Contact made inside capsized cargo ship off Georgia coast

The U.S. Coast Guard said rescuers have reached four missing crew members who are inside the vessel, which caught on fire on Sunday.
2:56 | 09/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Contact made inside capsized cargo ship off Georgia coast
We want to begin off the coast of Georgia where a fifty foot cargo ship has capsized and we're learning now from the Coast Guard. There may yet be signs of life from four crew members who were feared to be missing ABC's Caylee hearts on his right there. Off the coast where the that this cargo ship has capsized after it caught fire candy what are you hearing. Yeah air it's really a stunning sight to see this massive cargo ship capsized right off the shores here in the saint Simons sound. And we are learning this breaking news just as you are the US Coast Guard announcing its outage crews who have been working. On the whole the backside of this vote as we're looking at a they had made contact with some of the crew members trapped inside your four crew members missing. It's unclear how many of them are still alive with the incredible news here just breaking that contact has been made their condition unknown conditions inside. They ship what remains of it. Still unknown but the Coast Guard saying extraction. Is being plant the Coast Guard was telling us just this morning that they believed to those crew members to be trapped inside because. They saturated the water in this town they didn't find anyone else they'd rescued twenty other crew members of the ship. With the help of helicopters and boat rescue crews and incredibly dramatic video coming from the Coast Guard some of those rescues happening overnight as crew members were airlifted. Out but now this news coming that. That contact has been made waves. Sun at least some of these four crew members. Inside they ship we will be standing right right here to see what happens next we saw some action this morning that US Coast Guard helicopter actually landed Gary briefly on what's now the top side of that ship its. On its port side in the water but a Coast Guard helicopter landed on the top side. Of the ship and it weakened the two men get out of that helicopter you could see them walking along again what's now the topside of the ship but this. Good news coming that they have made contact with crew members trapped inside. General hope for the best can a how does happen in the first place a decision mention stunning to see this giant ship. On its side. This one of the busiest shipping channels in the United States it. Filled with the vehicle's and that's the kind of traffic that comes through this port most often. We're told it was around 2 AM on Sunday morning today that they ship it started links staying and then it capsized turning on it cider. What exactly transpired in those moments is unclear at this time it. Add to capsized also burst into flames the investigation is ongoing into what caused that fire still so many questions surrounding how. It's massive ship if the size of two football fields. More than 650. Feet long how it could possibly have turned on its side but yet they said that investigation is ongoing. To a hard time right there in saint Simons Georgia where the the ship is on its side and has Kinney reports to us the Coast Guard appears to have make contact so we'll hope for the best and and better news ahead Caylee thanks.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"The U.S. Coast Guard said rescuers have reached four missing crew members who are inside the vessel, which caught on fire on Sunday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65487083","title":"Contact made inside capsized cargo ship off Georgia coast","url":"/US/video/contact-made-inside-capsized-cargo-ship-off-georgia-65487083"}