Charlie Wilson reveals connection to Tulsa massacre

The Grammy nominated artist speaks about his connection to one of the worst racial attacks in America's history.
2:30 | 04/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Charlie Wilson reveals connection to Tulsa massacre
Well served notice Charlie Wilson. Sir Charles. The gap band as the resume and has called the Greenwood and archer and parents street bed. We decided on. Collison resorts and pass to ban. And grab and hold that because. We all knew have been told wouldn't happen on Greenland and 91. Race rides you know. It was rich. Black onto balloons. You won't put anything. In hospitals. There moral tales. Did base hit everything it's never want. And brought him out I news and world the world and it would have would have talk about that. It would remain. So glad that is getting attention to all of you and on the gore Mona. There this is an audit tapes and that gap that the truck bombs song is back in in. It's Hercules and again at little or talk about it. You know our I have. Lady. We'll just lovely knuckle on. Me great great grandson. And it was Lucille. Hughes. She's born nineteen ormat. Generated an act makes no match dat 2013. She told me everything. She wants people back. And getting shots she. She was never speak about it and I asked her can tell me everything she knew she told me a lot of them. Her mother used where his old schism between gore the back to one run and don't stop it don't look back at nothing. That don't ever look back is it okay he read off. And and in bonuses is in the house they are rant and it's you that the loans. But she told me. Policy. It was still livid. What do most authentic accurate it does she made a promise. Don't ever speak about what are sold soon. That's about our program. For as a mother talked about camera bolted that he couldn't talk about it but anyway we talked about it and they supported. Greeting. The bomb was not written. Well at least Rybak it's when one wrestler is split being played so many places and I even in elevators and get on elevating your record now. So is this is come to life again is is bring attention back to the race right.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"The Grammy nominated artist speaks about his connection to one of the worst racial attacks in America's history.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76912492","title":"Charlie Wilson reveals connection to Tulsa massacre","url":"/US/video/charlie-wilson-reveals-connection-tulsa-massacre-76912492"}