CDC director: Unvaccinated students should wear masks in school

Top health officials testified on the fight against the coronavirus, saying booster shots may be necessary in the future.
5:12 | 07/20/21

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Transcript for CDC director: Unvaccinated students should wear masks in school
And in that hearing today CDC director is schaeuble NC warn of what she calls a dramatic increase in the delta variant saying it now makes up 83%. Of all all the cases. In the United States that's up from 50% at the beginning of the month. But she maintains that schools absolutely must reopen these fall. Bring knowing CBC guidance that unvaccinated students Wear masks so let's bring in infectious disease specialist an ABC's medical contributor. Doctor John Brownstein for more on this doctor Brownstein. Thanks for being here one thing we didn't hear from doctoral and ski today was anything about the American academy of pediatrics recommendation. That everyone should Wear masks and schools as opposed to the CDC guidelines that only unvaccinated students and teachers don't have to do so. How should parents and school officials sort through this. Yes anxiety it's it's a confusing one and I understand the inner the American academy of pediatrics at the conservative approach you want to protect our kids and it's very hard to understand you know or to document which she's going to be our savior which spurn our. I think overall at this stage in the pandemic we need a lot more flexibility in terms of recommendations or change variations are regions in vaccination rates and risk agent she's. Auction blanket recommendations are not work. Is rejecting mass mutual but NASA and its overall as well I think need to have your I think we need to be huge data driven and first certain scenes that are seeing case is really dropped dramatically change you can start to move these layers of protection like master English but in states where you haven't surged asking is indecent her Porsche and ports are younger kids that are not get vaccinated I think its session high school -- it -- all giddy about flexibility. That especially after so many students have been home for so Long Will Lansky says she's worried about general respiratory infections in schools and she's stressing that testing. Is going to be cheated determining what's a cold. And what's called it how hard will that be in navigating how can school start preparing for that now. Can be very complicated and especially with the delta very which is changing the teen age friends and how close critical wish surgeons are cases and as he knows he's he's saying it's not a one size fits all entrances responses and and direction and it. It can be all about layers of protection asking ventilation huge and if for social distancing and then testing testing is an arts each of this pandemic from beginning to understand what's happening change and also exceeding get out of the pandemic would know English which viruses are content inspection how understand how to approach potential a breach in its Floyd it's. All dignity about shaking data and making in our recommendations based on ash but yes because all be lifting the recommendations you're gonna see increased coal and flute and I'm worried that were actually yeah pretty bad respiratory season with all these viruses circulating. Now officials said immunity from the vaccine will wane over time and eventually meeting booster shots. To stay protected and you heard senator Mitt Romney there are frustrated. That health officials tarring in his aren't in his opinion moving fast enough. To make those boosters available to the more vulnerable. So what do you think should every more urgency around boosters given how quickly the delta variant is spreading right now. I did. Slowly need to be considered a right premise is that vaccine efficacy wanes over Martin's because he noted protects you get committed acts he starts away often get exception who I live data does show that our boosters can really creature for taxation but you. Aren't the real data showing really amusing efficacy of these vaccines it's just producing nations and death she and so it's not necessarily create nesting urges I think that targeted measures -- boosters for those that are going to compromise only at least a cinch the ones that are seeing certain immunity range we're seeing a little bit in the UK with the rise and our whole station I do think that it's important to treat these targeted audiences I think we have probably enough data to start dish to move in that direction but overall first boosters should not be part of a conversation it's really not getting us an accident people immunized and ports whole lacks equity making sure that we're getting huge vaccines to the rest of the world at this point it's La. Now we're seeing more and more. Fully vaccinated people test positive including a White House staffer and a spokesperson for speaker Pelosi but doctor thought she says when you hear about a break your infection. That doesn't mean the vaccine is failing can you expand on the. Yeah this is there is so complicated when she sure he's anecdotal stories of people getting infected remember we have a 160 million people in March were busy you know it breaks infections -- more -- -- this is not because the back to assure you know we know that every vaccine is not a hundred percentage and because delta is emerging you're gonna see cases this is actually going to be true in government officials sports teams that you don't want to test stage you're just yet you know if you look more closely you'll see in these breakthroughs we don't do this for other bars is like this week he missed a lot of -- -- -- of people's pockets are rewiring the Braves really understand this are probably detonated every breakthrough case is not -- -- -- and remember -- -- vaccinations -- doing what -- -- -- -- reducing hospitalizations reducing risk -- -- -- and that's really what we're -- -- and that's what we're seeing -- How in the populations. I attacked John Brownstein always great that you thank you. Thanks so much.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Top health officials testified on the fight against the coronavirus, saying booster shots may be necessary in the future.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78954153","title":"CDC director: Unvaccinated students should wear masks in school","url":"/US/video/cdc-director-unvaccinated-students-wear-masks-school-78954153"}