Chris Christie says Trump should tell protesters to leave Capitol

“The president caused this protest to occur; he’s the only one who can make it stop,” said the former New Jersey governor in an ABC News interview.
6:29 | 01/06/21

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Transcript for Chris Christie says Trump should tell protesters to leave Capitol
Jurors and the Stephanie Miller actually tried to reduce or try to get the president on the phone myself. Conceded to him directly from the successful yet. Continue to try its. Pretty simple com the president cause this protest to occur and keep doing what did you make you stop. And it's not good enough to what the vice president adjusted effective enough with the Trenton this not good enough. The president has to come out and and show she is supporters. To leave the capitol grounds. Virtually out of congress to do their business. Peacefully. And anything short of that did an application of his responsibility. She spoke to this crowd is starting to look through this crowd. And sent them on their way the game have I don't know that they anticipated this could it be resolved but it doesn't matter what movie theater they did. This is the Russo. Healthier work. It's still doubt their words but could stop. And it's not good enough they follow the law be peaceful. You must say leave the capitol grounds. And let the congress a nuclear war peacefully. Hannity anything shorter than expected George you can application of the responsibility of leadership is pertinent plummeted leader there its leader country. If we haven't seen media why should we expect to see it now. I do what I George I think all weekend. Obviously continue to say it and I'm I'm gonna try to finish rich you aren't. Got out of the meeting saw what was going on. I'm a chart culprit in the immediately try to number of different ways to get him they have not gotten yet but I think all of us. Who have been leaders in this country. Especially those of us who appeared Republican supporters of the president. Need to see it will be directly unequivocally. By water course brick and sources say to him directly before it came on air and civic do you. Hearing where there had her. Tory Tory targeted to trying. You know like I have an obligation ABC as well it's still like you want your State's you can start and stop lead the continue to charts are good person with direct. This is just a remarkable scene unfolding on capital who we see these pictures of the capitol steps overrun. By those trump supporters there inside the capitol shots fired inside the capitol. How does the country recover from this Chris Christie had a sure party. Recover from this. Very controversial question Torre church I think first and most importantly the country. Heidi it is the leaders of this country both affected and not elected. Bob speaking out strongly get the fact that this is not a skeptical. Com in just being that there as quickly as possible the constitutional obligation to the congress that we're supposed to happen today. I happen as quickly as possible confirmed. Joseph Biden selection that the victory of the United States. That would happen to our country that the resilient country who used to provide much worse than this today and in the people who virtual card the outgrowth of the party I think each but Republicans themselves figure this Friday night network are important channel that we're not. And what they're gonna bid up and be willing to it's and and I think history will Wal-Mart. What you were willing to say and do today what you were unwilling crane do. That natural I wanna be really clear about the things that. The Clinton or experts and authorities there are. Our parent who deeply in disposition. And eighty what are you look to fifty. No matter what you quoted for Donald Trump Joseph Biden are controlled fall. This is our democracy is all doubt that the work country thought about which Republican sweetie could that slide but we have to stand up if speak the truth. Were we not thank you know you hurt by this that was the congress. You know who stood up this morning clapping fall. During the during the initial thought for speeding thing congress. Prompted many to be just as loud about distracted this is unacceptable. And viewing you wouldn't be clear on that since the early hours of the lay of the morning after. The election very clear that the results had to be respected attorney questions about the election. They should be brought into court of law if they don't hold up they should be rejected even exceedingly clear on that. Since the election but had. In some ways this shouldn't be a surprise the president has been telegraphing this for weeks months if not years. How do you reconcile the fact that it's unfolding this way the fact that he's allowed at an end to unfold this way incited it in this way with the man you've known for. More than two decades. We. I will tell you source Derek report what I've seen it and I really confided to pre election in post election. He feels pre election was politics political decisions accused Beijing. About how he wanted to conduct the cheerfully as you know radler through public about their fear I didn't agree. And I gave me advice. That was Cotchery way to get things being durable goods were political decision. The way he's acted since field actually. He is not consistent with the person that I know of over the last forty years. And by that something Donald Trump so we could've waiter at a risk particularly at all this. But I'll keep right next to him beatified the person who would allow this type of thing to herd them back. She would urge you to occur. We have to stress for other institutions over the course by. The brief but wouldn't involve the profit this quarter of lots of different candidates myself included. It supported the things that we did in the way we can Dr. Phil could offer which was nothing like their. And I really think it's been the person or inability. To accept his defeat and he's been made public. Out some really bad people around him by getting the right back to do a little bit please bitter fight. That it contributed to this well they're not to quit your multiple towards people who say that when you're not. Accepting defeat in politics. There will always be bad people look skewed view it would you know what you want here but stressed when your birth in the United States. And I think Derrick just happened. Objects may be the Morse. And as you said he's not taking your phone call at least not this afternoon Chris Christie thank you very much.

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{"duration":"6:29","description":"“The president caused this protest to occur; he’s the only one who can make it stop,” said the former New Jersey governor in an ABC News interview.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75093817","title":"Chris Christie says Trump should tell protesters to leave Capitol","url":"/US/video/chris-christie-trump-protesters-leave-capitol-75093817"}