Charlie Crist announces he is running for Florida governor

Democrat representative Charlie Crist entered the race for governor, becoming the first challenger to Gov. Ron DeSantis.
4:32 | 05/04/21

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Transcript for Charlie Crist announces he is running for Florida governor
I'm announcing today that I'm running for governor of Florida for a Florida for all. Yeah it's a little hot here. We're in the sunshine city in the sunshine state and we're just getting started. We need to stop the division and he. We need to bring our state together and finally open up opportunity for every Floridians because you deserve jobs you can live on. Housing you cannot afford and justice that is truly equal. And that's what all white or every single day. I'm running. Thank you I'm running so you'll be in charge again. So you'll have a governor who will work or the people with a steady hand and an open heart. That is a moment built on consensus rather than fueling division. To restore stability. Instead of demonizing those who have a different point of view. Together we will build a Florida for all. First. I won't protect civil rights and human rights. We won't make it harder to vote will make it easier to that's inside that when I was governor you deserve that. We won't ignore the people's will want constitutional amendment. And will protect all of the rights of all Floridians all the time. Peaceful protesters. Women and their right to choose. And the LG BTQ community. And we will expand Medicaid. Making affordable health care a human right. Seconds. Altering climate change like the existential threat that it is. We'll Naimi chief climate change officer to tackle the crisis head on. We'll develop a statewide climate change plan like the one developed by our Tampa Bay leaders. And we'll develop a statewide energy plan setting ambitious goals for renewable energy. Like solar and win my god we are the sunshine state. Amble invest in safeguarding our communities from rising sea levels and stronger hurricanes. Third. I will invest in the future of war. We'll invest in our public schools and relief students and teachers from high stakes testing. We'll invest in colleges and universities. And prepare our kids for the 20% three economy. We'll never cut right future scholarship. And will invest in infrastructure and public transit. Not pull roads to nowhere. We'll support small businesses not tax cuts for corporations. Well support working families by creating decent jobs jobs with dignity. And keeping taxes low. And keeping college affordable. And making health care available and a costs are property insurance reasonable. Listen I know this is an ambitious agenda. But we can get it done. We'll follow the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. I Wear these on my wrist every day and it is practiced the golden rule every day if we all simply did that a lot of these problems go way. We'll treat those that disagree with us today. As our allies have tomorrows not our enemies. There's too little decency and civility in Florida's politics. Frankly in America's politics. And changing that starts with changing the attitude the top. Unlike this governor and a Republican leadership in Tallahassee we will listen to our fellow Floridians. Whether it's fully legalizing marijuana raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. Strengthening background checks banning assault weapons. All of these things need to be done to have truth justice and our State Department. Like a brown Caribbean are treated. Barely. Under this new administration when we win. That's what this is about fundamental fairness for all a Florida for all Floridians. And listening to the people that should be a radical notion. It's really pretty simple just do the right thing. It's governing what the Hart Scott. It's doing the right thing for all our people and working together to build a war for all Floridians.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Democrat representative Charlie Crist entered the race for governor, becoming the first challenger to Gov. Ron DeSantis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77488157","title":"Charlie Crist announces he is running for Florida governor","url":"/US/video/charlie-crist-announces-running-florida-governor-77488157"}