Customers Wait in Line for Final Pastrami Sandwiches at NY Carnegie Deli

ABC News' Charli James takes us to Carnegie Deli where customers are lining up for pastrami sandwiches before Carnegie Deli in New York closes.
12:50 | 12/30/16

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Transcript for Customers Wait in Line for Final Pastrami Sandwiches at NY Carnegie Deli
Happy day everyone I'm thinking outside the world famous Carnegie deli here in New York City. It is feeling lasts. Today that the Carnegie deli here we'll keep serving. Sandwiches and people from all over the world have come from the last day they're online. Way down the block people waiting. Two and a half three hours to get one of these images and we have these people right is not right here this. And the ending of daughter Hannah and waiting for how on. Half hours two and a half hours and the wreck that. And you've got to pull the I gotta keep them get they get a table and try to get that thing like but he added we'll see if Hermione gave me this book for Christmas immediate sign today. They've been waiting for awhile and you guys really good friends and people in all. And yeah. Yeah yeah. The reality. In the yeah. Yeah. I'm back yeah. Right align it with an along in the area but let me give you look at them and that he gets to live together. Diet and alignments on this night and it means taking out language is on this night they take out my love to be a little bit short hair and but still a lot of people waiting and we're gonna make your way down the line and you are lucky enough to need. We're lucky enough to be getting some analysts. Dan let me let's check out some people and the take out my final lady. So I am here we're definitely. You can say I'm evil and lions 7 AMR and you did not know each other before coming down. New Delhi today but like so many other people today are making fast friend in the line you have. And it why did you. Because I have. We're going to sit down and we are so that's what it's going to go home Aaron Andrea I'm technically on my lunch. Nights like Harry I. I'm prepared for this business going to be my Friday. In the days and angry people on to leftovers her fiance and adds yeah I'm for your body of the but are you guys look won't be begging fans hurting Kelly you know. Then let's look first tenure after the first time he came in handing down very first time would have them in 1970. Let Downey has been serving up images. Here that this tightening market committee in. And have oftentimes been ranked on the back to this got me the best tally in New York City felt that there's no reason that's so. People have come here a lot of people on the night. Yeah that's a local partner and what this means you know I haven't been Peterson tells a little girl. It was as we might not know that one last. And let's talk about or insanity. Yeah right yeah. Many in the air there and could be impacting the mountain that was OK and so what what I thinking but ordinary. Gotta have some right some really important. That kept it. Yeah. What's on the wood Allen after that there in the movie Broadway Danny rose. They also help popular diet popularized this this deli and Allen director of athletic and it is up his Johnny happy Monday night knowing that you know it's Sam what's in we. And back and look pretty. What about an hour ago we can't just astronomy and Courtney DNN about 49 minutes definitely. We came back now track the original plan so adding macaroni salad. All alone got right is that according to keep giving larger wolf he may second check out what you don't but the bride looks like you get might still have much maneuvering by the hour to go down. But I'll I'll try to check out what you backlash. All right thank you deciding they've made these delegates need to make our way down here Lindsay well we've got. And then again and finding an event didn't want. Everybody really didn't. Here is considering how long everyone we'll be waiting in line here. Turning him around like yeah. Let us ever and I. I'm very very good bad considering that call and all opposed it and and we have a couple of Brothers here all around in his knee signaled. Its ago I would your name. You can't get a feel all right so. Yeah and ran back online gallery Ed in this for the long long look at the strategy. And we're here for long we're waiting for her brother who. Give us some balky. I thought went out that getting off the other and another brother and her family of the and I'm I you that he darkness you come from hitting and love her room. And that had happened to me here Jerry that this thing is dead aren't. Down spending good chunk of your holiday. Waiting in line at Carnegie deli. We had been here before he thinks hand them. All of this my first time in the first night we heard a long months. Crews have actually done euros. Again though I had to come here and are you okay yeah. My brother's wedding ever let them. This is everything. Yeah plan. Glad that you guys get. Experience this together and other brother coming let's quit coffee do you have big fan of that it. The Delhi through the movie are you planning to get me Woody Allen and I certainly going to be ordering. I just bum of the month. I might get. Weren't