Chicago’s top cop fired weeks before retiring

Mayor Lori Lightfoot fired Eddie Johnson, Chicago police superintendent, for inappropriate behavior and ethical lapses.
1:55 | 12/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chicago’s top cop fired weeks before retiring
And guys were got to move on to some major news out of Chicago the city's mayor Lori Lightfoot. Has fired Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson just weeks before his retirement this comes after new details. About his conduct back in October when he was found asleep in a running car so Alex Perez is in Chicago with the latest Alex. Hey there Kimberly well quite that shake up here at Chicago police headquarters. That mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot. Abruptly firing Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnston. After. An investigative report by the inspector general revealed that that superintendent had apparently been lying. To the mayor about an incident that occurred back in October now during that incident late at night in October the superintendent was found. Asleep at the wheel in a parked police vehicle now at the time. He told the mayor and publicly said that he had been having some troubles with his. Blood pressure medication. What this inspector general report has now found according to the mayor that. The superintendent and lied about some of the details. About what happened that night including the fact that he had had several drinks now according to. The Chicago Tribune the inspector general's report includes surveillance video. That captured the police superintendent. Dream king with someone other woman other then. His wife and now the mayor said she declined to go into further details about the reports. I've ever risk backed four. Johnson's wife and family. Johnson wasn't scheduled to retire later this year but. He's out of a job now several weeks before that retirements. In the interim. The mayor here has named a former LA police chief Charlie back. As superintendent.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Mayor Lori Lightfoot fired Eddie Johnson, Chicago police superintendent, for inappropriate behavior and ethical lapses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67467213","title":"Chicago’s top cop fired weeks before retiring","url":"/US/video/chicagos-top-cop-fired-weeks-retiring-67467213"}