How Britney Spears became the 'Princess of Pop'

A small-town girl from Louisiana became one of the world's most successful pop stars.
15:42 | 06/23/21

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Transcript for How Britney Spears became the 'Princess of Pop'
So where some hunt and I think I'm more comfortable onstage that I am my own room when I Gittens age. It's kind of like a chance to like island is something he's not making. It's your turn things jewelry for and then we'll look back in my OK I just and that females. Welcome back that was Britney Spears talking to Diane Sawyer back in 2003. This same year Britney released her fourth chart topping album in the zone and won a Grammy for her hit song toxic. Spears a small town girl from a Louisiana town just 2000 people. Is one of the most successful pop stars of all time she sold nearly 100 million records worldwide he. And her first hit baby one more time has gone platinum. Fourteen. Times so how did she become the princess of pop candy hearts and has her story. When you think we ninety's you think fashion. And I don't minutes. You've got mail since he's. Headlined by the princess of pop Britney Spears. There are written speech. Britain's theories. This two of the best selling albums of all time baby one more time. Move and oops I did it again. But before she became. Royalty spears was just a small town southern girl. At eleven years old she landed a spot on Disney's Mickey Mouse club. At fifteen spears under first record deal with Jive Records the same label behind the convoy bands Backstreet boys and N'sync. And it was that record deal that brought us Britain's breakout album. I'm data from this video. The conversations life a bowel transforming Brittany from this small town Louisiana girl. She's someone raised broader national appeal. Ability. To eat maintaining. That core values of being a young girl and being a member of un American society and not. Being some mid single fantastical. Superhero trying to land for instance in the day 81 more time video being able CU. Where Catholic school girl outfit but tied the shirt around her waist and put little feet com Thompson your hair and Wear makeup in school these are things that only a young adult. Dreams of doing and they can't really deep in real life and soul. It's a bit of a fantasy but it's grounded Tennessee. She's still a member of their peer group so it was about building eat a friend and getting access to things that they couldn't normally half. Not shown to the top of the charts sold more than ten million copies in the US can Sears helps them don't you get this kind of audience reaction everywhere. Yeah that. It's a little more boisterous. I'm. Spears was named the first lady of MTV's total request live for First Lady. She's good pretty strict. Thousands of Britney. Fans to Times Square during her first ever performance. In 2000 her second album oops I did it again sold one point three million copies in the first week. Setting a record for sales by a solo artist when you think that's. Meeting Britney just eighteen years coach did you ever imagine. Career could have the art it is absolutely did not think that it all neat you know Britney was not the first female teen pop artist or. There were others don't for car. Om and on sign her. It was absolutely different than any of those girls. Those unique talents were recognized my other pop icons like Madonna I saw something. Today Madonna was going to produce Peter's teacher. What was out of and I don't know and non financial economy hormonal cycle and this is really because inside the vehicle crash eight national always listen back. From in the opener and a little salute Madonna wearing a pretty spears T shirt of what is cool. Year after year if you're still at this stage of MTV's video music awards. One of her most iconic of those performances was in 2001. Singing her hit I'm asleep for you bring this snake around her neck. Everyone now. They look back and I like what happened to your sweet image that used to be and I like. Mayor in her corner as they are today because. All of those kids that were. 678910. Years old in 1998. Are now adults and so they're part of the whole free Britney movement which is really marvelous because what it says about Britney is that she needy people skills so welcomed into her life. Now they wanted to end her ability. To have her online age. Now 2013. She announced her two year residency in Las Vegas on Good Morning America. And in 2019. The second Las Vegas residency. But shortly after spears announced she was taking in blue definite work hiatus canceling that residency citing her father jingles health concerns. Now it's. Been years since we've zero HI die her for a date yes and absolutely has the reaction. You still got it and then she was not. It gee you are seeing Britney comeback will we see her on stage again. Anderson. 100%. Pleased to see her back on stage again. So in the thirteen years that britney's been under this conservative ship tally it up she's worked distaste for to Vegas residency as she was a judge on the X-Factor she created clothing line up perfume line. And that's the real irony here. After a judge ruled that she was unfit to make her own decisions. And she was incapable of managing her own money. She continued to bring in millions of dollars. And ninety it's both sides a data gonna use that in court today. The Caylee I want ask you for a little personal perspective here because you were also from Louisiana and just like Britney Spears. So big even deal is her rise to fame especially for those who also grew up in small towns. Sand right out of the gate. At Britney at fifteen years old. I remember so vividly the first time I saw that hit me baby one more time video because I already knew who she wise and piercing was the small town Louisiana girl. Making a big on MTV and not a this could have been mounting that global pop star. If she would become what we think about that video she was still relatable in those early days you sorry there in that Catholic school girls uniform. Walking the halls of a high school in the school gym she looked like. She could be one of your classmates and then. Her career blew up to a level again and none of us could. I've ever announcing. It's an end an incredible story you're watching. Give these days it's big is a story in pop culture again. And we will be here to let you know what happens. Inside this courthouse today stand. Candy hearts on Boras in LA outside the courthouse kitty thank you. And for more gritty stories let's bring in ABC news contributor Chris Connolly senior writer Rolling Stone Britney spent us and serious XM radio hosts and ABC's contributor. Mike muse who's actually here on -- we are first onset guests and my my very happy to have you here. But Chris M actually does start with with you as I mentioned before you worked at and TV when Britney Spears. Became a household name I know you covered her and depth for years it sticks out to you that you feel like the general public. Either doesn't know about Britney or maybe forgets about Britney when it comes to her story in a larger context here. Well is great to hear oh people talking that piece just now about how relatable she was because that was really big part of her appeal from the beginning. I think you could say she was the and diva. You know pop stars male and female he were UC hearing a lot of demands