Dark Harbor returns for its 10th Halloween season

All aboard the haunted Queen Mary for one of the scariest attractions in Southern California.
3:46 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for Dark Harbor returns for its 10th Halloween season
I'm sure it's neck and you're watching eat teeny black verbal written Stewart queen Mary she's known for being on T. And it's Halloween and evil event. Start carver is resurrecting her tenth year this deep Shelton would be executive producers keeping things got. But the thing about Dirk harbor and how it came into the queen Mary. Outlawed as you said at the tenth season under carver this year so overly excited under Herbert is. Do you most complete confidence in the California today because it is hosted aboard the fifth queen Mary. And we're really. Fortunate to be able to old to be here I think one of the most. Hard to do things in the world would during the iMac the top ten most is in the world. And we really tiny into the history of this ship I think maybe the most high and to this. Well known characters. Spears. The primary is a scary Mary. And she'd. Her characters based on a little girl who actually drowned and are second class fool the ship was sailing. Tragically ended she is seen all over the so. Throughout the year on a regular basis I guess I'm have even taken photos that they say. You can see. This. Check. And we've created a me is experience based on. Superior Mary it's really exciting. I'm going to be getting pain T care care scary marry a bit later. How about the cost gains the Nikkei everything that goes into me Michelle like her partner. It really is. It's a year round operation people think you know just because we operate for 29 through the years that it's it's a quick. Pop up and down. Give can makeup artists who are phenomenal and we really rely upon. Mika supposed to massacre occurred because we try to create the most immersive experience that we can't and I think. And ready to get into characters. Like it rape you shirt Berkshire it was up doing. Jeff Alexander Jacob director and means hearing saying flick scared Jeff you do get news. So letter isn't any attempts at violence Callahan Halloween. And basically you can create these looks with the with Nicholson drugstore. Have been friction in the that we. It's a cleanup fund. Turn your sponges pretext your. Just yeah just happened blasted there's there's no wrong way when it comes calling me cubs. On the look and it. Yeah oh yeah. Is now I don't know. And paying me. Okay. Me. Okay. Mary. Yeah campaign. Yeah.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"All aboard the haunted Queen Mary for one of the scariest attractions in Southern California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66335640","title":"Dark Harbor returns for its 10th Halloween season","url":"/US/video/dark-harbor-returns-10th-halloween-season-66335640"}