beaten pastrami brisket RI. RI an and that didn't feel like I'm hundred dollar bill. And it did they aren't Jiang automatic good but they are not cheap at yeah I got a little special treatment they are going aren't handing out he knew that Seattle. Another Carnegie deli folks have been walking around there and these wonderful doing these strawberry cheesecake we've. Strawberry can be sensitive to listen for just the kids that demanded. Having other countries keeping people happy here the Delhi also famous cheesecake strawberry cheesecake and fidelity in. Good luck guys stay warm he got a little at a time but thanks for sharing your story that anything you can't. And yeah. Are you telling keeping people happy but why people are in very good very fears though they don't need to get tunnel work about one more. A group that I want to introduce DUI and plenty through at the end okay here a little bit record. Are you feeling right now that we're still decided to look at our the and rat out. So it than the people up front and went and they had been waiting not to come. My not be so bad group. They will. I indexing and treatment locals what's your story in Anchorage times Seagram Cunningham. Group's dozen cities and coming your favorite news. Are among the Steve Corley. And that lets you Lebanon and hungry. And hang. I'm not very happy I am crying out of the late now. And know what the important strategy. Your last chance. In ago in your favorite moment right here. I go into dropping. Very good night and every night in honor grading is now here brown I think pain meaningless back patent and did you pentagon work to be. No comment dog on it. Lovely lovely and watching him talk to a number of people in line are hoping her body in the on CD today. Well all right yeah. You brats you're going to be on of them can be then they get here the last day below literally. Hopefully they don't run out of anything because I think they're my. Good as it was coming here. Who might not get special treatment let everyone know that I didn't want him or not it's crazy it's okay right now that we can't even now. Guy is definitely aren't getting treatment. They weren't. Around he'll look at. Klein down here. Got to me. At least a couple of hundred people in line and it just keeps rallying and mourn mark people and at the Carnegie deli are keeping people happy. And and stuff. Making sure that the lines long as fast as we can hand out let's just hope that the strong heat and the currency. But looks like keep up with the demand here they will be serving their last sandwich at midnight tonight. After nearly eighty years and here is the end. Over here were on 54 street now in pretty Elliott. At the corner of seventh avenue and sit next though a whole city block and a little bit around. A little bit around the block is equally or more at their statement. Sandwiches on the last possible day hearing a lot of people locals and tourists in the united they thought it. It exceeded in the movies is in line quarter all kinds of each. Not just me aren't here at the thought than anything it's big. Stop working poor and heads bowed out people from all over the place making Jack that they get their last. Taste. They're favorites and engine. Murray valley no one last look at the line here all he how many. And hear from me. Yeah. And look I'm all out gonna be fun games down there from London and Singapore don't. Well not yet but I've heard people from a lot of time honors in Houston area actively looking to. He downtown apparently. You don't need to be reversing the yeah but I'm not leaving now yeah. Yeah I got a lot of local of the. They want. About this beating and down at Disney World famous frank deli near exit eight. Last manhood last strumming enemies learned tonight at midnight. And he let he all in line here on me. Dining inline and on the take outcry over online rights. Update we'll. His family at this location but don't Pratt. It's not the end of Carnegie deli entirely. On there are still a location and Bethlehem Pennsylvania there's one in Vegas and is actually to places UK hotel and yet I'm Carnegie deli and here in New York City when it inside Madison Square Garden. And the other one is at the US open. In the summer they haven't out there as well this independently and but it is the that iconic location. That spent theme and so many. And film and also in the memory of somebody New Yorkers like yeah talked to in the coming years and they aren't. Let us know in the comment. If you I have a great memories from Carnegie deli or if you are out here today people have been tweeting pictures. Love their stamp budget. And sharing them all over. Media now. I'll let us know your story is well thanks so much have been here having fun. And that we'll CEO in 2070. In the.

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{"duration":"12:50","description":"ABC News' Charli James takes us to Carnegie Deli where customers are lining up for pastrami sandwiches before Carnegie Deli in New York closes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44475637","title":"Customers Wait in Line for Final Pastrami Sandwiches at NY Carnegie Deli ","url":"/US/video/customers-wait-line-final-pastrami-sandwiches-ny-carnegie-44475637"}