and their being somewhat imperious and that was not at all what Britney Spears was like in those early days. River all those Contra dog stuff about like. The contract writers people had an advance they had to be backstage that we tribute orange Eminem's for Mike music and access act I think exactly. Audio I think Britney want it was that with a telephone which tells you a long ago that was. And if somebody call the phone the promoter at the pay 5000 dollars. So she was really low maintenance and nick and accessible that way and she came at a crucial time in MTV's history and a pop music history remember. In 19983. Of the biggest music stars of the ninety's. Had died in the ninety's by gunfire. You head notorious BIG Kurt Cobain and to park she cooler. So it was time for something that struck a different note and she came on just with energy and vitality and used. And she really changed the game as you saw. And rocketed. I had to stardom it seems like one day there were dead there was no Brittany and then Britney was everywhere so pretty spot us a back and ask you according to billboard. So is six there were problems though it just looked have hit number one on the billboard 200 chart and in the US alone she sold more than seventy million albums singles and digital songs Gordon Nielsen music so. How significant. Is it that this major pop says major figure in American culture is in the spotlight like this for this legal battle do you think. We entertainment Britney Spears is that she can't pat almost immediately it's pretty unprecedented especially. At that time where there is they exerted boom these teenage pop star Britney was the blueprint for. Everyone who came after her and she just immediately became dean thank if she was Dee in still is the pop star she's the princess of pop and there's no taking that away from her bets. In a way that we haven't seen so much heat in the last you got gates where. Almost every single major pop ask. You can drop a direct line to Britney speeders you know you look at. Taylor Swift Miley Cyrus look at you know just anyone like what Iraq creek you look at Billy Idol actually could all. There is a lot integrity spears except it's. It is very tragic and you know importance to you looking at this case because. For so many young stars for teenage stars especially. The way that Britney Spears has entered the world and the weight the growth has treated britney's spears is an important channel to study and children round exit. Hopefully not see replicated in the future and it's unfortunate that we had to continue EC career but to be respected and be treated like aching and beaten. And Chris in 2000 innate Britney was placed under this conservative ship following two hospitalizations. Income or concerns. Surrounding her mental health and substance issues so take us back to 2008 what do we know about what was going on with Britney during that time. The one thing that everybody loves about young stars is that they are compliance. They will do what you want them to do oh she's willing to do that and Britney worked harder than anyone else so much so that someone like Melissa Joan Hart who appeared with Britney in that crazy video. Who had been ensued TV shows utterance that Britney you're working too hard. So there comes a time and every young star's life when they will do what people else in the do and then a moment. When they will not and that's what happened when Britney gets 45 and what happened unfortunately afterwards that it was a downward spiral that was in fact. Part of the new technologies that were happening in this kind of boom in the pop opera so world Hewitt TMC out there that referred to Britney I think I think Harvey TM ZUN said it like cue Britney for that site was like crack for an addict. You read this huge boom in the paparazzi game where the the the magazines were paying huge prices where you she got one shot of Britney and a particular way you could make over 100000 dollars. At the height of her boasts you know degree of her greatest turmoil when she would leave her house. Thirty cars would follow her to star barks or exes the gas station it was an insane situation. And that's what good eventually resulted in her. Getting the conservatives should. Now last week Britney took questions from her fans on insert Raymond she was asked whether she'll perform again I want to take a look at her answer. How do I am ready to take the stage again and I gonna take the stage again my attitude to stage a game. I have no idea I'm having fun right now I'm a transition in my life and enjoying myself. It's like what do you make of this answer his fans and answer them are dissecting every single word that she says that particular part where she's saying she's in a transition period yet. That's the great question that I don't think we know the answer to that I think whatever Britney Spears used to do is our right she's given so much of the public is giving so much upper south tell us for us to be entertained the ailing Chris outlined the demands that that cost up her personally and the bought ability of being ex bulls. So whatever she's used to do going forward I think it's up to her back. I don't know if the states is still in her so be curious to figure out. It's a lot has been on her identity music is an Arab I don't know clueless siege this snakes are wrapped around her neck again but we never know. And Mike you know you pop music courses and is a young persons have business mostly. She had such a huge impact. On so many people on a generations of people. I hear she is that this different point in her life when he hit a broader impact of today's hearing however goes. Will be with Brittany back in the spotlight on a broader culture. I didn't have brought of course draw gonna have to examine the role that we have all played and Britney Spears rise and somewhat safe falter in her transition are trying to back got. To owning her identity again. I think the media has a role to play in terms of how we engage with celebrities in particular young girls. That's are coming up maize and finding themselves I think is also the take no for goals who are musicians and artists and jurors in the states in terms of how to create guard rails like we're all in this space now we're talking about self care mental health awareness. I think it's important for those individuals at stake that too as well. But seeing Britney going to court add to testify to gain her own autonomy. I think it rocks not just those of us in the media doles are just stands or Britney Spears but I'm a human interest level as a full grown adult to watch another adult essentially have to get permission Bremer got there on how much money she can get per week. After all the work that she hats dine. I think from a human interest respect and understand a legal perspective are from the human instant respect him. I think that resonates well with a lot of people in some people would say that's just not fair it seems. Time like news Chris Connelly Britney spent as great to have you well thank you thank you.

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{"duration":"15:42","description":"A small-town girl from Louisiana became one of the world's most successful pop stars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78449045","title":"How Britney Spears became the 'Princess of Pop'","url":"/US/video/britney-spears-princess-pop-78449045"}