Chinese Lantern Festival in California

A behind-the scenes tour of the event, which features over 1,000 hand-crafted light sculptures.
4:09 | 12/04/18

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Transcript for Chinese Lantern Festival in California
I'm the luckiest man for ABC news lively here in our culture Chinese lantern festival where more than one balancing handcrafted. Look here and they all get brilliantly bright at night bringing to reduce their Georgetown thinking for joining us. George yeah a little bit about his. Turning to another plus with a walk through. Tradition of over 1000. The entrance. Most of giving. So. Wow and the theme is that while this year so we're yeah. Peak of this Torre it's time now I think again needs looked at very great and there's more than a thousand throughout the hearts here in Los Angeles. And we're all on one of them right now yes. It's called the tongue. So we're on the dragon and Phoenix alone in print and screen just behind us. The wild. We're off contracting Allen reports. Starting. It's a. Her moxie. I'm just Boxee. Now French training. Big dinosaur world. How how how he loved ones created until authorities electronic horror partners who build the ships with the still. Metal framework and then. It feels like rubber or plastic baby with the Sox. Ladies and where wells on but it never get yeah. And then to do the final painting. At the service. Okay good relieving the dinosaur. Theory yet to go in T what's next. Here in this field Mandarin knocks you notice flowers. And improving those. Forming good bright bright pink. Golden monkey. For the tigers and. Tensions with the you can Ulster. Larry. Do they apparently happy at the tour the why killed. Hanna arts culture Chinese lantern festival. All right anything past him for not Pomona California. Thank you so much for watching. I'm oblivious Mitt Rick EV PV is live.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"A behind-the scenes tour of the event, which features over 1,000 hand-crafted light sculptures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59588543","title":"Chinese Lantern Festival in California","url":"/US/video/chinese-lantern-festival-california-59588543"}