously has its own kind of security personnel and and as you've been playing out their police are so that they were very quick to respond to that. Do we know then if the security for it personnel that were assigned to about ticker hospital or police then actually got picked that the shooter in custody. You know I I don't know if it was hospital security first on the scene I you'd imagine it would be but Boston Police were there Massachusetts state police the FBI the ATF. All all agencies responding it's a high profile location. Where shots are not normally fired and so it's obviously a concern. Here this situation seem to have been brought under control fairly quickly in Boston Police said there was no lock. Unnecessary. ABC's characters get on latest on this breaking story out of Boston area thank you for that. You can keep up with the store in real time by downloading the ABC news out for this story and exclusive updates on the go for now. I'm Dan that for New York.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"ABC's Aaron Katersky has the latest on a shooting at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston Tuesday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"28350645","title":"Boston Police: One Person Fighting Life-Threatening Injuries After Hospital Shooting","url":"/US/video/boston-police-person-fighting-life-threatening-injuries-hospital-28350645"}