Ex-Miss Michigan says coming out as conservative harder than coming out as gay

Kathy Zhu said she was bullied after discussing her political stance.
5:57 | 07/26/19

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Transcript for Ex-Miss Michigan says coming out as conservative harder than coming out as gay
I used to beat Obama honestly. IC Democrat when I was back in high school and not of the reasons I actually think because. I friend. Said he's happy he's really president. And that's an outlet OK I'm done and support out here baseless facts lists on and is important. Will present apparently it. But it later on in high school I racers myself that. Hey I really look at statistics fast and in heat black in the sport I don't just blindly follow and watch it who place trust Obama. Solo pilots on line. And I found that conservative means are actually with Republican okay. And in a lot of my conservative means to come from you know pulled him out I think I could strains not a lot of more Americans. Our conservative because our hotline out there cultures. And after I came out as eighth certain it was that he is very hard you nowadays. Incarnate and now I'm on Tuesday. So I making. Easily. And as ever since you're here I think pretty easily my bullied online on Twitter FaceBook. People are talking pictures saying that always comes as you know each and I don't know why don't seem to me. Yes so the because of that I didn't I didn't know I did little commentary on life sent me a better time happy. And they're talking about might use my. Why can't I stand you know conservative and then later in. Trump I can he hands me you know candidacy. I'm in a lot of things nothing Wheeler. Many states and a lot of other Republican. Candidates. So. You know what kind of making a lot and I was his yeah in the Central Florida. In Florida at college. And so doing I. One at that one of the biggest things I thought attention and yeah it's. Not to eat at an aunt got hurt this hot new thing but basically I went to do. My school at Wrigley class and Watson and saw that didn't fit. Job day. Okay that's an interesting. I don't know why do you want non Muslims trying to. You know him and I had it but that's strange to me. So I went over Edmonton picture. And certainly he's that was that was sent to what kind of shots and it says no isn't candidate I'm greatly classes you know and you know. So later I posted about online exiting his religious or fashion accessory you know I just post my opinion there's something wrong graphics about it. And I got tons of Mac people wanted to spend school people picking out people he didn't seem ridiculous you know. The result of these kinds where where my house hacks from the last. You dislike me for saying that. And that was actually one of its means that the past. Promptly. This pageant I went to power I can't aren't what Miss America eyewitness golden slippers packing up her. I'm gonna happen before this actually you know bucket list so that. This is this is my. And it ends instead I was long look for not wanting. As apparently women nowadays you have credence you know we'll have created. It's not want to find a job I don't want to touch. He forced. I'm shocked and I you know the stage actress said. No we are really come RB becoming a country where women aren't happy endings aren't essay on what they do there aren't you. And and yet which has about why my black on black violence statistic that's exactly as violence and there's please seeing that. All all cops are pace all police are. Lives and how infuriated by this week how give them a blanket statement over. All of law enforcement you know I guess that's something we should happen I completely and I am thinking that's wrong bat but definitely seen an hour. You know a lot of alcohol content that is not right so hopefully at least eight know the majority of black on black deaths are caused by other. And even look at your office when he saw none. He and Jerry Allen and others in that cops are all that. Concealment of cops are all. Still residents leave that got me comic proud. Yeah I was pregnant his Michigan. Rate sensitive design of its fleece was I who declined I think didn't he give you all. That's coming back from things and so you know I just think that this is actually a theory. Only if other patents. Since is say that. No I'm all about power and wins what's it for them to distribute my title is coming conservative opinion conservative use is just simply not right. And I think that people select. I'm so glad that history not brought to light and you know just knocking on her front because Appleton and actually you know the issue. I could certainly Turkey an army censor some conservative voices of conservative and I. You know look I'm educators had been Angel cleared and islands and an obvious. This is the thing thinking Romney just. You know talk about their opinions so you know I am I honestly so blessed to have something so important audience today and an almost where aren't I. Insulin from Kenya and in my opportunity to tell my story line on national. And I am just very happy and he's in my brown continues in her what I believe and other news I.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"Kathy Zhu said she was bullied after discussing her political stance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64591081","title":"Ex-Miss Michigan says coming out as conservative harder than coming out as gay","url":"/US/video/coming-conservative-honestly-harder-coming-gay-frm-miss-64591081"}